Would you continue if?

Many if not all of us are extremely frustrated with cellnuvo. I am one.

But let's say a miracle happens and 15 to 30 silver ads return for 15 seconds of time.

Whatever rules cellnuvo makes. They stick to it. If they expect us to stick to it.

No more late payments. No more blaming customers for their mistakes

Sticking to their word

Again ask for ideas. Maybe have a liaison post on this board on a regular basis.

Give bonus for influencers.

If some of the things above occur would you consider staying and using cellnuvo?

Would love to see CN make a comeback! Don't see it happening though. If we're to believe what we've been told about them not getting paid for 6 months by their ad vendors, then CN has no cash flow. Sad to say this, probably time to move on.

Sure, I'd continue - so long as they get their stuff straight and communicate clearly and be transparent. After all, no company or individual is perfect. Now, for now, I will admit that I have even stopped swiping. Will resume but only during times in which there is no external impact (e.g. while waiting on someone else such as a doctor's office) and I have nothing else to do.

It'd have to be reported by a bunch of folks RIGHT AT THIS FORUM that it got good & stays that way for a nice, LONG while, then maybe I might squeeze a bit of swiping in when I'm too tired late in a day now & then to do much else.
Tech-stitch did actually sum it up very well just above my reply !!

You're asking for a helluva lot with this one. They have admitted they can't even pay people for what they've already earned. This stuff is secondary.

Nope. I can't trust them after what they have done. They have broken their promises, accused customers of abusing the system, de-valued our points, refused to pay up. No way they are getting me to swipe for them again. I can't trust them.

BTW, it occurred to me that this whole excuse of "advertisers haven't paid us since October hence we can't pay you" may be a very convenient lie -- just like their "we can't pay you because of abuse by users" excuse they gave in March when they de-valued all our points with the update.

As you can tell, I am pretty frustrated with CellNuvo.

Rightfully so. We are all frustrated. Where the heck is Tom? Mia. Why do I feel he left or bought out.

I was wondering if cellnuvo burned all their bridges with thier user base or was their one bridge standing.

Because it does not matter if one or two of us decide to continue. If we do not as a group. Cellnuvo would have a much harder time.

I have not made a final decision on this ,but as stated if the bulk of us quit. It does not matter what I do.

You forgot this one: payments delayed because they got backed up due to the holidays.

As if to say, were it not for the holiday, you'd have your checks and gift cards. :wink: :wink:

Grifters & cons always try to make the same old grifts & cons out to be original like they invented them...
But there are books about such stuff dating back a very long time.
As long as there are the haves vs. the have-nots, such tomfooleries (haha...tom what ??) will always come around.

But cellnuvo has paid in the past. So would they be considered a con? I would say no, but highly mismanaged.

Here's a possible useful metric, for those who joined CellNuvo early (during the direct cell service period), and have used it consistently.....

Let's set 3 data points.

  1. However many Gold you had accumulated (total across however many accounts you had) at the point the Red Pocket transition occured. Set that figure at 100%. (If you had 200 Gold stashed, that 200 Gold is 100%.)
    (During this phase, there wasn't any way to redeem Gold beyond direct CN service, so any accumulated Gold was stashed only against vague promises of a later redemption process.)

  2. How much Gold you had stashed unredeemed in your account(s) at the transition from the provider-payment/phone-purchase system to the current swap/duration period. (If you had 400 Gold when the swap system was introduced, that data point would be 200%. If you had 100 Gold, that data point would be 50%)

  3. How many points (converted back to Gold at 1000:1) do you currently have waiting to be redeemed? (If you have 200 Gold, the same amount as in step 1, this data point would be 100%. 50 Gold would be 25%, and 400 Gold would be 200%.)

From those 3 data points, an interesting trend line may exist.

Perhaps a 4th data point would be useful:
4) The amount of completed redemptions you've had, stated in the same % terms as the other calculations, starting with the Red Pocket transition. (from the sample figure above, if you redeemed 300 Gold total to Red Pocket, Sprint, and a phone purchase, this data point would be 150%.)

My data points (from memory-- I'll have to check screenshots)

  1. 100% (As it should be for everyone.)
  2. 153%
  3. 160%
  4. 150%

My unredeemed stash has increased at each of first 3 data points, indicating that I've gotten further in the hole as time passed. I have not been good about doing transfers/redemptions, as I kept putting if off 'til later'-- I suspect that those who stayed on top of it & didn't procrastinate, probably did better than me.

