Would you continue if?

Of course they want 'us' to keep swiping-- that's what their business is based on, and it would be absurd to find fault in that..
Although I'm less than certain that they've been successful in encouraging swiping lately...

The split pots prove little to no swiping

LOL...such an appropriate use of this quote, plus I didn’t see it comin’!

I’m cracking up just as much after a 2nd read!

Cellnuvo should be ashamed.

No more swipe for me til I see someone get paid.

Hi I_one_2 - sure, with such a long nick everybody here does that;
And for me it is more of a career statement than a nick anyhow:

As in the Weird Al title: "Another One Rides The Bus" :

Ah yes - Dr. Demento on the radio - those were the days.

And if anudder dose of LOL may be desired, here you go:

I prefer to laugh rather than to cry or to get aggravated by stuff totally beyond my reach, BUT:
[u]If I could reach anyone from CN, I'd surely want to slap 'em !!![/u]

I just put in a new 4 month swap a couple of days ago so I guess I'll try swiping a little, on the days when I actually get a few ads, until either I get paid or CellNUVO folds.If I don't see ads pretty quickly I just stop swiping though.

What do you think the odds are that you will get paid in 4 months?

that's the issue Stephanie never said that they're going to start making payments and try to keep on schedule after at additional four month delay

My biggest issue is that there is no communication. Or very little

Seriously, I think the chances of my getting paid the full amount is between slim and none.The lack of communication really sucks.

If the statement was true and CellNUVO hasn't been paid by the ad vendors and they are paid in the near future and have a big influx of cash I think we might get paid but we basically know nothing because CellNUVO has went to stealth mode. Especially Tom.

From my experience swiping at this time, they can't be bring much money in because there are little to no ads so something has to give.

they did more to hurt themselves than any troll could do to them.

Damn shame

Agreed. Let's hope they recover or they exit gracefully (paying out).

If they close/bk

Don't they have to file for Dissolution?

If so they would need to pay all their debts.

Would that not include us?

Depends I would think. If we are listed as users or independent contractors?

In any case they should want to bow out gracefully. Honor their debts.

Also if Tom or partner opens up another company / app why would any of us trust them?

I seriously hope they get their act together. Odds are nope. They did it once. Got out of a hole . But this time they not paying what they owe. Blame users. Like we should know what was going on.

Instead of asking for forgiveness. I'm trying to figure a way out of this. With the help of users.

They go silent and destroying any trust they built up.

Dam sad shame

During this time I imagine they are still paying their paychecks. With nothing coming in by the time they close there will be no money left to pay us. So don't count on anything on wind up.

Dissolution is more then paychexs. It is all that debts owed

All depends on how we are classified.

No I am saying that they would have drained any remaining money paying paychecks and their running costs before they windup. There will be then nothing left to distribute to debtors. And in any case we all have points which at the end of the day have no monetary value. We certainly won't get anything.

The only way we will get paid is if the ad provider pays and that is looking extremely unlikely. Or if they score some new revenue streams which they have had months to arrange with nothing to show for it. It looks like they have given up to me. I hope I am wrong.

Pretty much what I was about to post. At present CellNUVO is paying employees,paying for the support staff, paying rent and utilities for their physical location,taxes, and more stuff I'm not thinking of so I'm sure their costs are pretty well eating through what assets they have.We're at the bottom of the totem pole.

Hoping for a major comeback. lol

Yep, well put. Looking for a comeback, but expecting them to fold.