Will you keep using Ting after 1st month with $35 credit is almost gone?

There are about 2 weeks left when we have to decide if we need to port out or keep a few lines in Ting. What is your plan?

I'm still surprised people did not take advantage of one of the many deals to port out to other providers. Some are still available like a free month and $20 referral credit from Twigby or 50% off the first month at Tello.

You missed some really good ones like $10 free paygo credit at Tello that you could get in addition to the 1st month of a plan half off.

I think it would really depend on whether the other MVNOs make another big promo/push for new customers. :wink:

I have the utmost respect for the folks at Ting for providing us with a painless exit strategy as R+ closed up shop.

I even feel a little guilty for not staying with them, but the $6 line charge really screws up the math when you compare them to other companies.

Even a Big 4 company, like T-Mobile, will let you keep a line with them for only $3/mo.

I think, at some point, they'll have to get rid of the line charge.

And that gives you 30mins or up to 30 texts at least.

I think Ting are trying to compete with the big boys and $6 a line looks cheap in that crowd. I can see someone stepping down from the big four and seeing Ting as great value but if you keep going there are plenty of cheaper providers that offer the same quality of service.

I completed my port to Ting on the 9th when it was looking as if the 11th was doomsday. Prior to porting over I had posted my referral code from my old Ting account on a few forums and received several referrals, in fact that was the only reason I did port over to Ting because I would have service for at least 4 or 5 months due to those referrals.
Ting had posted they were going to reverse those credits, but so far mine have survived and after them altering my account as a R+ user.
I still do not really trust Ting to honor them going forward past this first month, which ends in just a few days, but we shall see.

Nevertheless, Ting is just not that cost effective for my usage so whatever the coming circumstance, unless Ting happens to drastically changes their service costs, I will be moving to another service provider when whatever the credits I do have with them run out.
I know can do much better than Ting using Tracfone BYOP and I have already proven that to myself having moved the wife and son from Ting to TF BYOP a year ago and working out quite well.

That said, I am very interested in Twigby and I will most likely give Twigby a run for a few months. If I do not leave too many units on the table each month I will extend my stay with Twigby because of their included voice roaming and the ability to hard cap data and still have unlimited 2G to fall back on at the end of the month.
If I do leave to many units on the table I will just join the rest of the family on TF.

All I know is if Ring Plus were to reemerge they would have to pay me to use their service. :stuck_out_tongue:

"I think Ting are trying to compete with the big boys and $6 a line looks cheap in that crowd. I can see someone stepping down from the big four and seeing Ting as great value but if you keep going there are plenty of cheaper providers that offer the same quality of service."

That seems to me to be exactly the case. It is pretty much how Ting portrays itself in its promo material. There is a video of Elliot Noss on the website trying to explain the rationale for the "bucket model" and it really is not very convincing, to put it mildly.

Probably most of its 150,00 subscribers have come from the big carriers as opposed to being attracted from other MVNOs.

In looking through the many comments by Ting Reps on the big thread on Social there was nothing said the suggested Ting is inexpensive in the MVNO world.

For light users Ting is expensive and the same is true for heavy users. Obviously, a big part of its appeal is the customer service but to me, at least, a lower cost provider like Tello is probably a much better fit.

If I didn't have devices that were already on the Verizon network (Tracfone Family Dollar $1 deal and flashed 3g devices for $5/mo) I'd pay the extra $3 or so to be with Twigby, over Tello.

Before R+ announced they were shutting down I'd never heard of either company-- and it's turned out that they're arguably the two best MVNOs for light to medium users.

I am really grateful to Ting for helping R+ users out. But I'm a heavy data user who doesn't really care if the data is throttled, so no unlimited 2G is a dealbreaker. I'll probably go to Tello, get 200MB and unlimited text, which makes it $7 a month, plus some paygo minutes. I might switch to CellNuvo when they accept iphones and have unlimited 2G.

I felt there was plenty of time to port out so don't really have the same kind of gratitude for the deal. If anything I felt it slowed down the porting process for those who did want to port out sooner rather than later. However I do think that it helped those who might have missed the announcements (there are always some) and those who were undecided about where to go. So I guess I am neutral about it.

Kind of surprised you did not hear about Tello, it was discussed quite a bit on the R+ forum especially right after the first 2016 free plan purge.

Twigby on the other hand completely caught me by surprise as well and why I feel that when more Ting Sprint users discover it, especially those with single lines, will migrate there.

I feel the same way, I do have a device I moved from R+ to Tello Paygo with a $5 + $10 coupon code for back up.

Will Twigby be able to keep voice roaming and their current price structure and remain viable?
Selectel (VZW) would be a good comparison, they recently announced they were dropping included voice roaming to better compete with other Verizon MVNOs and that was their only real saving grace IMO. The new plans they said were coming have not been released yet so it is hard to say if those improved plans will offset losing included roaming?

I see roaming off Verizon service not as important as you would roaming off of Sprint service, so the more subs that gravitate to Twigby and use roaming may cause/force them to also drop that feature?

If they were topics that I wasn't interested in, at the time, I would mostly just scan for salty language or ad hominems, so it may not have registered in my mind.

Yes Twigby was one of those that came late to the discussion (Thank you Promoze!) but is one of the best ones out there. If you want a referral for an extra $20 feel free to PM me.

From what I have seen with Twigby they think carefully about their plan costs. I don't see why they would not be able to keep it especially as it is a very strong selling point for their service that differentiates them from many other sprint MVNOs.

A very happy Twigby user here.

I haven't been unhappy with Ting, but there's no reason to pay so much after the credit. I will probably port to Twigby next week. Compared to Tello, the roaming is key -- I don't want to be stuck in an area with no Sprint signal, so it's worth the slight extra cost (though I was on the fence before Twigby's recent price reduction).

I have to laugh, Ting reversed my referral credits today after I posted, all of those referrals were before I even completed my port over and 2 of them prior to the 5th, well before Ting made their $35 offer. The number ported over was not even related to my user name on here/R+ forum so I don't think it was because I tipped them off.

Oh well, bye, bye Ting and hello Twigby.

Blowing through 250MB to use what I have left of my 500MB

I may keep a couple of lines at Ting for a few more months, but others will be ported out by Mar 15 (1 week buffer).

That was a really nice one that I missed, too.

Income tax specials should be appearing soon.

Do what's in your best interest, just like Ting did what was in their best interest.

+1 to both comments above.

Did Ting state why they reversed the credits?

I guess you were not following along on the Ting referral credit rip off saga, well it just came to pass in my case..... What is done is done and I seriously doubt I will ever use Ting's service again for any reason.

I think what is even more unethical is that Ting overtly discriminates against former R+ customers by keeping them from accruing referrals for 3 months where no other Ting customer is limited like that.

Same here, plus they suspended my account today and revealed that due to the fact that I moved to them before the official migration, they would not honor the $35 Ringplus credit.
So they want all lines on one account, which would not have ANY credit.:sick: Plus, they block the port-out info in the account settings.

"Due to suspicious referral activity on the account."

"they block the port-out info in the account settings."

Have you considered filing an FCC complaint about this?