What Are Split-The-Pot Rules

It is true in the sense that every swipe adds x points to the pot. X determined by cellnuvo. So the more swipes the larger the pot. Unfortunately right now each ad adds 0.5 points (i think) to the pot so you won't see it increase with every swipe. But will every other swipe.

But there is an opposite force of the pot halving after each win.

If the first adds less than the second removes the pot will shrink even if more users enter.

And it also depends on how many ads rather than users. If 10 people swipe 1 ad each then 1 user swiping 20 will add more to the pot.

I don't get your point here, but this is what I know. Current weekly pot started with a pot value of 99. I know this because I had contest number 1. After completing my most recent 20 weekly entries (20 ads viewed), there had been approximately 600 weekly entries made (approximately 600 ads viewed). Yet, last I checked, the weekly pot total was 114 pts. That's 600 ads watched for a mere 15 pt. increase in pot value. Also, after completing my first 20 entries, the pot never budged (99 when I started, 99 when I ended). As for the monthly, after Betelgeuse's recent monthly win, 257 ads have been watched. Increase in monthly pot value = 1 pt. Pots are not increasing with every swipe (I presume you mean entry). They're not increasing with every other entry.

I hear all the suggestions that I contact support to get answers. That has been done. However, in the meantime, I see no harm in discussing the issue.

So after all that you are just complaining that points are low. Weekly pots are trash. It is at cellnuvo's discretion so if you want to complain lexus's idea to contact support is the best you can do. Funny he gets his head bitten off for suggesting it.

But feel free to discuss.

This thread started with a question. Wasn't meant to be a complaint. I've said more than once, I already contacted support. You posted some of your theories about how pot value is accumulated (like .05 pts. per swipe etc.). Then not knowing what or if others here may know or want to contribute to the discussion tell me contacting support is the best I can do.

Since you brought it up, no one bit lexus head off for suggesting contact support. Personally, I took issue with him taking the liberty to speak for anyone other than himself.

Would you rather I would of put

Imho after my statement?

You asked a question only someone who worked for cellnuvo could answer

Thus the reason you have not received an answer you liked

I am glad you emailed support.please share the answer you receive.

I have a feeling this is all my fault. My apologies to all!

You ask for advice and I took you seriously and gave my view. Not a shred of thanks. I've come to the conclusion you are just baiting me into some irrelevant conversation about jack all. Thanks for the time waste. I will not be replying to you any more. Good luck with your "question" whatever the heck that may be. It seems to change with every post.

I asked a question. I didn't ask for advice. Believe me. This thread was not created with you in mind. At all. Not once did I summon you to participate in this thread. You jumped into the conversation of your own volition. You want me to thank you? For what? Which of your posts do you feel warrant a thank you. Gaaah, NVM.

Without having contacted support, mmfacemm offered up a theory on how he thought the pots values were being increased. Maybe there are other people who have some observations they'd like to share too. Do you have anything else to share/ Otherwise, well, you know.

You are asking for a guess? I can give you a guess if you like?

No one knows what is going on with the question you asked. No one could

The ones who do know. You stated you emailed. Best wait for their answer. Then post their response. Then we can discuss it at length.

As far as inviting or not inviting people to your thread. Well if you figure out how to enforce that. Let me know. Many times I requested some to not post in my public thread
I was ignored. I think the same will happen to anyone

I guess that is what pm's are for.

Ok, I get it. Having made your suggestion, you have nothing more to share or contribute to this thread. Great and thank you. Carry on.

Here is my guess. Mind you just a guess.

Based on history with using the app. It is well known that the time difference for the company's app is much different then Chicago or USA

I guess that the difference in the numbers you are seeing is based on the time difference.

I have brought up this time difference with Stephanie and they know about it

Does that help?

Aigoo... Here is a thought. Most of what CellNuvo states should happen does not. In fact, if they say it will happen, believe the contrary.

1st example:
With the advertised rules, you are to get bonus points for matching a number. Busted - points are earned for every ad (even those worth less than 1 pt). The account does not show / refresh the main screen to show what you earned until you actually match the number giving you the impression that you "got a bonus". The proof? Swipe an ad and then go into your account details and refresh it. It will show points real-time there.

2nd example:
The match all pots are supposed to give a bonus equal to the amount shown. Possible - it works sometimes and sometimes you get nothing and the number resets to zero.

3rd example:
One should be able to make his daily entries (and weekly / monthly).

Varies- Daily = 50% chance, weekly = less than 10% chance of an entry, monthly = the proud and the few (I have accomplished this 0 times since the latest update).

I could go on but it's just too long. Feedback has been provided and besides a thank you and will forward to whomever, nothing has changed.

All of this tested on over 7 devices across 5 accounts we have. Needless to say, only one person remains swiping from time to time (me). The other 4 don't bother.

That said, good luck and please do post the answer they provide - if it actually sheds light into their methods.

I was going to start a separate thread asking a few questions about the way the match game is functioning. But just like the pot values, I think you've pretty much summed it all up.