Using BoostOne App to get Discounted Boost Cell Service

What does this mean for realistic monthly earnings now? Max $5? $10 possible?

With adequate diligence, over 30 days:
30 check-ins at 5 coins each is 150
30 spins at 5+ coins each with four streak bonuses of 75 is at least 525
1 ad per day plus an extra every 6 days with five streak bonuses (because again, as far as I can tell, you complete your 7-day streak with your first video of the day and start the next with the second) is 445, but
5 ads per day plus five streak bonuses is 675.

So if you are careful to keep up with it every day, if my math is right, you're getting 1350 coins per 30 day period, plus...what is that, an extra spin streak bonus every three and a half pay periods? whatever you spin above the minimum.

So I believe it's no longer a guarantee just for keeping up with it; your spins need to average out to at least about 12.5 or so, or else you may need to fill in with Offers and Surveys occasionally. And the math is much less forgiving for letting your streaks break, which mine did while I was on vacation recently.

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Provided there are no other regular methods of earning coins, users will have to decide whether or not just getting a discount on the service is worth the effort. Instead of getting the $15 plan for free, the cost would be in the neighborhood of a couple dollars.

Another option would be to choose the less expensive $10 plan if users want the best chance of getting service without paying anything.

Could also be that Boost users move somewhere else. That Helium plan for example might be satisfactory until they inevitably raise their prices.

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