Freemii big changes



At FreeMii we’ve been working to improve our services. Previously, we’ve used our licenses with network providers to offer wireless services to our members. These network providers act as middlemen that grant us access to major wireless carriers and network operators.

Unfortunately this meant that FreeMii and FreeMii members were subject to the rules set by these network providers. Within the past twelve months, these network providers have required us to transfer lines from one carrier to another on multiple occasions. We’ve also been forced to incur higher costs for licensing. Additionally, service downgrades were largely due to the sudden closure of one of our network providers resulting in restricted data consumption.

We know how terrible of an experience this has been for many of our members. All of these challenges have been detrimental to our membership and have caused many cancellations. We understand that this experience has been unacceptable, and we are saddened to know that we could not previously maintain our quality of service as promised.

In spite of all of these challenges, FreeMii will be announcing our new prepaid network integration. This means you will be able to keep your FreeMii membership and take your number to any FreeMii supported network that you prefer. Monthly credits will automatically be applied to your carrier account directly.

With this new service, we are no longer subject to changes implemented by network providers. FreeMii can now connect your membership to any of the ten (10) supported networks. You are free to choose any FreeMii supported network and receive the same great benefits of your FreeMii membership. Once connected, automatic credits are applied directly to your new account regardless of which carrier you select. These monthly credits are issued prior to your billing date and will be applied to any unlimited data, talk, and text plan offered by your new preferred network.

As a thank you to all of our current members, we will be waiving your membership fee for two (2) years. For 24 months FreeMii will issue your membership credits applied directly to your new account with your preferred network. Enjoy two (2) years of unlimited data, talk, and text and the quality of service at no cost to you.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we navigate these challenges and do our best to change the world.

Please complete this Mobile Number Transfer form to initiate your transfer and select your preferred network.


Not sure what this means for lifetime members or what the credit will be (current membership fee indicated $299/12) Have asked for clarification. I suppose this is better than the 1gb limbo. And 2 years is a long time considering most of us have had our money's worth. Just hope it actually works without a glitch.

Providers are-
Att prepaid, Boost (att or tmo), metro, cricket, verizon prepaid, tmobile prepaid, tracfone (att, tmo, verizon), total wireless, simple mobile (att, tmo), ultra mobile

Yeah, just got this myself. Went with Verizon prepaid, was hoping the US Mobile was a choice, but pretty much any Verizon service provider works for me. I've gotten more than my money's worth from FreeMii, and this is a much better "finale" than I was expecting, to be sure.

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Let us know how it all works. Once you submitted the form did anything happen or is it just wait and see?

I have had some contact with David in the past so just trying to get some clarification on whether lifetime customers are no longer lifetime and what the credit amount will actually be.

Got a confirmation SIMs don't go out until 12/1

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Been following these threads about Freemii for quite a while.

Being a Freemii member sure is a lot of work!

Hope all turns out OK.

To be fair, it's been a pretty good ride. $177 all in for over 2 years of service. Some issues lately, yes, but all in all, I'd do it again. And it looks like 2 more years of service on a reliable network. Works for me.

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I thought I saw somewhere where the credit would be $50/mo, but I can't find that now, so possible I made it up...

I'm a bit confused as to how all this is working right now.
How many GB's of data are the various colored network plans providing at this point in time?

I Emailed customer support asking what is the credit limit is I am waiting for a reply I will update when I find out.

Update: From Freemii CS
You can select whichever plan you prefer. The credit is up to $50/month, up to 2 years, with a mandatory annual billing statement reconciliation and account review.

For the last couple of months or so, all the networks were limited to 1 GB. Once you burned through that GB, you could contact CS to get another. Not ideal, but for a low intensity user like me, it worked OK.

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For what it's worth, I'd (cautiously) recommend against going with Tracfone for any network but Verizon unless the possibility of a future free definitely-permitted device swap out of it when Verizon drops the other networks from Tracfone service sounds like an advantage to you rather than a hassle of having to go through getting a replacement sim yet again. Just a thought.

I'm curious about the two SIM kit options. Do retailers actually have FreeMii SIM kits on the racks? If they do, I hadn't noticed, but then again I rarely look. Or, for that matter, shop in person anywhere but a grocery store. Or, as seems like it my be implied by the fact that they now list providers instead of just networks, would you be buying a SIM kit for the provider you picked?

Support says: "...up to $50 a month for 2 years with a mandatory annual reconciliation of your billing statement at the network and your membership status."

That is very nice. Hopefully it works without any glitch. And actually lasts the 2 years.

My understanding is that we will have service directly with a provider eg boost and freemii will somehow credit service each month. Sounds a lot like what cellnuvo moved to near the end. The ones on the list seem to have a guest pay system that allow a 3rd party to top up using just the phone number.

An activation kit sounds like a byod sim and the first month plan. So yes for the provider you pick.

That's the way I understood it, too.

I seen the option to purchase a sim from the the listed providers that we pick or freemii will send you a sim of the listed provider you chose. I already have sims for 4 providers that i can pick 1 to have activated I don't know if we activate or does freemii activate. I sent CS support a message asking this question. I hope to find out Monday 11/21

I'm gonna let them send me a SIM and new number...don't care about the number since I use GoogeVoice as my main. Can get by on my FreedomPop back up if I need to for a few days.

Already had mintmobile, then which one shall we pick? ATT prepaid or Tmobile prepaid or Metro?

Was that in response to the question about lifetime members, and therefore presumably confirming that "lifetime" ends in another two years? Or was it not in that context?

If that's the end result, then...well, kind of a bummer for me, unless my usage picks up drastically in the next two years. Although I suppose I could still recoup somewhat by selling what's left of my Tracfone plan.

Actually, wait a minute. I wonder if I can apply this to that existing plan. And what restrictions apply on how I use the credit. That might be what the annual reconciliation and review is for, but...I might need to send Customer Service some questions.

Yeah, two years is not a "lifetime" (at least I hope not!) But it sure beats the lights going off in the middle of the night.

I 100% agree. I also think that for most folks affected, the end result has probably been a good deal - the fact that I effectively didn't make use of it doesn't really make it a bad deal even for me, so much as one that in hindsight I may end up wishing I hadn't taken. And the jury's still out on that.