Referral Links [Allowed In This Thread Only]

Hungryghost is it okay to start a referral thread here? For all referrals so they are out of the way?


Hey, thanks for asking first. I appreciate it. I suppose it'd be okay to open up one thread for referral links.

So, yes, you (and others) have my permission to post referral links here, as long as these links are limited to this one thread.

It might be a good idea of someone could post here a copy of all the promo codes from the social forum, in case it closes down soon, of all the providers offering discounts to RingPlus refugees.

Thanks!! Loving the CellNuvo. If you wanted use my referral code: KE7AXKGB

PM me (can we PM here in the forum software?) For Twigby where we both would get 20.00.

Thanks, @hungryghost... here's my link to Ting. :slight_smile:

cricket wireless refer ($25 service credit after second bill for both): iPhone Deals: Shop Our Best iPhone Discounts | Cricket Wireless

B) CellNuvo Referral Code:B)
Paying It Forward!

Referral Benefit:
You get the $29 activation fee waived
I get 10% of whatever credits you buy or earn, each and every month



enjoy free activation and the credits.

Is either (or both) Twigby and/or Tello still offering a free first month of service?

Also, what is the turnaround time for them to port a number in from Ting (Sprint MVNO)?

Yes pm works here. Click on your icon top right of page to see them

I'm guessing that everyone on this forum who's interested in Tello has already signed up, but just in case, here's my referral code (a $10 credit for each of us when you use it):

Thanks very much!

SO, I am new and thankful for finding Nth Circle. From reading the posts, I see a semi sarcastic, comical yet welcoming atmosphere. Thank you for your creation.

I have a referral code for Tello. $10 credit that can be applied for your next month of service. Their plans begin at $5 and the max is about $39, netting you 10GB of data and unlimited talk and text.

The service is just as good as Sprint. I see no difference. Sprint just recently upgraded their systems and are converting their service toward 5G. I noticed a lot less dropped calls and much better service in areas previously I had close to none. They have markedly improved.

So if you are switching to Tello from Sprint by using your own phone or buying a new one, you can receive a new number or port over your existing number.

The $10 referral link is:

May the discounts abound! Thank you for your support. Supporting me supports a variety of my passions, including spiritual services, the homeless and organic farming practices.

Use my referral link I highly appreciate Create a Tello account | Register | Enjoy managing your account and save money your phone bill

Found out we may be able to use referrals even when redeeming the StackSocial Tello deal. Seems this referral code is entered on sign-up. The Stack Social Tello code is used when you first buy a plan.

EDIT: My account is no longer active so you should try to find somebody else's referral. I'll leave this up if you can't find another cuz you the new customer might still benefit (I dunno). BTW there currently seem to be some good eBay deals on these SIMs.

Simple Mobile Referral Code $50 re


via will get you $50 in future service. I'm on a big data, unlimited talk/text plan at about $10/mo that I bought from a stranger ( on eBay that's working out great for me. Thanks for using my code!

This is where you'd look for the best deal...

...cuz their referral/rewards program is kinda unique in that you set everything up, your phone works, and then you have 14 days to sign up with my referral (or anybody's) no matter who you got the SIM from.

y4vix and Isamorph tipped me off to it when I think it was somewhat lower price...
...and I gotta say this has been my easiest cheapest MVNO ever. I'll end up getting 5 months for $30 total w tax. What I bought was 3 months 15GB/mo data. Somewhere along the way mid-lockdown I didn't need 15GB any more (WFH corporate perk), and it turns out just by my signing up for their rewards, I got (am getting) the next 2 months talk/text/3GBdata for free. So all in for me $6/mo not bad.

NOTE: you kinda wanna start with 3 months cuz you see your $50 worth of reward points right away but they're in limbo for 60 days or so before you can use them

Tello referral link

Referral code

Hey, if I get two (or will i need 3 to cover taxes?, probably so) on this account I'll do a paygo top off and report back if it actually gets expired by Tello.

No taxes when paying with Tello Dollars. (At least when using it to pay for a plan, even including minutes. I think the same principal holds-- there's no real monetary transaction, so nothing to tax.)

Ultra Mobile referral link, gives you $10 credit -- Friendbuy - Forwarding To Destination
Thank you very much if you use it! They have their Unlimited-everything plan for $39/month right now. Gives unlimited talk and text, plus 50 gb of high-speed data, with unlimited slow-speed data after 50 gb – all for $39/mo.

Tello-- Pick me! Pick me!

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