But I've also redeemed significantly more than I had stashed at the end of Phase 1.

Here's what I see. Consistently making monthly installments to Cellnuvo for Amazon gift card. During those installment payments, Cellnuvo held my money without a payoff. Out of the blue, installments cancelled, gold converted and returned as points. Ok, new rules, but Cellnuvo still has my money.. To get the full value of my "points" gotta wait at least 4 more months. Grit teeth and wait it out.

Payday arrives, happy happy right? I'm gonna get my payout in one lump sum, right? Hell no! But why? Holiday backup. Ok, I'll give it a few days. Day after day after day, until the bomb's dropped. We ain't got no money. Boo Hoo. Previous payments cancelled. Back to square one. Cellnuvo STILL HAS MY MONEY. Want full value? Wait another 4+ months and cross your fingers. BTW we have apps. Keep swiping and double up. Close to an entire year and Cellnuvo STILL HOLDING MY MONEY.

That's how I see it.

Joined early, but quit swiping when it wasn't working well for me.

As to internet cons:
The most frequently used ones are these=>

  • Make a startup with terrific offers - collect some money from impressed users (those who figure that if free or cheap is great, getting MORE has to be better, even if it costs a bit...) - then claim some calamity leading to failure with zero refunds;
  • Same as above except using complete vanishing as the ending.

The setup on both takes time to get folks comfortable enough to lay out their money.
Their are endless variations, of course - but they all depend upon folks wanting free or very cheap stuff to start with - then being conned out of their money by the removal of services in an early and/or unexpected manner.

As I said before, these types of things actually have books written about them, some from long ago, now just add a dose of faceless internet protection in between & there is the absolutely perfect formula to get folks scratching their heads...
AFTER they've lost their money, of course.

At another forum I visit regularly that allows folks to sell things through it, one seller had his account stolen & the thief offered ALL of his previous products for ONE lower price only payable via cybercurrency;
Said thief got a bunch of folks paying him then vanished with their 'coins' - really untraceable & no charges will ever be brought due to the cleverness of the scam.

In conclusion:
Anyone or any company that 'cooks the books' can do so carefully enough to fool lots of folks into getting scammed.

As for myself & CN, I never totally bought that they would be of enough use to me to bother much with them & didn't take them too seriously either.
Sure, I had 77 'gold' - but it never did me any good - and I am neither upset NOR surprised by the state of affairs it has come to.

Finally got a reply from cellnuvo. Surprise. Nothing new.

Me >What % unsubsidized ratio are u talking about.

from stephanie@cellnuvo.com >
Swaps will be made available at varying ratios- thanks!

As for payments, Unfortunately,

advertising network still has not paid us. And it is not just for
month or the month before, we are waiting on payment for ads from
year too, September, October, November, December and all of this
Yes it is that bad. We have tried to ensure we could still function
during this period, however at this point we can no longer continue
subsidizing this business and its customers.

All current/pending swaps are being cancelled and new swaps will be
added to the store at a new unsubsidized rate/ratio. This is not a
decision we take lightly, however, due to circumstances well beyond
control we have been forced into this situation.

We understand that this is a disappointment to you just as it is to
Again, we apologize for the delay in responding to tickets.

Thank you,
CellNUVO support

The MOST important part of cellnuvo statement

Cellnuvo 》》》We have tried to ensure we could still function
during this period, however at this point we can no longer continue
subsidizing this business and its customers.

Dang, E_T (may I call you that?)! That kinda' sounds textbook for what's happening now. I find it hard to believe CN is broke and can't pay up.

They are not totally broke or we would not be receiving a response from anyone (business closure).

The statement referenced earlier by them was poorly written in that it causes confusion. I believe a better statement would have been something along the lines of "...We are unable to remain in business for much longer if we continue making payments without receiving revenue.
As a result, we have taken measures to ensure the long term survival of the company for the benefit of all - users, investors, and staff."

Anyway, they appear to be trying to ride the storm or whatever is going on for the time being. If I was in their shoes, I would too with the difference of clear communication and expectations.

All in all, the ones that truly know the state of affairs are them and while it would be nice to know, we are not privy to knowing the internal affairs of any business owned or managed by someone else.

I just hope it works out for everyone.

Maybe they want us to keep swiping. More money for them without paying.

As Michael Jackson says

You've been hit by—
You've been struck by—
A Smooth Criminal