What's your backup plan in case CellNUVO goes bust?

As I did on R+ social a couple of months before R+ went bust, I am asking what backup plans people have in case CellNUVO goes bust (or has another 2 month plus outage).

Please keep this thread on topic. The R+ social thread was a great success with lots of ideas that ultimately helped a lot of people when R+ went bust a mere few months after that thread started.

Note that I have already read that lexusl21 has an emergency tpo sim so there is no need for him to contribute to this thread at all, especially since he promised to no longer disrupt CellNUVO threads or take them off topic. I also know that he would like freedompop but is confused about the whole freedom friends part. Again, mention of that is also off topic and not allowed here and constitutes trolling.

Freedom pop. But I need freedom friends

interesting enough question, but I choose not to participate in a thread that starts with blatantly passive-agressive behavior. (Actually, more like active-aggressive.)

We all can go to redpocket. We don't even have to move- just pay for it. One of the perks we have.

None needed.
The CN account was taken on mostly as a curiosity which soon after showed itself to be flaky.
My only desire is to be able to free that perfectly good phone from there for use elsewhere somehow.

Of course tello

Why are so many sticking with MVNO's using CDMA when Sprint is offering a full year of unlimited for free?

Why dig for gold when those two neutron stars collided and produced billions of tons?

Not everyone got in on that.

It's still available. START HERE.

No muss, no fuss. No daily account/usage monitoring, no ad interaction to obtain virtual currency required and best of all, no hand-wringing caused by uncertainty. Set it up and ride the wave. Done and done.

But at end of day you still on sprint. For me personally tmobile more reliable and faster. What is the sprint promo. Might be a good back up for spare phone

You're absolutely right. So little cost compared to what you get and the time you save on managing low cost providers.

I have been tempted to switch just because it is such a good deal. But I'm only using about 200MB a month on freedompop and I have 100 free international minutes available as well.

Exactly, Sprint has the worst coverage and the slowest speeds.
I would never use Sprint again

I am sticking with AT&T with freedompop

I don't know if I will come back to Cellnuvo at this point

Don't think it works for many phones currently on CellNuvo. So, for many, it means investment in additional devices. There have been threads here on how to get phones with little investment in order to get it to the Sprint deal, but they (Xfinity?, Virgin Mobile?) sound complicated.

Moto E4 for $130 works. Or a moto G4 for $110 from BHphoto. But yes most will need an additional phone which takes the price to $15 a month for the year. The hard credit pull can put people off too.

Plus I don't think many on here are heavy users so unlimited everything is a waste. If I was paying $50+ elsewhere it would be a steal. But if I have say a $7.5 plan with tpo or a $6 plan with tello it is hardly worth it especially when sprint isn't the best network out there. I actually signed up for it a few months back and have hardly used it. I plan to cancel it shortly. It was worth it to unlock a couple of phones.

I've already switched over to Xfinity Mobile. Ported my primary number to Google Voice. Wife didn't wan't to use GV so she's just using a new number on Xfinity and gave it out to everyone.

I've left her line on CN though just out of curiosity at this point. Will probably cancel it soon so I can do something else with that phone. Probably sell.

Tello for me.

Agreed. I think the hard pull deterred quite a few.

Tello.com has improved their plans and lowered their prices. Check it out.....