Who Swiped the Swipir App?

This might be just a glitch, but seeing how as it's related to CellNUVO, where did the Swipir app go on the Google Play Store? Due to a phone switch I needed to reinstall it, but I haven't seen it there since yesterday.

Is anyone else seeing (or in this case, not seeing) the same thing?

Not in the Play Store for me either.

I have absolutely no intentions of downloading Swipir after how CellNuvo has treated us, but was curious about this so looked it up. Just like what D-Duo observed, Swipir isn't showing up on play.google.com's App search. Which doesn't bode well for CellNuvo because I seem to have read that this happens when Google bans an app from the Play Store.

I also tried from my desktop browser and got the old "url not found on this server" message. I'm swiping a bit on the swipir app at the moment and getting nothing but empty swipes, so its not looking good.

Reference: https://www.nthcircle.com/forum/cellnuvo/1236-need-2-71-app-can-t-use-play-store-help-a-guy-out?start=10#37522

Finally started getting a few ads on left swipes.

I wonder if Swipir could have been removed from the play store because it's considered a duplicate app, which might be against the play store rules?

I_one_2 wrote:

"i wonder why they're running two identical apps (with glitches)? Why not just get one fully functioning and pack the ads on that one?"


If duplications are prohibited by Google Play, then perhaps CellNuvo can make Swipir app has games and CellNuvo doesn't...just straight ads to earn points. That should solve the duplication problem.

If they make changes like that, it would force the removal of that pop-up. While they're at it, they can get rid of the update notice too.

They need to get back to their roots. A basic app with steady 30 silver ads. 60 silver would be better