TracFone's Spin The Wheel

​​​​​​For those of you with TracFone lines, it is back and was more generous than usual!

Congrats! I've gotten mostly 5 or 10 point spins: 1-2 50 point spins.

Thanks! You are right - normally it is not more than 20 points. I just figured to see if it was up and boom! Almost landed on the phone too although I imagine its not going to be a flagship Galaxy one. Still, I will take it free if they give it.

Net10 has the same spin the wheel.
I believe it was shut down for Nov. because of the points sweepstakes offer they were running, on NET10 at least it was back Dec. 1.
Someone here mentioned winning a phone. IIRC it was a battle to get them to make good on it.
I got 1000 points 4 times in the past 10 months.

1000 points four times sounds awesome! As far as the phone, yes, I did get a situation in which I got some "Swag" but never got the stuff. I did not bother to claim it though - probably more trouble than what it is worth.

Yeah, keeps my interest up.
4000 = 2 mo. service currently on NET10 2gb plan.
I'm just hoping NET10 survives the VZW acquisition & the TF brands rewards/points don't go away totally or get devalued badly before I have the chance to use up the points.

Another 1000 today.

Nobody seems to have listed the direct URL is:

Or in the case of Net10

won1000 points!


I have won a total of 1055 points so far.

Well above my average.
Net10 wheel has yielded 7700 points in just over 11 months for me.

Still, nearly 4 mo. service on 2gb plan.

Sweet! Glad to see substantial wins! I have not hit another "claimer" but looking forward to keep trying!

Wheel gone from Net10 rewards today. Gone as in not just greyed out with "coming soon" banner across it.
Might have missed it but don't see a promo/reason like last time when there was a rewards points sweepstakes promo active while the wheel was paused "coming soon".

The wheel is also gone from TracFone Rewards.

Usually the promos are on for about a month. Sweepstakes right now on tracfone. Not that I trust them to actually award prizes. It is all very secretive with no winners announced or anything like that as far as I can see.

Hmmm, I'll have to look again on Net10 to see if there is a sweepstakes. I looked early today When the wheel was gone and didn't see one.

What is the sweepstakes for on TF mmfacemm? Just get a chance to win by logging in like the last one?

Spin The Wheel is back

Yep, since Feb. 1st (on NET10 at least).
Don't miss the daily scratch to win either, February only, won 1000 points on it one day. It was missing for a day or two (not even greyed out, just gone) but there now.
Good luck!