What Are Split-The-Pot Rules

Have the Split-The-Pot rules changed recently? I don't think it's operating the way it's described in the website F.A.Q.

If rules were changed, what are the new rules?

Email support and please tell us what they say.

Thanks in advance

Lots of people here use the app, so I figured I'd ask here while waiting for a response from support.

Do you have any idea if the rules have changed or how it's supposed to work now? I can't make heads nor tails of it.

Nope and no one else will

Please let us know what support says. We all want to know

How do you know "no one else will"? Did all the CN app users give you permission to speak on their behalf? One or more of them may have useful information even though you don't.

I haven't swiped much of late, so I haven't observed much.
What do you think has changed?

It does seem that the app is updated more frequently than any FAQ.

I'm specifically curious about how the winning pot amount is determined. The values don't appear to follow the description listed in the FAQ or the Play Store.

Try support@cellnuvo.com

And let us know. Thanks in advance

Agreed. Other than official company representatives who post here on Nth from time to time, it's unfortunate when any one or two forum members take it upon themselves to speak as the authority/ies on pretty much any topic, since there could indeed be others with pertinent information to share. (One major exception -- nobody that I know of comes close to @Chelle when it comes to cooking and camping tips. :))

Regarding this particular thread, may I suggest (in my usual spirit of compromise) that both @KBOrtega and @realLexusl21 e-mail support and see who hears back first? That would make it sort of a friendly competition that might even help the rest of us once they get replies and post them here.

Kbotega's question. So he should do it. Imho

I did my support questions limit this month. I also relay important information received.

What's this limit all about? There's a limit to the number of support questions we can ask? Did CN tell you that or are you trying to be sarcastic?

I don't know what everyone's problem is or why cellnuvo has to attract these comments.

Until KBOrtega says what he actually wants to know and what he thinks is not working as intended then no one will know and the suggestion to contact support is as good as it gets. Not sure why anyone would suggest lexus contact support too or what the problem with saying kb should contact support is.

Not sure why any other user would know more than the posted rules either. They are there for anyone to see. Rules are not meant to be open to opinion. So this idea that anyone is trying to supress opinions is again nonsense. It is one of the few things cellnuvo has bothered to explain. It is working as per the FAQs as far as I can see.

I am not being sarcastic. I asked a lot of questions lately to support. So I am stopping for awhile.

Your nondescript question is best answered by support. Since most of us here could not answer it.

So when you find out the answer with support. It would be kind of you to let us all know the answer as most of us have shared support answers in the past.

Only fair of you. Thanks in advance

I didn't think there was anything wrong in my asking the question.

"I'm specifically curious about how the winning pot amount is determined. The values don't appear to follow the description listed in the FAQ or the Play Store.

"Please let us know what support says. We all want to know"

According to Play Store and website FAQ, Split-The-Pot values go like this,

To play and get entries just swipe left. Each day a winner will be drawn and notified that they won the Daily Split-The-Pot. Whoever wins the Split-The-Pot will win half the respective pot, the other half of the pot will roll over to the next game. The more users who enter the larger the pot!

That is not what's happening. The values from one day to the next appear to be random. So my question comes from the fact that what's described in the rules is not what's happening in reality. There have been so many other things with Cellnuvo that didn't operate as expected and questions about them have been raised and discussed. Even when no one had a definitive answer to offer, the question was still discussed. How is my question any different?

I am happy to help if you are willing to listen. There is nothing wrong with asking the question but you are extremely vague on what it is you are seeing that you say is not working as intended. Three people have already commented the same so it is not like I am just making it up. Without details then there is nothing we can do to help. And support are probably the best people to comment on the "rules" of the game anyway. There is nothing wrong with suggesting you contact support with this particular question.

Yes you've said this but it is vague. How are they not following the description? I don't know what you are seeing so please explain.

That is what is happening. If yours isn't then contact support.

Perhaps this is a better way for me to explain my confusion. Let's say today's daily (weekly or monthly) pot starts out at 100 (half of the previous pot). That's what it is before any swipes are done. Let's say, at the end of the day (week or month) the swipe count is 1000 total entries. Given the number of entries, would it make sense for the winning pot to have only increased to 300, with the winner getting only 150 pts. (half)? That is an example of what I see Happening.

How about an example:

Yesterday Diedrich_Duo won 230 points. Congrats! The pot was 460 and half goes to DD and half rolls over. Ie the pot is split in half (split-the-pot)

So the game for today began with 230 points and as people swipe the pot grows. Right now it is at 371. Say at 8pm Eastern the pot grows to 400. Then the winner will get half ie 200 points and the next day starts with half ie 200 points.

Is that not what you are seeing?

Well that was not what you were asking. Yes it makes sense that if the pot is 300 then the winner gets half ie 150. That is as per the rules posted.

How much gets added to the pot per swipe was never a rule nor ever disclosed by cellnuvo. It was at their discretion. So yes do contact support if you want to get an official answer about it. But yes I believe they have devalued it based on my own observations.

I see what you're saying about winners getting half of the pot as the rules say. I agree that's seems to be what's happening. I also see the rules saying, "The more users who enter the larger the pot!" That's what I'm not seeing happen.

Only for myself, some days I get basically zero ads so I don't try swiping much at all. Occasionally,I'll get a bunch of ads so I actually swipe awhile.If a lot of other users are seeing the same the pots would fluctuate pretty wildly I would imagine.But since I don't work for CellNUVO that's just an observation.