TPO - Unlimited Everything with 100mb LTE for $7.99 - Ringplus advertised

In case any one doesn't mind the ringplus association. TPO have some interesting new plans all with unlimited 2G data at 64k.

The best one in my opinion is unlimited talk and text with 100mb LTE and unlimited 2G for $7.99 plus tax (benevolent plan) with autopay

Right now you can sign up for tmobile or sprint but they are supposed to be sprint only plans. They are closing the tmobile side shortly. Whatever that means.

I agree---the $7.99 plan with unlimited talk/text is great. I'm thinking about porting over my wife's mother's feature phone from Tello where I'm paying $15+tax for the same thing( don't need the data ).

The $4.99 plan for limited talk/text users beats out (presuming no added fees, etc.) the Tello plan my wife is on. So, for that category of user, unless I am missing something, seems good as well. The unlimited 64k is good enough for streaming music which is by far her biggest use of data other than when on WiFi.

tpo charges taxes on top. No idea if it is more or less than tello.

Yes, that would be the question, what is the grand total. As we know, sometimes those fees and taxes can be quite significant!

I went through and was seeing $1.32 taxes for the $7.99 plan to take it to $9.32

About the same tax rate as Tello with no data in the plan (since tello doesn't charge tax on data).

I signed on to the $7.99 plan today for the unlimited talk/text, 100mb, and was charged $9.03, though that's the pending amount which could change. I'm in California and was surprised the tax was not greater. Death and taxes are certain---the "how much" of taxes is much uncertain, and , as "mmfacemm" has indicated, the " how much" is always "too much".

EDIT: Just occurred to me that maybe the lower than expected tax on my plan might have something to do with the fact that, though I'm the account holder in California, the phone is actually in and being used in Oregon and has an Oregon #, and by chance it is being taxed at Oregon rates. I have no idea how this works, but thought I'd mention it.

Why not cellnovo? Cant beat free. I almost did tpo. Although tedious. I built up my cellnuvo silver. So I am all set.
Did the googlevoice thing just in case. Plus easy to switch if need arises

I have a phone on CellNuvo. The TPO plan was for my wife's mother's flip phone. GV is great to have, and I have been using it for several years.

Can you do phone swaps and things like that online or is their online web portal pretty barebones?


Can you do phone swaps and things like that online or is their online web portal pretty barebones?[/quote

The web portal is basic, and looking around and using their search box, I found nothing about "swaps", getting a new number, or prices, if any, to do so. They do have the usual brief FAQ section, but it looks as if they encourage people with questions and problems to contact CS, which, like any CS, I've heard good and bad said. But my porting over of the simless flip phone was smooth and quite fast. They do have a social site page, which at first glance doesn't have anything to do with phone problems or discussions.I do wish they had some sort of call log info( Calls in/out #s, etc ) like Tello does, but for $8 a month I'm happy.

Need T-Mobile phone to use this TPO service?

No. Here's the link to the Promo from the Ring+ website:

So need an unlocked CDMA phone? That is hard to get.

I don't think that is the case. Just about any Sprint phone that worked on R+ or other Sprint MNVOs should work. I would suggest just running your phone's ESN or MEID number through the TPO check tool, and that will tell you whether on not your phone can be activated with their plans.

Does it mean that new in box Sprint phone won't work on TPO ?

I don't know--perhaps someone who does will chime in. Or you can just call TPO's CS and ask them. Or if you already have the phone and can see its MEID #, you could run it through the checker before opening.

If you paid full retail price for the Sprint phone it should work. Also carrier unlocked phones that work on both the GSM and CDMA networks will work (again, if no balance is due), these are phones like Nexus, IPhone, Motorola has some as well. Some great places to find phones are Swappa, Ting, C7Recycle - you want one that will work on the Ting CDMA network. You can even purchase CDMA phones directly from TPO...

Yes TPO has listened with the new throttled plans. Makes you take up and notice. Partner with unlimited and you get a great plan

I signed up for the cordial plan. Works well on t-mobile.