UltraMobile sweetens 3+3/ 6+6 offer

Prior promo info posted by mmfacemm here:

"Ultra mobile (works on tmobile and are the guys behind mint mobile. Ultra includes unlimited international talk/text vs mint)

Buy 3 months and get 3 free of unlimited talk text and 3gb data. $66 = $11/month
Or Buy 6 months and get 6 free $126 = $10.50/month"

Ultramobile has extended this deal, originally set to expire 10/31, to run through the end of the year. Right now, you can use code ULTRA to get an additional 20% off any UltraMobile plan, including these.

Which of the Big 4 networks do they use? Who is Ultra's parent company?

T- Mobile
Apparently, Ultra mobile is a privately owned company.

Interestingly, T-Mobile.com links to Ultra Mobile at the URL below (in sections: "Only pay for what you need." and "Visiting the U.S.?" Click on "Check it out"):
Compare Our Best Prepaid Phone Plans | T-Mobile Prepaid

Also, interesting to read in Wikipedia entry:

[i]"In August 2016, Ultra Mobile launched Mint Mobile (formerly known as Mint SIM)..."

"In October 2019, Mint Mobile started operating as their own company to serve customers as Mint Mobile LLC, which is separate from Ultra Mobile."[/i]

Yeah, it would be interesting to know what's behind the curtains at Ultra, Mint, and T-Mo.

With UltraMobile now being the 'official' source for T-Mobiles old $3/mo PayGo & tourist plan, there's a cozier arrangement there than would normally be seen with an MVNO.

Looks like the 20% off expired.

Still a heck of a deal, though. I'd buy the Ultra-Mobile plan, even though I'm not a huge fan of T-Mobile coverage here, if there was a longer window for activation. With 45 days, I'd lose several months due to over-lapping with my current plan elsewhere.

They also now have a 6gb plan at $14/month for 6 months, or $13.50 for a year. That's just awesome. 6gb is my sweet spot. I'll get this around X-Mas and activate around MLK Day.