When was the last time you heard back from support?

When was the last time you heard back from support?

The last time they responded was Oct 20th to me. I am curious has anyone heard back from Support or Tom latter then Oct 20th?

I can not tell if they went on a black out till the top up problem is resolved or is it something else

Can anyone who has talked to support shed a light on this


I had some email exchanges with support on 24-th

19 Oct for me.

"Canon" said he got a response from CN about 1 day and 11 hours ago: https://www.nthcircle.com/forum/cellnuvo/841-if-you-try-to-top-up?start=40

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Last email received from them: Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 12:35 PM.

I requested that my phone be released on Oct 11th
They said they would let me know when its released
I never heard back from them
Now I don't know if my phone is released or not

Use tello or freecarrierlookup.com


they added 250 for me. I emailed from my ticket from last week asked them to topup. Still have October 31 expiration though. I had tried topup with app. Didn't seem to work but maybe that did it.

Great news. When you say email the ticket

Did you just do a seperate email and not ad to ticket?

Also what day last week did you email them


I asked on ticket"Can u put me on infinite plan for 5 gold top up. I'm about out of data and minutes and text AND expiration oct. 31"

October 19th and 26th were ticket replies from cellnuvo. 26th I asked for top up because I had about 90 mb left . Add the 250 makes the 339 data

Wished they reply to me and mmfacemm

They dont reply to us and others

Ty for the info glad u got it

Oct 17th, emailed CN (ticket opened), about buying top up through app but it wasn't applied to 2 accounts & devices weren't working.
Nov 1st, received reply saying accounts showing top up applied & if I still needed help. Top ups had showed up & both devices started working about 1-1.5 week prior to their reply. I had left ticket open to see if/when they would reply.
Nov 2nd, after they replied & replied again to ask 4 questions.
Nov 6th (today) I received reply answering my questions.

Thank you for your update about having replies to 4 questions on Nov 6th. That sounds like it wasn't a bot generated response.

Over 2 weeks ago, data on 1 CellNuvo device stopped working, even though voice & text continues to work. The situation remains the same today at this moment.

When data first stopped working ~2 weeks ago, we topped up $5 on the Infinite Plan. Many times, we've ##72786#, updated Profile, & just for fun, updated PRL.

Thereafter, I submitted a CellNuvo ticket. There was no response to that ticket.

Over a week ago, we purchased another top-up, then did the following many times: ##72786#, updated Profile, & just for fun, updated PRL.

I updated that ticket ~5 days ago requesting an update, & so far there's been no response.

Yesterday, we topped up $5 on the Infinite Plan. Many times, we've ##72786#, updated Profile, & just for fun, updated PRL. Still no data. And no response from CellNuvo. And no change on ticket status on the Atlassian site.

The data on our 2 other CellNuvo devices continue to work.

Atlassian site?

Is that something we are supposed to use or know about from a communication through CellNUVO?

Are people getting ticket numbers from support that are trackable?

Yes there is a new support site. When you email support@cellnuvo.com now you get a ticket number. You can click though to the new support site and sign up to see your tickets and their status.

When you e-mail Cell Nuvo now and they respond, the e-mail will say "CSR-***" (whatever inquiry number they assign you). I only figured this out when I looked in my Junk Mail folder under "CellNuvo."
Hope it helps,

Click through?

mmFacemm, Thanks for your reply.

I got a canned response last week with a CSR-XXX (X= number) Heading but no info about a site to go to.

Their response is as follows -

Reply above this line.

Just confirming that we got your request. We're on it.

Now I see a "view request" that is appended to the end of the statement but, NO Instructions that I had to do this in order to communicate with "Support".

What lame-ass communications. Now I Have to Sign Up for a STUPID "Help Center". What a Fricking Pain. Just what I don't need, another damned log-in. Another layer of useless non-sense.

Would it have been too hard to explain that they now have a system that requires you click through a smaller text sized"view request" addendum? Then communicate with support through that portal?

You mean you actually have three lines with voice? How unfair! I had a phone interview and the line is dead. Then I had to freedompop VoIP.

Pretty soon they are going to have to offer tranquilizer's for gold lol