What is this Freedompop item Walmart is Selling?

There is nobody to ask at Walmart or Freedompop, so I searched around and found this forum and thought you guys might know.


It appears that for $9.98, you get 300 minutes, 1000 texts, and 100mb every month. But, that does not make sense since Freedompop's website free plan is for 0 cell minutes, 10 texts and 25mb. Maybe this is voip deal? But, didn't Freedompop discontinue their voip app? I don't think the item is old stock either as I can't recall Freedompop ever offering this plan.

I saw this the other day. Was going to ask if anyone knows.

Sounds like it is running on the native att network but can't be sure. Would be a good free plan if so.

Search for 'FreedomPop' on Walmart's site, and you'll see 3 products: the linked one, and 2 traditional monthly refill cards with different data amounts.
Taken together, my assumption is that the linked product is a Starter Sim Kit (as it's labeled on the package) with an initial pre-load for the first month: basically a trial SIM. At the end of the 30 days, you'd need to refill with one of the 2 refill cards.
The cheaper one is Unlimited Talk/Text + 1.5GB for $10, which is a pretty competitive rate if it's on AT&T network & not VoIP, and not terrible if it's on T-Mobile.

The confusing part is the package label saying 'FREE'. It's not like FreedomPop isn't in the habit of confusing terminology that can lead one to assume what part of it's 'free'. My guess is they're indicating the SIM itself is worth $10, and the 30 days/allocations are 'free'.

Interesting indeed !!
Thanks for pointing it out Kathie & KentE for your observations.

-IF- it is actually AT&T and NOT 100% VOIP (like FP has pretty much always been...) that has worked so poorly for us, here.

FP -is- so commonly misleading in their claims, and where it says 'exclusively at walmart' as well as 'free wireless service' makes me wonder what games may be afoot in that offer.

Of course, what with all the quaking now in progress with cellular stuff in general (mergers, etc...) one must wonder just how long this would even work after getting it.

On the other hand, if it DOES work around here & if it is AT&T, then it could be a better choice than paying for a year of Redpocket which gets almost zero usage here.

I'd love to know more about it seeing as it has no reviews there - and buying it, even for under $10 may be just a time-waster for us if done just to check it out.

Yes I think KentE is probably right since their "starter kits" usually just mean the sim kit and you buy the plan yourself. Free here may just mean the first month is free. Some of the wording implies it is a free monthly plan but I wouldn't count on that.

Hi there! Yes, this is a fully native experience. However, this is actually on our GSMT network (not GSMA), and it is indeed associated with a free plan! Should you have any other questions, feel free to connect with our support team via chat by visiting our website, and they'll certainly help get that sorted out.

Happy holidays to everyone!

So it is free every month? And is there anything we have to do or will it renew automatically each month? Thanks

Impressive - an affirmative reply directly from FP - wow !!

Doubly impressed now as it appears that I am mistaken at this later date.
Just checked here:

And it shows our little town & most of the areas I visit as having 4G LTE at minimum - SHOCKER !!

So I also checked a couple of my devices here:

And it says they will work...also amazing to me.

Up 'till recently there was only GSMT in about zero of our entire region, but now it seems to have bloomed...somehow - perhaps it is a great improvement & may be worthy of checking out.

EZ, did you have Sprint signal in your area in years past?

I ask because I spend time in an area where T-mo native was always no show (post paid T-mo could roam to AT&T in parts of the area) but Sprint had pretty decent coverage. Now in that area, with the right phone (all the possible t-mo bands I guess), there is now T-mo signal in pretty much the same areas as where Sprint had some coverage. There must be some refarming going on.

Greetings Redrotors !!
Nope - only VZ & AT&T here in VT with a tiny bleed through of USC from NH in a few places.

Something BIG has definitely changed.

Too bad it is the better part of $20 w/shipping & tax (maybe I should just add a jumbo pack of Charmin to reach free shipping ;)). Guess I'll ride the Beast/FreeMo train until it runs off the rails.

Given Freedonpops past history of their bag of tricks and charges you really don't want to give them any form of payment that actually means anything. I know Red pocket bought them but I approach them with GREAT caution.

Redrotors you've expressed my concerns with that offer just as I would have=>
Thanks !!

When any item has a shipping charge that is almost equal to the item's own cost - and especially when it could easily be 'shipped' via an envelope with a stamp or 2, that rankles me.

Also - silly as it may seem for folks who have access to a wallymopp supercenter that is only ~40 miles away=>
We rarely have any use for it & their web based stuff has just about the worst search function I've yet seen, so...
When I search for a specific item (correctly) and it throws up 400 or so other DIFFERENT things all scattered into those results, it is a huge turn-off & I simply cannot think of anything we may need from that place to meet their 'free shipping' requirement & I ain't going there willingly anytime 'till maybe...february !!

So it looks like I'll be enjoying just knowing that this may be a valid option until such time as it may be more reasonably possible to try out.

