Trading Post Suggestion

If feasible, perhaps a "Trading Post" category could be added. Possible sub-threads might be: "Phones for Sale," Miscellaneous Items & Accessories For Sale" & "In Search Of (Want to Buy)."

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

That would be great but hungry ghost didn't want it when many of us joined back in Feb. Maybe he will change his mind.

Oh, wasn't aware this was previously proposed. Is there a discussion link?

No problem it was a long time ago and I can’t find the post now either - I recall him saying he didn’t want to turn it into a buy and sell forum or something.

I think it would be a good addition to the forum. We are often talking about deals. Used bargains would be nice especially when sold by people who aren’t complete strangers.

I remember the hungryghost " not wanting it" post too, but I, also, cannot find the link.

Maybe I can buy a broken iphone X and other phones

Indeed: buy with some CN gold and swap it into CN. A perfect match.:slight_smile:

Maybe I only have 13 gold and can not use gold for anything

Hg is right. Possible if someone got scammed. Thrn they hold board libel

Thanks for the link. That declaration was made 8 months ago so I don't think it's verboten to revisit the subject.

HG even said he may be open to the idea in the future. I am not opposed to the idea but I would probably not use it either.

Requiring sales go through Paypal protects both parties. Products should have current photos of the actual product (not stock)

Ok so if a person's home is used for 2 other people to fight. 1 person gets hurt. Sues the person he fought with and the venue. Happens all the time.

If I bought a iphone x for $500. Then I get it and fnd out it was dropped and then fixed poorly. The seller runs away with my money. I ask website forum for ip address. If they refuse. Well they are responsible for the sale to even take place. Does not matter who wins or loses. Any one can sue for any reason

There is swappa, ebay. Ect. Why not just go there?

Well I am in favor.

If the seller runs away paypal will cover it.

Why here? No fees. Some idea who we are buying from. Kind of items listed would probably interest others on the board eg I have some excess redpocket sim cards.

For phones yes sites like swappa are decent already. But saving on fees would be nice. Also if people want sprint mvno phones they can be hard to buy from ebay/swappa since the meid needs checking. People on here know what they are doing.

Weak analogy.

Are you familiar with Paypal, how it works and the protections it provides to both sellers and buyers?

As a community, this is doable. Would not require extra work for Hungryghost.

You saying paypal lifts all liability from hosting site/forum?

I find this hard to believe. Maybe I should call paypal?

Legally speaking a laywer would disagree.

I can give other examples where holding hosting site is very real

Please do.

What is being asserted is that by conducting the sales transaction via Paypal, there is a clearly defined means of redress for seller and buyer.

As some very wise poster once told me. Dont like a board. Make your own board and hosts sales.