Using BoostOne App to get Discounted Boost Cell Service

Anyone here doing that? There have been threads about other mvno's that allowed users to earn points that can be used to pay for service. Never seen a Boost thread here though.

Just curious if it is still worth the effort for new users. Maybe it was before, but not anymore? Or, perhaps everybody here got burned from all those discontinued providers and will no longer even bother with the thought of earning points to pay for service.

Note - the app and all dish family of companies websites/call centers are currently down/experiencing issues - been down for a few days.

I have been using the app for several months. I have racked up $180 in 8 months. I have another account that has been on for 3 months and they have racked up $35. If you log into the app daily, you get 5 coins (1 coin = 1 cent). You get to spin the wheel everyday and get a minimum of 5 coins (used to be 10 coins). After 7 days of spins you get an additional 75 coins. So minimum weekly earn is 35 login, 35 spins, 75 bonus = $1.45 / week or $6 month minimum.

While 5 coins is the minimum earn on a spin, there is also a 10, 25, 50, 100($1), 500($5) and going from memory some larger ones as well - maybe up to $20 (I think there may have been a $50). I hit a larger one every other month or so.

You can also earn by watching ads (2 coins/add). They aren't always available. I would say I have watched less than 50 total. I only try when I have time when I log in for my daily bonus / spin (not even 1x a week).

Lastly you can earn coins from offers (i..e shopping/downloading apps/signup offers) - have done none of those.

While I say daily login/spin - it really is a minimum of 24 hours since your last login/spin. I have set an alarm on my phone to login/spin. Otherwise, you are likely to get less than 7 spins a week.

As far as redemption. you can only redeem it once you accrued $2 and you can only use it for the service plan (not for add-ons). When you redeem it, it converts to a credit balance on your account. I have redeemed some coins for credit, but have not used that credit yet as I am on the annual plan ($100 annual plan).

Thank you for the reply.

Sounds like for those who do not want to play video games, signup for offers, or download apps, one can probably earn around 7-8 dollars that can credited toward their service for the next month. Of course, Boost can always make it more difficult to earn points in the future. I am not sure because their site is still down, but I think their least expensive monthly plan is for $10 or $15.

App is finally back up and running. Looks like they gave everyone 50 coins for the daily login today since it was down due to the ransomware attack.
For spin the wheel: 5, 10,25,50,100,250,500,5000.
Here is my recent spin history: 5,25,50,10,50,25,10,25,5,10,50,10,5,5,25,50,25,10,25,50,10,25.
So it looks like it is weighted towards 10/25/50.
I hit the 100 about 1x a month.
I hit one of 250/500/5000 about 1x every 2 months. I have hit the 5000($50) 2x on my account I have had 8 months.
With that I have been averaging about $11 / month excluding any large spins.