Using BoostOne App to get Discounted Boost Cell Service

Anyone here doing that? There have been threads about other mvno's that allowed users to earn points that can be used to pay for service. Never seen a Boost thread here though.

Just curious if it is still worth the effort for new users. Maybe it was before, but not anymore? Or, perhaps everybody here got burned from all those discontinued providers and will no longer even bother with the thought of earning points to pay for service.

Note - the app and all dish family of companies websites/call centers are currently down/experiencing issues - been down for a few days.

I have been using the app for several months. I have racked up $180 in 8 months. I have another account that has been on for 3 months and they have racked up $35. If you log into the app daily, you get 5 coins (1 coin = 1 cent). You get to spin the wheel everyday and get a minimum of 5 coins (used to be 10 coins). After 7 days of spins you get an additional 75 coins. So minimum weekly earn is 35 login, 35 spins, 75 bonus = $1.45 / week or $6 month minimum.

While 5 coins is the minimum earn on a spin, there is also a 10, 25, 50, 100($1), 500($5) and going from memory some larger ones as well - maybe up to $20 (I think there may have been a $50). I hit a larger one every other month or so.

You can also earn by watching ads (2 coins/add). They aren't always available. I would say I have watched less than 50 total. I only try when I have time when I log in for my daily bonus / spin (not even 1x a week).

Lastly you can earn coins from offers (i..e shopping/downloading apps/signup offers) - have done none of those.

While I say daily login/spin - it really is a minimum of 24 hours since your last login/spin. I have set an alarm on my phone to login/spin. Otherwise, you are likely to get less than 7 spins a week.

As far as redemption. you can only redeem it once you accrued $2 and you can only use it for the service plan (not for add-ons). When you redeem it, it converts to a credit balance on your account. I have redeemed some coins for credit, but have not used that credit yet as I am on the annual plan ($100 annual plan).

Thank you for the reply.

Sounds like for those who do not want to play video games, signup for offers, or download apps, one can probably earn around 7-8 dollars that can credited toward their service for the next month. Of course, Boost can always make it more difficult to earn points in the future. I am not sure because their site is still down, but I think their least expensive monthly plan is for $10 or $15.

App is finally back up and running. Looks like they gave everyone 50 coins for the daily login today since it was down due to the ransomware attack.
For spin the wheel: 5, 10,25,50,100,250,500,5000.
Here is my recent spin history: 5,25,50,10,50,25,10,25,5,10,50,10,5,5,25,50,25,10,25,50,10,25.
So it looks like it is weighted towards 10/25/50.
I hit the 100 about 1x a month.
I hit one of 250/500/5000 about 1x every 2 months. I have hit the 5000($50) 2x on my account I have had 8 months.
With that I have been averaging about $11 / month excluding any large spins.

Just for fun, I am trying out the Boost Mobile $15 plan this month. So for the 30 days, I will try to see if it is possible to earn another month just by spinning the wheel and watching ads.

My guess is that getting free service might be possible initially. However, Boost will then make getting points more difficult the longer I stay with them. No big deal if that happens as I would just discontinue the service as I did not port in my number.

Unless you get really lucky and have a big spin, you will likely get about $10 / mo, but eventually you will hit a big spin. On my account I have had 10 months, I have banked over $200 (for renewal of my annual plan).

On my other line I have had 6 months, I have been averaging about $12/month.

I will attempt to watch most all of the daily ad video in hopes of getting to $15 + tax every month. Should I find the task requiring too much effort at any point, dropping the service would be no problem for me.

Will be curious to know your experience.

Had good luck for a while w/Trac's NET10 but close to nothing lately and at this point I'm just hoping VZW doesn't cull them before we use up all the points, majority of which came from a few referrals.

May give it a try when NET10 points dwindle if you also have a reasonably positive experience.

Whether my experience if a positive or not probably depends on the app being reliable enough to earn points daily & Boost not lowering the number of points per activity.

In theory, just launching the app, spinning the wheel 1 time, and going through 25 ads everyday should be more than enough to cover the $15 plan + tax.

We shall see.

For my 1st month on Boost on the $15 plan and the using the app to earn coins, I was able to cover next month's bill 10 days before payment is due. Spinning the wheel and watching 25 ads takes me about 30 minutes a day.

There is nothing difficult about earning coins this way if you do not mind the time spent. You just have to remember to play no sooner than 24 hours after the last watched ad the day before. Boost allows a maximum of 25 ads during a 24 hour period. So should you play before the 24 hours, you will inevitably get mixed on the number that should be played and probably miss out on some ads.

