Xfinity Mobile: $200 Off Select Phones

Xfinity Internet Subcribers Only.

This is tempting for me with all the chaos going on with CellNUVO. I'd rather stick with CellNUVO if they are indeed going to sell phones for silver and if we would be able to get Verizon or At&t devices and use their service.

The price for the LG X charge for me would be be $3.75 for the device and $2.75 per month if I stayed under 100mb, $12 per gig after that.

Do they unlock the phone after 1 month? I don't plan to stay with Comcast.

My plan is to get Samsung Galaxy S7 (with $200 Off). Cancel after 1 month. Move to tmobile.
I just worry Comcast won't unlock the phone?

Why not ask Comcast directly through the Chat application and keep a transcript.

Then if you go ahead and run into a problem you can always escalate the matter to the executive resolution team at Comcast.

Based on my own experience with Comcast, I would definitely get any commitment in writing.

The provider for the Xfinity service is Verizon, and Verizon do not lock LTE phones.

I suspect that will carry over to the phones they provide through Xfinity.

In the Slickdeals thread they said you can immediately unlock them once you get them as long as you meet these criteria:

I ordered the LG X Charge to have as a backup device. $6.50 for a backup device was too good to pass up.

I also saw on the Slickdeals thread that the Verizon S7 doesn't have band 12 which T-mobile uses.
edit: more info on using Verizon S7 on T-mobile or AT&T -

I asked Comcast about this earlier when the service was being first offered.

My concern was that they might be sourcing iPhones that are subject to the US Resellers Flex policy and that could lead to real problems.

Comcast did not respond to the rather detailed questions that I raised so I would be leery of getting an iPhone from them. Of course Android might be entirely different.

My general experience with Comcast is that the company is very compartmentalized. The front line people who deal with customers really only know what is in the approved script. Those behind the scenes do know the real answers but there is no easy way to get in touch with them.

Has anyone on slickdeals confirmed if the phones are Verizon and whether they are activated or not when they arrive?

It should be possible to get an iPhone and activate it on Virgin under the current one year unlimited $1 deal.

Wait, Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn't have all T-mobile band?
Looks like the only option is iPhone 6 now???

Yes the verizon S7 doesn't have band 12 that tmobile uses.

It is a great deal for the Xcharge for $1 plus tax?! You can get unlimited talk and text for free plus tax on verizon.

Yes it's a fantastic deal if you're already on Xfinity.

Unlimited Verizon talk and text for the cost of tax. My monthly tax is $1.06.

If I could make a dual sim set up work, could use freedompop for the data part.

I was going to buy the LG for $1 but then decided not to. I have too many unused phones as it is. No need to add to the world's electronic waste problem.

I did establish that it is already unlocked and that you can cancel service by calling them or by simply porting your number out.

Would there be easy profit if I buy iPhone 7, cancel service and sell it?

I shall consult my Crystal Ball and get back to you.

great deal if you want to pay overpriced for Internet service $80/mo.

Too bad that only 100mb free data on the phone. Who needs unlimited talk and text? Comcast knew about this.

I couldn't resist and decided to order an X charge. $1 + tax came to $2.14. Free 2 day shipping.

It looks like I will need to activate the phone when it arrives. I wonder how many people will order the maximum of these unlocked phones and turn around and sell them.

Comcast isn't in our area so that wouldn't be available to us.

Is this phone service free for 24 months or Only 12 months?

This is Comcast. They can do whatever they want most of the time.

I haven't seen a definitive time on how long the unlimited talk and text will be free for.

You can quit the service at any time. If you purchased the device in installments, you'll have to pay it off rather than have the remainder of the 24 months to pay it off interest free.

Looks like the LG X Charge is not already unlocked. And having just re-read the Xfinity Mobile page on this topic, it stated it is the previous LG X Power that is not locked.

However, the policy does say you can call to get the unlock code.

Seeing that I've paid $1.06 upfront for the first months taxes and fees, I think I'll enjoy the unlimited calling for a while before calling to close the line and get the unlock code.

I have to say though that I'm very impressed with the HD calling quality when I made a call to my wife's Verizon iPhone. I'll have to see what the quality is like when calling the kid's iPhones which are now on Virgin.