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50% off Papa Murphy's Take n' Bake Pizza when you apply coupon code Groundhog at checkout. Thanks goes to scottydog911 over at Slickdeals.

Good deal! My favorite pizza: but they've closed all the stores near me. :frowning:
I like the Thai Chicken.

Can I use this code to get a Pizza without the groundhog meat on it?:unsure:

Orbic WONDER ‑ 16 GB ‑ Black ‑ Unlocked ‑ CDMA/GSM

I bought this phone solely on the recommendation of Dennis Bournique (Prepaidphonenews), whom I greatly respect.

I could find little info on the web about it.

I got it 2 days ago, and have plugged in SIMs from all 4 networks. Everything worked very well and I really like this phone( SO FAR)

It's advertised as used (9 on a scale of 10), but my phone looked brand new to me.

As to my final impression, ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

I'll offer an update in 4 weeks if anyone is interested.

I would be very interested in your update on the Orbic Wonder, so2speak !
I've been tempted by that offer.

The orbic wonder is on the sprint byod list too so should be able to get the free year of unlimited.

For $70, not much could go wrong. Amazon wants $ 200 for it. A "wonder".

I have an orbic wonder used it on a t-mobile mvno and liked the phone expect the speaker phone was choppy. I wanted to use it on twigby or tello but they didnt know what sims card to use anyone have any ideas.

Twigby sell them but are out of stock. I think it is the same as the blu S1 one. Try chatting with twigby as they can check if you give them the meid.

In a 2017 comment about the BLU S1 on PrepaidPhoneNews when it was released, Best Cellular said SIMOLW506TQ (included in the Boost kit) would work with the BLU-- and the references I've seen indicate the BLU and the Orbic use the same SIM card: but Best Cellular's current compatibility list for SIMOLW506TQ does not mention the BLU, or the Orbic Wonder. Sounds like a firm maybe.

Thats from there check your phone here link from there kickstart page from sprint.
Thanks for the idea

Glad that worked, and thanks for reporting back!
If you're looking for a cheap source, in addition to Twigby......

This SIM is part of the Boost Mobile SIM kit. ShopCellDeals sells the kit for $4.99, free shipping. It's a handy set to have, since it covers most of the universal-unlocked phones. I bought one just to have on hand, and it came in handy when I had a SIM card fail after a few months.

A Lot of Phone for $250. 6.2" screen is probably too large for some. But:

Dual Front + Dual Rear Cameras = Quad Cameras
Dual Sims + Dual 4G LTE in Both Sloths

Where is this made? Who is the company? Is it on Amazon?

The company is Gearbest, a Chinese company, and this particular phone is made in China, I believe, though some of the phones Gearbest sells may be made elsewhere such as India. I think they do sell some items on Amazon, but not phones.

Edit: Just dawned upon me that you were asking about "Umidigi" rather than Gearbest. I assume it's a Chinese company that makes its phones in China, and it does sell phones on Amazon.

I think this is a pretty good Pizza Hut ad, as its only a dollar more than Little Caesar's.

$15 off $75 on ebay using code PSUPERSUMMER

Orbic wonder = $60
Redpocket annual 500/500/500 = $84
etc etc

Ends 7pm PT today

Redpocket needs to move that annual plan to Amazon. So we can use cellnuvo for it

Literally not a hot deal. Cool down tomorrow 2-4pm, get a free smoothie. :slight_smile: