Why is our Reward Balance declining when we haven't used any rewards yet?

Our FreeUp rewards balances seem to be declining and we haven't used any rewards yet?
We are wanting to upgrade our lines to paid lines that are supported by the Rewards program, but the rewards
don't seem to be very reliable. Oh well, I guess we'll stay on the free program. C'mon FreeUp, let's get the rewards
system working properly, YOU'RE MISSING OUT ON $$$$$$$

My free renewal pop up should appear tomorrow, now you got me worried.

Our service is working perfectly.....it's the rewards program that still seems kinda funky!
Video's not crediting, vanishing credits......just making us very hesitant to upgrade to paid plans.

I just logged into the FreeUP website and rewards balance has dropped from over 55 dollars down to 52.67 in about 8 hours.

I was ready to get a new phone on one of the paid plans but I'll wait for a while to see if they can explain the missing rewards. Bad business model.

No complaints about the actual free plan though,totally satisfied.

Yes, mine reduced too. I lost 3 dollars today, and one dollar yesterday.

I noticed my balance went down, too.
Then I remembered this discussion
when several folks mentioned getting 8 credits for each of several days. I got the extra credits, too, for 2/8, 2/9, 2/10.

On looking tonight, I notice that the (correct) credits for those days now indicates only 2 coupons. I don't remember exactly what my rewards balance indicated yesterday, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was some correlation with the disappearing extra credits.

Good spot KentE. Yes mine went down too and looks like those extra credits were removed.

My mother and I both lost about $3 each, as well.

My FreeUp balance fluctuates even more than the stock market.


That's $6 off each account in the past two days.

My errant extra credits were also removed, which they should have been. However, I believe a few days where I rightly received two coupon credits were also removed. I'm too lazy to grab a screenshot 5 times a day, and if I don't earn $14 or thereabouts a month, since I print two coupons every day, then I know something is amiss.

I think I'm seeing the same thing on the line I've inspected closely-- the number of 1-credit days seems to be higher than I remember seeing earlier.

It also looks like the reward for printing coupons went from 27¢ to 25¢.

edit: actually it looks to have increased from 24¢ to 25¢. Don't know why I thought it was 27¢.