The end of cellnuvo?

Thread from another forum, I'll just leave it here for comments.

Maradona is the famous troll from here and Reddit cellnuvo talk

Take the source into consideration.

I'll just leave it here for comments.

Maybe that OP knows something we don't. At this point, it does appear like Cellnuvo is jerking the customers around.

Perhaps related:
Ringplus...ending was the 'short, sharp pain'
CN...the 'long, dull ache' ??

Jts knows how to troll.. that is his hobby/job

He is on here but just reads. He was banned more times then I remember.

IMO, Cellnuvo has turned into a joke. They should pull their apps and call it a day. Go back and reevaluate their M.O.

I don't read that thread and see trolling. I see consensus.

Well I am sure he will welcome you on his boards.

He is not a hero. Just a nasty troll and his posts should not be pasted here imho.

It can be read on his boards. People can go read it if they want

He never even used cellnuvo. Never talked to Tom.

Hg banned him many times. Why do you think that is.?

I don't know him or you personally. Just saying the linked thread made good points and some were spot on. Cellnuvo is a hot mess right now. I see no trolling there. I don't have reason to shoot the messenger for their message.

Well, many people who are susceptible to the troll he's been trolling for years against cellnuvo. Against cellnuvo users.

You want to go follow the troll savior then so be it. You been warned what he is.

Even a broken clock is correct twice a day

That is how trolls work. The best lies are the ones with elements of truth in them. We all know cellnuvo are having issues. Start with a few facts and throw in a conspiracy theory about ad providers punishing us because we abused the system together with a ficticious person cashing out all their gold and there you have one juicy post that has unsuspecting passers by wondering if the end really is nigh.

The account was made to troll cellnuvo and only talks badly about them. A real user would at least have something good to say at some point in time. This troll simply disappeared back to their cave when times were good. Sad indeed.

I don’t think the end is nigh but there is no doubt there are issues and users are unhappy. At least they keep paying out and refilling the swaps. It sure would calm the nerves if the ads started to flow again though.

Cellnuvo is a hot mess right now and I don't think any one thread is gonna have much bearing one way or another on the success or failure of Cellnuvo. Who really takes such into account. First hand experience is all anyone needs. Cellnuvo's recent practices speak for themselves and right now, it's a complete waste of time with no hint of improvement.

Agreed cellnuvo is a hot mess now. Tom is Mia.. not good

That being said most of us old timers dislike the trolls especially Jts


1). He personally has harassed
Chelle, Mmface,Kent, myself.
He should be arrested. That is abuse

2). Has posted lies on Google play store. Tried to get others here to do the same. To destroy cellnuvo.

  1. Has harassed members here in PM's.

  2. posted lies on the board
    Broke other board rules.

5). Hungry ghost had enough and banned him min 3 times.

6). Jts reads this board And is Forced to the non busy Reddit board to make nasty comments. Not even a man to show himself here.

  1. Not even a user.
    Not even once.

Attacking a lady is the lowest in my book. Especially someone as kind as Chelle. The lowest form of manhood imho..

The worst for me is the personal harassment. It should be illegal. I been thinking of asking a family member who is a detective.

I recently read a research article about small businesses.
The article indicated that 1/3 of small businesses with employees will fail within their first 2 years, and slightly over 50% will fail within 5 years.

It does not require malfeasance, operation of a pyramid scheme, skulduggery, or conspiracy, for a small business to fail. Most of the failures happen simply because the owner overestimated the market, or underestimated the expenses of time and money.

What does this mean if relationship to CelNuvo-- nothing in particular. But one could reasonably pick any small business, and predict their failure. At that 5 year mark, the odds would be slightly in your favor that you would be proven correct in your prediction. Your odds go up if you wait to predict the failure until there are signs of stress in the business model. If the small business chosen is in an especially 'at risk' category, or if the market is so small that aggressive negative campaigning could impact the business model, the odds of being "proven correct" about your prediction would go up again.

Example from a high-risk 'pool': Pepsi flavors. The odds would be very much in your favor of correctly predicting the demise of a new Pepsi flavor as soon as it hits the market.

I have great respect for CellNuvo and their business model, and their entrepreneurial spirit.

Their one big mistake was not anticipating individuals with copious amounts of free time, who swipe mindlessly 24/7, and then complain that they are not getting all the free stuff they are owed.

It's a shame how often well meaning concepts fail due to the greed of a few.


Please name one poster who swipes 24/7?

Also you would think cellnuvo would want that. More money.for cellnuvo

Not good business practice for CN to want the same individuals swiping through the same ads all of the time. The advertisers want to reach out to as many people as possible and would most likely want metrics on ads viewed/swiped.

If CN presented a vendor with 1000 ad views from the same dozen people, that is not the same value as 1000 views from several hundred people. A vendor would not want to pay much in the former case.

lexusl21 wrote:
"Please name one poster who swipes 24/7"?

Thanks for trolling the troll thread

Cellnuvo's current pains are self inflicted. It's as if they've fallen asleep at the wheel. While I find their current practices and recent statements questionable, I hope they don't crash.

Whether it survives or not is anyone's guess. I don't mind reading the speculative opinions of others. We all have opinions on the matter.