Freemii big changes

They use the info from the form I filled out after the port was complete. No pin required.

Thank you dnoonan: I filled out the same form as well. I’ll be on lookout for E Mail from FreeMii rhat they added the credit

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Hello Freemiiers: i'm Just Curious: Right now I am on the cricket 55.00 Unlimited Plan before auto pay discount. Freemii pays the 50.00 per month the last 5.00 is credit for auto pay.
If I were to down grade to one of the lower plans lets say the 30.00 5GB plan.
Does Freemii continue to apply the 50.00 monthly credit or will Freemii adjust to 30.00 if they find out the plan change? i'm just curious


I think that is explained in the second paragraph:

YMMV, but I'm on the Verizon PrePaid 15 gb plan, with auto pay, which comes to $35/mo. FreeMii is making monthly deposits of $50.

Thank you Dnoonan I’d be tempted to go to the 10GB plan and if Freemii deposits 50.00 credit I would add a line and I pay 20.00 per month. ( wink wink)

Thank you sblake5. It makes sense

I know I could probably milk it, but I'm happy with an extra 10 months of free service after the 2 years.

I eventually managed to get my email address on file changed to one that I can send from (and that I wasn't going to lose on the 15th of this month), but I've yet to get any credit posted despite four months of notifications so far that it had been done - I still need to follow up on that. Freemii had told me to follow up with TracFone, which I hadn't done yet because when I couldn't find a way to send a support email or send a ticket instead of using the infernal support chat, I set it aside for later and then forgot...

This week I got another response from them which gives the strange impression of looking like someone took a "we haven't heard from you so we're closing your ticket" update and a "this is the actual problem, you're going to have to connect a different account if you want to continue" and smushed them together. This is the most relevant piece:

FreeMii's integrated carriers - where we can request processing credits - are the following:
AT&T Prepaid
T-Mobile Prepaid
Verizon Prepaid

Please note the following exceptions:
Considered Tracfone (owned by Verizon) 2023

The credit posting for the following carriers has currently technical difficulties:

Fascinatingly, this list doesn't include Tracfone/AT&T at all, which is what I'm on, and which - like Tracfone/T-Mobile but unlike Tracfone/Verizon - was on the form they had us fill out to make the transition.

That trailing list is a real bummer for me because from my perspective, the least wasteful substitute if Tracfone is going to be a problem would have been Boost.

(paragraph once again bemoaning my personal situation omitted)

Update, as I have discovered I was unfair to Freemii in my previous message: It appears I finally had a credit post to my Tracfone account on May 16. This gives me a new reason to be frustrated with Tracfone (not Freemii), as the website keeps logging me out when I try to do all but a very few things, and I don't seem to be able to look up the details of the refill order. As near as I can tell, it seems to have given me three months of airtime, 600 minutes, 600 texts, and 600 megabytes of data. The only way I can find on the website for that to make sense is if they somehow managed to apply a ~$40 90-day non-smartphone plan and it tripled the buckets, which is a new kind of odd.

They have replied and told me there isn't a problem with Tracfone AT&T, but it would have been confusing to say so. I will admit they have something of a point. I'm really rather curious how they managed to create a problem with some carriers on Tracfone and not others since I was pretty sure buying a refill for someone else worked the same way across carriers, but...for now I'm just going to be glad I apparently don't need to do anything else.

Have not received this month's credit. They have been like clockwork up until now.

I usually get my credit between the 10th and 20th i'll be watching for any changes. I hope your credit comes late better than not at all. BTW I never got my reimbursement for setting up my prepaid account.

I usually get mine between the 29th of the previous month to about the 2nd or 3rd of the present month. They sent me a $50 refill card to begin the account so I've never had to pay anything.

Still haven't received my monthly credit from FreeMii.

Usually get mine on/around the 16th...I let you know what happens.

Cancelled the account. Never received the credit or any kind of explanation. Life's too short. 2 years and 10 months for $179.14. Not bad.

Last Credit I Received Was June 14th. So Far Today July 14th No New Credit. I Will Wait Till July 20th To See What Happens. If No Credit Is Applied By Then I Will Downgrade My Plan To The 5GB @ 30.00 Cricket Plan My Next Renewal Date Is Due August 4th.I Will Renew My Self @ 5.00 Since I Have 25.00 Credit. Then I Will Cancel My Service Before September 4th
I Will Update On July 20th.

Similar here, the last credit was received on Jun.12th. No more refills after that. It seems that the free lunch will be over soon. R.I.P.

Afraid I have to agree. Usually get credit on the 16th, nothing this month. I do have a couple of months credit with Verizon, but guess I better start deciding where I'll go next.