What's Everyone Using These Days?

Truthfully, I was glad when FreedomPop pretty much went away. I had way too many phones to keep up with.

I've also given up on Piranha Mobile. It's cheaper than Truphone, when traveling internationally, but it seems like they're always having to send new SIMs when things change in the back office. It became more trouble than it was worth.

My primary line these days is still a T-Mobile postpaid plan on a grandfathered plan. It's trouble free and is easiest and cheapest when traveling internationally.

My other most used line is with Visible. I've been very tempted to go all in with them but I have a hard time letting go of T-Mobile. Old habits die hard.

I'm still having good luck with the free plan on FreeUp, still have a Truphone line, am still having good luck with TextNow, and have the rest of my favorite numbers (used previously on now-defunct services) parked on Tello for $5/month/each.

I'd like to streamline things a bit more but not sure what I'd cut.

So what providers have y'all hung onto and which ones have you kicked to the curb?

Optimum free year. T-mo network. Don't recommend even if it was still available.

Net10 on VZW network SIM. Have built enough points for several years of service (on 2GB plan) at current points redemption values. Hope VZW doesn't devalue.

Under the old habits die hard heading - PagePlus paygo plan. VZW network.


Pretty sure FreedomPop is still offering this free plan.

Had Beast free plan. At&t network. Liked it a lot, was sad to see it go.

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Let's see...as far as I know, this is what I've still got functional or close to it. I'll restrain myself from wandering off topic into things I don't have anymore except (questionably) for the final entry, because unlike Redrotors I don't think I could do so without going on a rant...

  • I've got my lifetime FreeMii Blue SIM (from when they had to replace them all) waiting for me to get my Astro Slide and decide whether it's my next daily driver or I'm getting a Pixel 6a.
  • In the meantime, in my dual-SIM phone, I've got my FreeUp free plan for calls and receiving spam texts, and
  • For data, a Tracfone SIM with their cheap annual plan stacked through 2025, which I intend to switch back to the Verizon network eventually (currently on T-Mobile due to...screwiness).
  • My Smartwatch has one of the Wal-Mart Freedompop T-Mobile SIMs.
  • My dual-sim tablet, which made more sense when I got it, has a TextNow SIM, and
  • The one line I transferred to a FreedomPop "Freemium" AT&T SIM in hopes that someday they would eventually honor old top-up balances...but I forgot to renew this since April and now it's marked Closed and I can't; I've currently got a ticket open to see if I can get it active again without spending any more on it...with the allotments on that plan I'm not sure I'd even pay postage for a new SIM, let alone $10. Kind of a bummer if I lose that number, because I liked it, but not really a big deal since only immediate family actually had it.
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I use a T-Mobile Postpaid 2GB/mo data only SIM in my Pixel 3a to power 3 GV #s and a TextNow # (in addition to Messenger, Skype, and Viber), which also provides full LTE in Canada and Mexico, and unlimited 256Kbps internationally. I also have a worldwide DENT eSIM on my 3a XL with free data I got for referrals.

I have a FreedomPop legacy AT&T 1GB/mo annual prepaid plan in a Unite hotspot to supplement, and for use with other devices without their own SIM.

I have a FreeUp Mobile SIM on the grandfathered free plan in a LG Phoenix 2.

I have a FreedomPop T-Mobile Walmart exclusive 300/1000/100/30 days free plan in a Moto E4 that I use for listening to things while mowing the lawn, or doing anything else that might be a little dangerous for a phone.

I currently also have two Tracfone Moto G Pure phones that I got for $59.99 ($30 each), including a 1200/1200/1200/1year plan on each, just waiting for the 60 day unlock, and for which I also got Tracfone reward points that can be used to purchase other phones that can be sold or gifted. When the 60 days are up for the Moto G Pure phones, and they're unlocked, I'll transfer the remaining service to family member phones that I take care of, and I'll have 2 unlocked phones for future use on any network.

I have a dual SIM Blu Vivo XI that I had Piranha and Truphone SIMS in. Sadly, my Truphone SIM has only a few pennies left, and with no way to recharge, I'm planning to switch to a TextNow SIM, because I got a targeted offer (like many are getting) to get 250MB/mo LTE to use for anything, and then unlimited 2G speeds.

I have a Three UK paygo SIM that still has over $9 on it that I keep on hand "just in case".

I think that's all...

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I also use FreeMii, Red that I got under the "Lifetime" program a couple of years ago. It's my "daily driver", although they did have a recent hiccup where data got limited to 1GB for the month of August. It's really the only problem I've had with them. Hoping they get things straightened out. My back up is the WalMart GSMT T-Mobile SIM...Once I found a phone that worked with it, it's been fine (Neither of my Moto Z's would work).

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I'm on the Red Pocket annual 100 GB p/month plan (AT&T) , which includes 100% hotspot.
$37.50 p/month x 12 = $450 + taxes.

Separately, I've recently put several family members and friends on the Boost Mobile annual 5 GB a month plan (AT&T).
$14 p/month x 12 = $168 with no taxes.

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I am sharing the bill on a T-Mobile Mangenta Plan and have a Tello on a backup line. I started re-strategizing my cell plan this weekend so I've just moved my FreeUp from an old 3G flip phone to my iPhone and ordered a TextNow SIM to replace Tello.

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My wife and I are both on Tello. I also have backup phones on FreeUP (on their grandfathered free plan) and US Mobile (on their Verizon pooled plan), so we are covered pretty much wherever we go.

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