USTVGO - Gone :( Alternatives?

I've used sporadically over the years, mostly on my phone, was fantastic site, geo block free etc. I'm pretty sure it might have been thanks to Chelle in a post like this
BBC America - best way to stream + any deals?
that clued me into it.

Seems the site is gone now.

Wondering if there are any sites like it out there?

I've found a few that aren't very close to as good and most annoyingly none will play in brave browser background mode, often would listen and then bring up pic if it was something I was interested in, saves batt. vs. being forced into PiP.

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I'm still searching for a comparable site.

I have Sling TV but used when I was out of the country.

For sports you can use

I've used an app for many years called LiveNetTV that does what ustvgo does. Be careful of fake versions, though. Their website is

I seem to remember some problems with the fire stick version so I usually cast to a Chromecast from my phone if I want the big screen.

Thanks Chelle.
Yep, out of country, just geoblocked or restricted to home network were all issues at different points.

I'll check that app out. I've looked at some, perhaps similar ones but hopefully livenet is better & really appreciate the correct website info.

I had found streameast.

I saw a site called streamwink .com mentioned/recommended but haven't tried it yet, requires registration and I need to create a temp email, one that will be good for at least a few days.

I'm sure you've seen them, can't hold a candle to ustvgo & I did manage to get 123tv to play in brave browser background mode.

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Good info about Brave background mode.

I saw those websites mentioned on Reddit but hadn't had a chance to check them to see if they are safe or not.

I'll post any findings in this thread.