Visible Party Pay - Create one big Nthcircle party!

Now that parties can have unlimited members I have created a party so we all can join one large group. So no one ever needs pay more than $25/month for service. Come join me new and old accounts most welcome!!

Is the minimum still 4 people?

This would solve the issue.

does this mean that if we have more than 8 its essentially free or we get money back? lol
Obviously a joke, would be nice though.
But I do vote we close the other thread and just leave this one open

I think you mean "more than".
Thanks for starting the party!

Yes you are right!

woo, the "nthcircle" group now has 4 members. Now everyone who joins is guaranteed $25/mo.

Yes not as much progress as I'd hoped but we are getting there.

With some groups reaching 100- 200 people there may be little point to this nthcircle group. I'll give it a little more time to grow but if it stays low I am going to jump ship as well. I see the future being several massive groups and all the little ones will fade into nothing.

The good thing about a not soo massive / known group is that you will not get soo many emails indicating someone wants to join (that's if I recall correctly).

I'd say a group with like 10 people has a really good chance of not being surprised billing wise due to some leaving.

I left Visible temporarily but kept my spouse's plan (it was just being wasted). That said, I'll be looking for the forums group once I bring back my line (probably soon).

Give the Nth group some time.

I've recommended it to several people who are in the process of signing up with Visible right now.

I think that not putting a cap on large groups is going to backfire on Visible. The whole concept of the group is to generate buzz. It there are only megagroups, the buzz is gone.

One wonders about the reasons why Visible made the changes to PartyPay, but the motive must have been to improve the Visible experience. Perhaps the fact that one had to join and rely on a small group of strangers in order to get the discount was a problem for some prospective customers, especially considering that if one or more members of the group decided to leave in any given month, the other members would need to concern themselves with getting new members to join the group. So having no limits to party group size pretty much does away with concerns about people leaving a party. Yet if one still needs to join a party possibly containing hundreds or thousands of people in order to get the monthly discount, what's the point of that hoop. Visible appears to desire the creation of a shared community experience, but seems to be a little uncertain how best to do it. Maybe the new forum will succeed.

I think the better solution would have been to raise the cap on the number of members to 8 or 10, with 4 remaining the minimum requirement to get the full discount

Agreed! Maybe even cap it to 20 but certainly not unlimited.

Up to 5. Come on guys and girls we can do better than this...

You should post in the other thread like some one else just did

I have a couple of times but it quickly gets lost. I don't quite understand people who are trying to fill their own groups without even 4 yet. Might as well join a more established one. Perhaps they aren't aware of the changes yet.

That or they think they can keep control of the group which is not the case as I understand it (anyone can approve or deny someone). If I am wrong, please do enlighten me.


1 person on that thread is fully aware of the changes. They say they have 25 people.

The owner of the group is the only one who can remove people?

Anyone can remove themselves from a Party.

I tried to look at your specific scenario: I don't know if it's possible for a group 'owner' to remove an individual at all. When approving a new member, party members get an emailed notice of first name and partial phone number. But after that point, there doesn't even seem to be a way to retrieve a list of your current party members, so I'm not sure there's a way for even the Party originator to remove somebody.

I also don't know for certain what happens if the original Party organizer leaves: my best guess is that all Parties are Zombie Parties, and continue indefinitely on their own, stumbling through the landscape as long as there is at least one existing member. (Any Party member can invite new members to the Party, and any Party member can approve new member requests.

It would be wrong if someone could join a group and then start removing people so I am glad that is not possible. You never know what kind of crafty person with some sort of weird agenda might get up to.