Anybody wanting to join Boost in hopes of getting free service via coins should take advantage of their promo deals for whatever plan they are interested in.

Promo for $10 plan

Promo for $15 plan

Looks like data hardcap on both those plans?
At least reads so in the fine print, not sure IRL.

JJV not sure if you are paying $15 monthly/by the month or $45 for 3 month period (as in promo offer link)?

The problem I see with the $15 5gb promo is that on month 4 you will be charged $45 for the next 3 mo. service. I guess if you stick with it as JJV described in his experience you could build up enough of a reserve to cover it. Just some may not want to lock in for 3 months periods or get hit with a 3 mo. $45 charge if the app suddenly gets a lot stingier.

Yeah, I believe there is a hard cap for data on these 2 plans.

I am currently on the 1-month $15 plan. Since a person cannot earn coins without a Boost account, some sort of initial payment is required for the $15 plan. So if someone wants this same plan, they might as well get 3 months of service to start with instead of 1 month. And should they feel that this Boost coins earning system or the service is not worth it, just make sure autopay is disabled & move on after month 3 as Boost is prepaid.

If the 2gb plan for $10 a month is sufficient, I think there is no initial payment to get that sim. Plus, it would be easier to get a month's service as you do not need to watch as many ads to earn coins. Or, just watch the maximum number of ads anyway and build up your reserve of coins for use in future months.

My plan is to stick with Boost for now. Should at some point they make it much more difficult to earn enough points to cover the service, I will reconsider using Boost at that time.

I decided to give this a try, and I thought I'd chime in here with my experience and math.

tl;dr: As the others, particularly JVV, have said, for someone who has something they do for a while at around the same time every day, during which they don't need their phone for anything else (or have a spare device whey can use for watching the video ads) and can spare enough attention to tap a "show another" or "close" or "right, show me the next screen of the ad already" button every so often, it should easily be possible to cover the $15 plan this way after the initial payment; in fact, it looks like with adequate diligence it should generally be covered by the third week of the month.

As already commented, the "daily" aspect of this is not a midnight-to-midnight window in some time zone, but a 24 hour timer since your last time. As far as I can tell, that applies separately to your check-in, your spin (which has an actual countdown on it, so it's the easiest to keep track of), and to each of the 25 video ads you can watch per day. So if I log in and spin right after my spin timer ends, and then watch ten ads, and then stop to do something else for an hour before watching 15 more, then the next day after I watch my first ten ads I will find no more available until an hour later when the cooldowns on the remaining 15 start to expire.

Obviously, this means the 7-day streak counters for spins and videos can't mean you spun 7 times in 168 hours. There has to be some leeway in how long you have to continue your streak, because you can't continue it until the 24 hours are up. I haven't figured out - and I hope not to, really, because why would I want to break my streak? - whether you have another 24 hours, making the streaks effectively "at least every other day", or if it's the next midnight in some time zone after your cooldown runs out, in which case there would be some time of day at which it might be effectively impossible to continue a streak if that's when your last spin was. The former seems more likely.

This cycle also means that the time you're earning will inevitable crawl at least slightly later in the day over time, which will eventually result in a "month" having fewer earning days than actual days, when you effectively skip a day to get your timers back to the beginning of your earning period. To allow for this, I'm basically treating all months as 28 days, which I think should be overcompensating for this phenomenon in my case.

It also appears to me that because you can watch more than one video ad per day, but you can only spin once per day, the 75-coin bonus for a seven day streak of spins is in fact every seven days at the best, but you can finish a streak for videos and then immediately start the next one, so that you can actually complete a video streak every six days (after the first one). I'm not accounting for that in my math, and for someone really diligent about putting in their earning session at the same time every day it could effectively mean an extra 75 coin streak bonus every month, so that and the fact that you can get better than the minimum spin value just make the whole thing work faster, even before factoring in surveys or "offers."

I've done a few surveys, but there's always the temptation to go for the ones that show a large reward, and I'm demographically boring enough that I usually get bounced out of those early. Meanwhile, the low-reward ones don't seem like a good return on my time, especially when they aren't necessary to cover the plan.

I also installed a couple of games I thought I'd enjoy during the 4th of July weekend promotion where they were giving 3x rewards for offers, and have gotten a little over 500 coins by playing those games instead of doing other stuff for fun. One of them I actually enjoyed enough that I put a dollar into its in-app purchase for a perk that made it more fun, but that hasn't affected how many coins I got from it yet (I think it makes it slightly more likely that I'll hit one more milestone before the timer on it runs out).

