BBC America - best way to stream + any deals?

Wanting to watch a bbc america program next week (on live). What is a good platform to stream from and are there any decent deals right now including free trials or other packages. Thanks I don't watch much tv so all the different options are fairly new to me so any help would be appreciated! I have hulu and amazon prime at the moment but I don't think it will be on either of those with the basic packages I have.

I did use that uktvnow/ustvnow free things a couple of years back but when I log in it asks me to sign up for a paid plan now? Not sure if it even had bbc america on there.

It looks like Sling Blue, Philo, and Fubo TV all have BBC America. All 3 frequently have free trials (7 days?)

Amazon Prime does have some BBC America series on demand. (But not streaming.)

Also, YouTube TV has BBC America channel and should have a 1 week free trial.

Then you can use Chromecast to send to tv

Thanks everyone

I've got SlingTV and it's included in my base package. And they offer a 1 week free trial.

And Philo offers a free two day trial without even having to provide any billing info. You get two days by signing up with your phone number and can extend it to a week if you add billing info.

Thanks everyone. Slingtv worked out. Everything worked and was easy to use.