Where Has Everyone Landed?

Just wondering where everyone has ported to.

Personally, I'm (temporarily) harboring at Ting until I figure out a permanent destination. I may actually jump the CDMA ship altogether though and go back to my old GSM frenemy T-Mo!

I have an existing frreedom pop i'm going to port my rp number to it. Looks like a port in cost $10

I'm looking for freedom friends on fp, just email me addy is same username as this form @gmail.com

Tracfone ; one year plan 800 minutes@$20 thanks to extraterresrtial zoologist last December.
LOL I'll probably have minutes left to rollover, should one of us share another great deal found by :stuck_out_tongue: next Decembe,.r

Not done yet, but, most likely Tello for the wifes phone, MintSim for mine, TMobile for my iPad since they have a 5GB for 5 months at $10 (for the entire 5 months, not $50), and, free 200MB tmobile for my wifes iPad. We also have the FreedomPop global style hotspot.I can't use FP due to call quality and needing phone for work, and, it was bad as my wifes phone used to use it. Also, they don't accept Apple iPads (must be Sprint iPad).

I've got lots of phones and hotspots on all four networks, for free or nearly free (except my T-Mobile is $37.50/mo with unlimited everything) so I'm not in any hurry to park our R+ phones anywhere. Most people only have my GV number so it's transparent to them what phone I'm using. The same with my family.

That said-- I pay for a number of plans for employees and friends who can't afford to pay for their own, and I'm in the process of moving them to Tello or Mint, depending on their needs. Tello will take care of 4 of them and one will go to Mint.

I may put one R+ phone on Tello just for the fun of it.

I have added you as a FreedomPop friend danadams. You'll need to go there and accept the invitation.

I haven't picked one yet... I've been out-of-pocket to do any research or read the suggestions so far. Thanks @hungryghost for letting us land over here for discussions. :slight_smile:

My new plan is going to be a mix of (GoogleVoice+Hangouts) + (TruPhone) + (4GWireless Hotspot) :slight_smile:

I am still deciding where to go. My RP phones are all prepaid phones thats activated before the FED check deadline. Anyone here ported there Boost Mobile pre-paid phone to another MVNO?

Greetings Fellow RP Refugees-to-be (?) !!!
I figure that I'll allow a little bit of time to look at the info I have & wait for any replies to queries I've put out - with a sort of deadline to move at least 1 number away from RP by mid-week.

There's loads of MVNO choices & at least for now (despite how rotten sprint is as a company, perhaps ??) I want to keep with an option which allows us cheap talk & SMS via our existing RP phones.

It has been an interesting 8+ months with RP but I must say that I will not miss a bunch of things about how it has been handled - but it has been a good value even considering the imminent loss of over $80 in top-up just sitting there.

Best Wishes to All !!

From the forum, I see a new name 'twigby'. Says it runs off 2 networks... Obviously, one is Sprint. Anyone know the other network? I am guessing T-Mo.

Twigby runs off of Sprint (Primary) and Verizon. Somewhat similar to Tello in the choose you own limits sort of way.

Hi. Out of breath from the swim from the R+ sinking cruise ship. I'm glad to be on dry land and to see that you, my fellow passengers, have survived and have also found this island sanctuary.

Moved my wife's mother's feature phone to Tello's $15 a month unlimited talk plan ( no data, no text ), which is still porting. I also moved a phone to the Tello pay-go plan.

I already had a $3 per month T-Mobile pay-go plan as a backup. And I also have a Truphone sim that I purchase last year for use in Europe, which is always good for free incoming calls.

So, all in all, I cannot complain (anymore ), and I'm happy to be on this island where almost all speak English.:cheer:

I've ported all three of my family's lines to Tello. I tried the first one Friday night and it failed, so I emailed Tello customer support and got a response in less than three hours telling me they were working on it. The next day I called their phone support and got through immediately to someone who told me the problem was due to the very large number of port-ins they're getting from RingPlus. He said my porting request looked fine and should go through in a couple of business days. Then I ported in the other two lines and they went to "Porting in" status right away. Sometime after I went to bed that night the first line's status changed from "Failed" to "Porting in" so all three look good right now. It also looks like dealing with their customer support is gong to be a pleasant experience. Emails answered and problems fixed in the middle of the night, phone calls answered after two or three rings, and all on a weekend--I'm not used to that!

I ported two R+ lines I had been managing to Tello. They are in the "porting in" stage.
I haven't decided on my main phone. I am considering Sprint Family plan that I can join for about $16 per month or Tello.

Hey Widsith, good to see you!

Firstly, a huge thanks to hungryghost for this "Truly Free" forum as well as RPSamara!

I agree that Tello looks really good on customer service, simplicity and price. Who would have thought such a thing was possible?! :whistle:

Of course, this is only mine and yours opinion, which I believe we are entitled to. But who knows, especially with people like Trump in positions of power. :woohoo:

I've moved my wife to Tello pay as you go. None of us use many minutes or texts and she was already ok with having a second device on FreedomPop for data which I set up after the R+ downgrades.

The kids are still using 3 month mintSIM's.

I'm going to try the FreedomPop global and domestic sims first. I don't use much voice and already use Google Voice for texting. If it turns out freedompop doesn't meet my needs, then I think I'll go with Tello's plan with unlimited data for $6-$7 a month, and hop around using promo sims eg H2O. Since my device is unlocked and I use Google Voice, this will be relatively easy. I could also switch Tello on and off as needed as well.

I already knew that unlocked phones and Google Voice gave a lot of flexibility, and that Tello's rates and website were great. Until I looked at Tello more closely, I didn't realize how much their flexibility is an even bigger bonus.

Pity I can't add that information at this link:


What a phenomenal thread that someone had the incredible foresight to start! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well like many I am moving 3 to Tello and 1 to mintsim. I also have several freedompop sims, truphone sims and probably some others somewhere. Will keep one line open at ringplus in case they pull through and reward those who stayed!! Wish I could keep my M+ line open but I need the number ported.

Hi all, nice to see some familiar names.

I ended up at Mint SIM despite initial reservations about paying for a year in advance. I did that to get a price very close to what I was paying with R+. I was on the 10GB New Years 3 plan with R+ and now have a 10GB plan with Mint. The R+ price was $26.25 plus whatever the taxes and fees were, and the price at Mint averaged out to $28.33 per month.

One of the perks with Mint is that I can make phone calls when visiting my parents in the boonies. There is no US roaming with Mint but the coverage is good enough for my needs.


I like the way you think.

Good things come to those who wait.