The solution to CellNUVO problems

I really believe this could work.

Those who really believe in CellNUVO should get together and buy them out.

Under new management and with far more resources willing to get involved without getting paid (initially), it should be easy to turn CellNUVO into a professional outfit, with great processes, working systems and usability, features and functionality that will appeal to a wider audience since everything will be conceived, implemented and tested by enthusiasts.

What do y'all say?

I'm in

Ok. That's the financing arranged.

Now who else is in and what can you bring to the takeover consortium?

I have an MBA and can likely run them better than they are now :wink:

But after two months of CellNUVO difficulties, wouldn't it be better just to "put a fork in it" and start fresh? By now, the CellNUVO name is somewhat tarnished.

Think it would make more sense to start a new enterprise with a good business plan, financial backing, a broad array of advertisers plus alternate means of earning airtime or phones (e.g. electronic couponing, web offers, etc.).

I have a PHD. No money to pay regular cell plan but I have to money to invest in a new dieing business.

Apple was a dying business before it began selling iPods.

Their assets are that they're in partnership with Red Pocket and they have an ad platform.

Their problem is they have very few customers. Buy them at a fire sale price, change their name, and relaunch.

Many here are already working for them for free - swiping, customer support, social media promotion, testing. I'm sure they could make all that effort go further if they were doing that officially and closing the loop.

I am still swiping

I actually think there is immense opportunity with the cash generating ad side of the business. If you look at reward companies like perk and swagbucks they seem very successful. Swagbucks indicate on their website that they have distributed $222 million in rewards. I've made a few thousand dollars with them. The cellnuvo app works well for the ad delivery and collecting gold. This part of the operation is sound.

If i was in charge I would go in a different direction with the cellular offering. The primary focus would be on the cellnuvo app and providing a range of redemption options - phones, gift cards etc. Expand to a tablet app and browser version. Instead of the current cellular arrangement I would arrange with redpocket to sell annual plans to cellnuvo (like what they offer on ebay) which can be offered in the store for gold. You redeem these directly with redpocket so cellnuvo no longer is involved in the cellular side. You could even approach other cellular companies like mintsim to provide a wider choice. That way customers can buy service but the whole cellular business and support is passed on to the mvno. No more cellular support issues to deal with and no more middle man issues.

The only problem is that it becomes less unique. But not sure how much of a selling point that has been up until now.

We lose the infinite plan but at the end of the day I think dealing directly with the mvno to sort out issues is going to be far better. Plus the annual redpocket plans are better value than their monthly ones. eg they have a $60 annual plan with 100mins/100 talk/500mb. So for 60 gold a year - you get service for the equivalent 5 gold a month.

Advertise in all the beermoney, perk, swagbucks sites and blogs and the number of customers joining will grow exponentially.

I still don't understand why ad companies will pay these sites but whilst they do profitability shouldn't be an issue.

By swagbucks you can only get 20~50c/hour but cellnuvo gives ~3000 silver=$3. Thats why swagbucks succeed but cellnuvo not.

I will get more than that by looking for quarters in Walmart parking lots.

Cellnuvo say they are profitable so it seems to work. The smaller numbers might work in their favor. Plus that is just for passive video watching on swagbucks - there are plenty of other earning opportunities on swagbucks like surveys. Cellnuvo requires more user input with the videos - so people aren't going to sit all day doing it. So you have a natural way to limit earning since it is more involved.

I see their prime asset is a clever idea that lends itself well to viral marketing (witness: from the beginning of this forum, there have been more activity about CellNuvo than all else combined) , and appears sustainable in the near term. (With both long-term & scalability concerns-- although mmfacemm offered facts that indicate I may be too concerned about either.) .

I see their primary roadblock is in finding a route that minimizes the need for involvement in all the minutiae of actually running an MVNO (at least while they have a small subscriber base), while allowing an attractive conversion rate from swipe-to-cash. (Hence the good fit for the MVNO-in-a-box approach, or partnering with someone like Red Pocket.) It seemed that the MVNO-in-a-box approach was working well for them previously, and only time will tell whether Red Pocket or Red-Pocket-plus-MVNE will work as well..

OK, so far we have:

Mark: Financing
Hungry Hog: Swiping
KentE: Customer Service
mmfacemm: Social Media Promotion & New Business Development / Partnerships
jamielih: Apple development
GadgetKen: CEO

Do we need anything else?

Don't they need a janitor?

Tom can stay with the company in a reduced but still important role.

If he declines, Karl is available.

No no - you seem to want to clean up the mess so you have to be the janitor JTSR71!

I'd be honored to accept such a promotion! I'm just not sure that I'd be good enough.

You are over qualified with a PhD from Harvey university lol

I failed to graduate from RingPlus Academy!