Anyhow, the math is:
5 coins for daily check-in, 50 coins for mostly ignoring 25 videos, and minimum 5 coins for a spin is 60 coins per day. 7 of those in a row also gets two 75-coin streak bonuses for a total of 570 coins per week. Three such weeks, including the successful streak completions, is 1710 coins. Taxes and fees may vary by location, but for me they're about a buck, so that more than covers the bill. In fact, 23 ads a day would still cover it in three weeks, and averaging 13 a day (edit: I said 8 at first, not sure where I messed up my math) would cover it in four, even with all minimum spins. So as the others have said: until they start making points harder to come by, if you have the luxury of a regular enough schedule of applicable time, it's absolutely possible. But it certainly isn't for everyone, and there's no telling how long they'll keep the program going.

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Side note: Once you redeem enough coins that your account funds more than cover your next bill, the fact that the funds more than cover your next bill (and the surplus didn't just drain away to nowhere) appears not to display anywhere but your Payment Methods screen. That surprised me a little. I'd have expected either for it not to convert more coins than exactly enough to cover my next bill, or for my funds total to be displayed more prominently instead of just "you don't owe us anything for your next payment."

Like you, I do not know how much leeway the app gives you once 24 hours has passed. Not sure either about your theory regarding getting a bonus after watching videos for 6 consecutive days.

Anyway, I am kind of surprise that there is minimal interest in Boost.

For those who do not know: just doing the minimum everyday (takes 1 minute) will net you about $10 worth of coins every month usable towards any Boost Mobile cellphone plan. Doing the maximum of watching 25 ads daily takes roughly 25 minutes but will get you close to $25 in coins for the month. Numbers are not exact as spinning the wheel gives varying amounts.

Note that I am not including surveys or playing games as I suspect few people participate in those activities. From my understanding, the 3X promotion for playing games happens maybe a couple times a year. Without the 3X, playing games is considered as not being worth the effort.

Update: So far the pattern seems to hold. On the days I finish a video streak, I also immediately start a new one. I don't know for sure whether this phenomenon requires that I stop tapping "watch another" and let it pop up my streak bonus before continuing.

My first $15.99 payment since the plan started is on the 26th, and I've already accumulated more than double that and will also get another video streak this afternoon.

I need to go jump through the hoops to cancel my account with the game I downloaded for a 3x offer, now that I'm past the point where I'm supposed to get points for it. Or maybe I'll hang onto it until I hit what would have been the next milestone, just in case they still give me the $70 credit that I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be.

But it's one of those base-building games with a world map where you can get attacked if you don't have a shield up and PVP isn't opt-in, so I never intended to keep up with it. Kind of a shame. I'd actually probably rate it four or five stars without the PVP, but that automatically subtracts about eight.

Just curious if you are earning coins manually. That is: tapping the screen on your phone. Reason for asking is your username which makes me wonder if you have created a script that enables coins earning without ever touching the device.

Nah, I'm earning manually; it's just an occasional glance while I'm doing other things, and a tap on either the top right corner or the big orange "show another ad" button when appropriate. I have considered looking into whether there are ways to run automated taps on a device, but I haven't tried it, and if I did, I'd probably try to find an app that handles it rather than attempting low-level scripting of some kind. Thing is, I suspect that kind of thing would require a rooted phone, and it would almost certainly require permissions I'd be hesitant about, so I'm not sure I'd consider the downsides worth it in exchange for...having to pay less attention to my phone than I probably would be if I were expecting a delivery notification or something.

I still might look into it though.

I have a tendency for my earning period to slip gradually later in the day until it winds up being "can't sleep at 2AM" again, but I think I may have noticed that (at least since some recent updates) the ad cooldown might not be 25 separate "per-ad" 24 hour cooldowns anymore, because I'm almost positive I went from finishing my ad watching in the wee hours of the morning a couple days ago back to getting all of it done in the early evening yesterday.

I have seen where someone posted about using an app called Auto Clicker to automate interaction with the Boost app. Person however did not give further details. I downloaded the app to see if using the app was intuitive, but there is little in the way of instructions.

A different individual mentioned that using both the Android and Ios apps allows users to double-dip on the number of videos that can be viewed per day. The other aspects of coin earning (launching the app, maintaining a streak, and spinning the wheel) however would not be double dipped.

Boost has made earning coins much more difficult as they have reduced the limit of video ads that can be viewed daily from 25 to5.