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With the recent forum changes, it might be helpful to have this new thread for telecom and mobile related deals. The original Hot Deals still exists in General for non-telecom posts. But let's use this thread for sharing any particularly sweet deals on mobile service plans, phones, etc.

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I'll start this off with what seems like a great deal on 4 unlimited lines for $80 on Google Fi (taxes & fees not included).

For those who aren't familiar, Google Fi is Google's MVNO which rides atop the T-Mobile network. They used to be dual-network, using US Cellular towers, as well. But I've read that Fi is only T-Mobile now, with US Cellular only used as a fallback while roaming.

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This deal has been around for awhile and might have already been listed by someone else, but I'll post it here anyway since I think it's a particularly hot deal (free)!

US Mobile is giving 100 Days of free unlimited service (50 GB data and unlimited talk & text) for anyone who ports in a number. I think this is a pretty amazing deal, with no strings attached other than porting a number in.

US Mobile is an MVNO on the Verizon network and I've found them to have generally superior coverage and service compared to some other MVNOs on other networks. But of course YMMV depending on your location and network coverage.

Edit: Existing discussion about this deal can be found here.

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The long term deal/plan I've been waiting for:

Not just AT&T, be aware you might get put on T-Mobile network.

Taxes/fees assessed for me would be just shy of $26 so more like 43%, not the 20% mentioned, so ~$7.15/mo., YMMV.

No idea if it is 360 or 365 days.

Still a good deal for unlimited/unlimited/1GB high speed & softcapped.
What's not a good deal is $10/1gb for additional high speed data purchase. If they charged $2/gb like US Mobile it would be much more compelling annual plan.

I've heard that Good2Go defaults to activating new lines on T-Mobile unless there's no T-Mobile coverage in your zip code or you speak with their CS and insist on At&T.


Wow, it is none other than the great Dennis Bournique posting on nthcircle. Welcome Dennis!

That's interesting. Actually, that might be really interesting for a lot of folks; it's almost even interesting to me:

  • eSim support in general, or at least that seems to be implied by their FAQ, and at least not limited to iPhones
  • I think this might be the cheapest or second cheapest plan I've seen with reduced speed data after the high speed cap rather than nothing (can't remember what the previous best I'd seen was)
  • The taxes and fees picture is a little different (I think), but they're around or beating the current price point of Red Pocket's 500/500/500 and Tracfone's 1200/1200/3GB (buckets, so roughly equivalent to 100/100/250MB, although as usual, the Tracfone model might still be better for people with very erratic data needs)
  • Higher allotments than Hello Mobile
  • Simpler (I think?) than MobileX, and MobileX probably won't beat them on price either unless your needs for at least one of talk, text, and data are typically way less than G2G offers
  • The Tello "manual rollover" train for carrying buckets of service forward on the $6/mo plan requires priming, and might not come out to being as good a deal anyway, although it may have some of the advantages of Tracfone buckets, if it's still possible
  • G2G is neither Red Pocket nor Tracfone, which is important to some people

Of course, the network might make a big difference for some folks. I can get by with any carrier most of the time, where I live - although AT&T's signal drops out almost entirely downstairs at my house, and T-Mobile's is more "good enough to get by" than "good."

Red Pocket does still have their GSMT-only plan that's even cheaper, for people whose needs are extremely minimal; and there's the Target Freedompop plan and BoostOne, but those are either even tighter allotments or (in Boost's case) a commitment of time to make the price competitive, and even Boost - on the plans that you're likely to be able to bring down to or below this price point - doesn't have reduced speed data after the cap.

For my personal needs of (usually) no minutes, no texts, and between 200 and 600MB of data, with occasional spikes to as many as five texts or 30 minutes or suddenly way more data for a given month - okay, usually even the spikes are under or barely over 1GB; my recent vacation and then my home internet being disconnected for a day that same month was an extreme case - they might still be tempting if I weren't already spread out across all the options I'm already using, and I just wanted one simple and relatively inexpensive choice.


Thanks for the tip!
I called customer support and told them I had to have an AT&T SIM. The agent took my address and is sending me an AT&T SIM , with which I can then pay for service (and activate) upon receiving.
Customer service is US based and my call was answered in less than 45 seconds by a knowledgeable and professional agent.


Great summary / roundup of current low cost, low use plans scriptninja. Thank you.

If you happen to recall cheapest/previous best please update.

I could almost swallow that $10/1GB addon price if it rolled over until the expiration date of the annual plan period. Either that or lower it to $2/GB like I mentioned before. Or do both and really make it interesting/compelling.

Glad you had a good experience.

They have taken 3+ business days to answer my questions via email/ticket system.
Still waiting on answers they ignored the first time I asked them.

For anyone who is planning a trip to the UK, or who has friends/relatives/ business associates there, here' s a deal that comes to $26.08 US total after taxes and delivery charge.

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Thanks to this post & the one by @scriptninja, we ported one number to Good2Go on the $5 / mo for one year plan, which turns out to be around $6.54 / mo total for 12 months. Fingers crossed.

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Great info !!

Looks like the lowest cost Good2Go deal may be an even better choice for when my partner's Redpocket low-end GSMA deal runs out.

I'll have to check it again when that time is approaching.

For my very limited uses the FP free deal is quite sufficient.

There's the $5 per month Hello Mobile 500 mb, unlimited talk and text if GSMT will work for you.

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Hello mobile $5 is advertised as including all taxes and fees so it truly is $5/mo.

After the network issue it comes down to whether double the data & soft cap on data with goid2go is worth the 20-50% tax/fee cost vs. Hello, if you are in a state that charges them.

Workaround on taxes possible? Find a zip that would be $0 or pennies and use as service address along with a cc which allows you to use whatever address you want as billing address. Haven't tried it so no idea if it would work as you'd still need to provide shipping address for pSIM unless you're using eSIM.

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$39.98 after using promo code QVCNEW20 ($20 off). Free shipping included.
I think this offer may only be good through the end of the day tomorrow.
(and of course, this phone can be unlocked after 60 days)

I signed up last night using the above link, and got my free 1GB.

The Eskimo app on my Pixel 3a XL does NOT install the eSIM, unlike some other eSIM apps. Eskimo DOES provide a QR code via email, which DOES properly install the eSIM.

The Eskimo app does NOT specifically list an expiration date, but it DOES indicate that the data expires 2 years from the first data usage, if you tap the little "i" on the Data tab in the app.

I tested mine already, and it worked, so mine will expire in 2 years, unless I use it up first.

Hopefully, Eskimo will honor the advertised 2-year expiration on the free 1GB.

Eskimo.Travel 82 Global Locations As Of 9/5/23:
Armenia, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chad, China, Congo (DRC), Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Gabon, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Montenegro, Niger, Nigeria, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Seychelles, Slovak Republic, South Korea, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Thailand, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Zambia

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Confirming this is data only?

Yes, Eskimo is data only. I've used data only on my phone since 2017 with my Google Voice # (my primary # since 2009) for calls and texts, in addition to using it for TextNow, Messenger, Viber, and Skype. I currently use a T-Mobile data-only pSIM in my Pixel 3a XL, so it's nice having a backup eSIM that uses AT&T, and the 2-year expiration is a great feature. I hope Eskimo can be a sustainable service.