I've sent an email to FreedomPop Support, asking for more detail. Obviously, I can't find any info on this product line on FreedomPop's website. (There's a link to Freedompop in the fine print description on the refill cards for more info, but just goes to the main page.)

Of interest, the picture of the SIM Starter Kit has changed since yesterday, and the '/mo' shown on the product package is no longer there.

Since we now know the Sim Starter Kit is on T-Mobile, my guess is the refill cards won't work with an existing Freemium SIM. (But I've asked....)

Not surprisingly, there is already conflicting information from Freedompop to exactly is being sold at Walmart.

In response to my email to Freedompop about this listing, a representative wrote that 300 min, 1000 texts, and 100mb data would cost $9.98 a month. They did however verify that this sim is for T-Mobile towers and uses native calling.

She added that if I wanted a free plan, I should order the (AT&T) sim from the Freedompop website.

OK, looking at their site once again I see it still says:

Combine that with this=>

And the only possible offense remaining is their 5.99 'min. order fee' aimed at making you fall for w+, so now - as it happened here tonight...

I very suddenly became aware that a food item which we've gotten in bulk before (as we use so much of it) was alarmingly close to running out vs. my thinking we had another package of it...wrong.

I also knew that the big W has the lowest pricing for that of anyplace - so, after adding the desired amount to the cart - YAY! - free shipping & MAYBE that'll need to be returned - but can be done in person AFTER all the seasonal craziness has passed.

Finally - since the FP rep claimed here that it is actual cellular & NOT VOIP, and the selling site says this:

I've taken the plunge & risking 9.98 to find out what is real vs. what is NOT.

If you have a direct link to FP's AT&T based SIM page with a free plan, please share that here ??

Thanks !!

She just directed to Plans | FreedomPop. Correct me if wrong but my understanding is that sim use AT&T towers.

As the Walmart sim uses T-Mobile towers, my assumption would be that the top-up pricing and amounts would be different than the one that uses AT&T.

I'm thinking maybe just entering the Walmart sim card number into the Freedompop app will display the default plan's pricing and options.

Thanks for your reply Kathie !!
Sadly, all that shows there is 'freemium' with zero voice & 100% VOIP - so this is the usual FP double-talk OR just a rep who knew no better.

I'll have the advertised item in about 5 days & will test it to see if it is as advertised, or something else.

I've grabbed direct copies of the main image as well as the entire sales page, so if it turns out to simply be another batch of misleading BS I'll be able to show that for a return, if needed.

My curiosities are...
1 - If the TMob coverage is for real around here as it shows;
2 - If that offer is for real, genuine FREE cellular...or not.

Time & experience will tell.

Et_Z, the cheapest way to test T-Mobile coverage is with the Mint Mobile Trial SIM.
Currently $2 at Target Mint Mobile 7-day Trial Kit : Target
Same $2 at Best Buy
$1 at Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Mint-Mobile-Starter-Verify-Compatibility/dp/B0786RD524

...but none of us would learn more about the Walmart FreedomPop SIM if you go that route....

Super cute idea KentE - thanks for sharing that pointer !!

From what is shown at the big A in the Qs & reviews it includes TWO SIM cards for only .99 and free shipping for prime members - a great deal for a way to check it out.

I'm not too concerned that I grabbed the deal from big W because I know for a fact that there was exactly zero TMob signal in most of our region vs. what they show now that looks more like the VZ coverage...therefore:
If there truly is good signal in our town which had none a'tall AND if it actually isn't VOIP, and if it IS truly free, that will be very cool - and if not - I'll return it at my leisure.

A little more to add to kathie's info:
I've gotten a reply, and an update, from my email to FreedomPop.
The first reply, on Thanksgiving day (wow) confirmed that the SIM is GSMT (T-Mobile network), & that the included allotment is good for 30 days before expiration. The agent was not familiar with the 'Exclusive' Walmart refill PINs, but said monthly and quarterly refills were available, not viewable anywhere on FreedomPop's website, but could be viewed from within account management after activation. (Less than helpful approach, that.)

A followup email yesterday confirmed that the Walmart refill PINs are applicable to this GSMT SIM, and only GSMT Sims. Reading back through the wording, it's not clear to me whether other refill options (other than the 2 Walmart refills) actually exist. Quoted from one of the email replies, my comments added in parentheses:

"Unfortunately, we do not have additional information regarding this plan on our website as the SIM Starter Kit in Walmart is for GSMT only. As of now, we only offer a monthly plan for our Premium SIM card (the older AT&T product). However, FreedomPop offers monthly and quarterly plans for the GSMT account. But the plan you are inquiring about only offers a monthly plan. Therefore, the plan will expire after 30 days. You may refill the same plan if it is a valid FreedomPop plan. If not, you must purchase a new plan. You may see available plans for your line on your online account. It will not be visible on our homepage website as the FreedomPop GSMT is only available in Waltermart and not on our website."