I know they worked hard on this deal and I was excited about getting to keep my top-up (I have $76 just on my personal phone, not including the rest of my family), but Ting is WAY more expensive than Tello:

  1. $6/month line charge
  2. No unlimited 2g after you use up your LTE data
  3. LTE data is $16/GB instead of $11/GB

I hate to throw away $150 in top-up money but I'm going to leave it all behind.

I'll move friends and family to Tello, one or two to Mint, and I'll probably put my RingPlus phone on Tello just to get in on the party.

I read that Ting has roaming built into their price. Can anyone explain the coverage differences between Ting and Tello?

I checked it out as well and can't make it work for me either. Even with the $35 credit, at best I'd get just the first month almost free and then it's $39/mo after that.

There is a way to make it work better.

It's just not the way R+ has promoted, that's all.

Now let the accusations of behavior that damages [strike]R+[/strike] Ting begin!

Boost, VM, Ting, Twigby all roam on Verizon for voice and text.
Tello, I think not.

I'll be the contrarian here and say I think this offer looks great!

If you have a sizable top-up that you can transfer over to Ting, I think it makes sense, even with the higher monthly costs. It's no secret that Ting's more expensive than RingPlus, but using this offer means you can get at least some use out of those top-up dollars, versus nothing at all.

I'd say try it out, and after you've exhausted your top-up/bonus credit and you still think Ting's not worth the ongoing monthly price, then you can always port out.

Oh wait, I think I misunderstood the offer.

So top up balances don't transfer over as a lump sum, but rather at a rate of $5 per month? If that's the case, then I take my assessment back. It's not a great offer. I'd still say it's a good deal, better than their usual new signup promos. But it's not nearly as enticing as I'd first thought.

With that said, if someone is less concerned about rock-bottom prices and doesn't mind paying more for Ting perks, like excellent (live) customer service, roaming, conditional call forwarding, etc... then Ting is a decent place to go. I've used them in the past and I enjoyed the service there. I'm also currently in the process of porting to them as we speak, which was my initial jump to port-out to save my numbers, before this latest promo/intro announcement. I don't know if I'll stay with them for the long haul, but it's a comfortable place for me to land for now.

Based on account (not line).
Mo 1: $35 credit
Mo 2: $5 credit
Mo 3: $5 credit
until it matches your total top-up on Ringplus for that account.

Not working for us either - for too many valid reasons too...not just the higher pricing.

A quick look here=>

I saw in the article mentioned at the old forum that Ting is a very young company & this confirms it;
Wanted to know the same info about Twigby & found it:

So it is also young, but less so.

All that said, I am not inclined to trust any path that the rp honchos want to decide on the users behalf as a default - even if the math was good (it ain't), one should do their own checking & choosing IMO.

Further, having done my own math on this, I posted my calculations & thoughts here:

The Ting math is not for me as well. The $6 just to have a line is off putting to me. I've already moved 3 lines to Tello( one still porting ) and am content with their prices and CS. I'm only losing about $35 top up on the 3 lines combined; so I am satisfied with my choice. And one can always switch carriers in the future.

After 3 months about 95% of tingplus customers would have migrated elsewhere. Ringplus customers like value and free stuff - not expensive plans with fantastic customer service!!!

I agree with Chelle. I am leaving behind $160 in top ups across 4 lines.

With the Ting credit, I might get 1 or 2 months free per line. After that, Ting is way more expensive than Tello or Twigby.

Most of my family used the RP lines as backup lines. In that case, Tello is a great great fit for us. The pay-as-you-go option is very inexpensive. And you can park a phone number with the $5 pay-as-you-go option.

I am the only one in my family to use RP as my main line. I will switch to Tello as my main line. Their unlimited voice at $15/mo is a great option.

Well said!

Nicely put! this is excatly why i chose Tello in the first place, no match for their plans and customer support B)

Two of my lines finally ported through this week (after a nervous several days wait). So, I'm on Ting now. I'm still awaiting my refugee credit, but a Ting CS rep assured me that those credits will appear after all the accounting is finished (after the great "forced" migration). I still have one primary line at RingPlus and one test line (that I don't care too much about). I'm letting those two port by themselves, so I guess I'll see how smoothly the transition happens (fingers crossed).

Hey, Tello rep, why are you pretending to be a Tello customer?!?

OK It came down to; migrate to Ting, or activate a new line on Tello.
Ting, offered a $35 credit,
1)Ting charges $6 per month for the line
2) Ting is postpaid,
3) Ting requires a credit card on file.


  1. Honored their $10 paygo offer.
  2. Tello is Paygo,and or prepaid. NO OVERAGES
  3. I have no requirement to maintain a credit card hostage to the company.

Hands down Tello won
After struggling off and on for the last 4 hours trying to activate my phone on Tello,
The light bulb went on.

!!!!!!! Tello has support!!!!!!!!!!!

I called, got connected immediately to the customer service rep, who had me change 2 settings and in two minutes I was up and running!
I'm a Happy Camper!
THANKS TELLO :slight_smile:

The math is not there for me either. But, I will take my free month with Ting (for our one remaining R+ now Ting device). After that, I will activate my mintsim sim card. One free month is better than 0 free months for us cheapies?

Not really. If you do PAYGO and don't watch your usage, you can get yourself into a lot of trouble.

Your liability for usage on Tello payg is limited to the the account balance you prepaid.

Your liability for usage on Tello payg is limited to the the account balance you prepaid.

Provided that one does not have auto-recharge for $10 or whatever enabled, I would think.