The $10 Bonus

I started printing coupons for my mother's line since she didn't have any interest in doing so.

Her account earned about $7 before the month rolled.

I subsequently earned another $3 and the $10 bonus showed up the next day-- even though the earnings straddled two different billing cycles.

I know that many are struggling with getting their accounts to credit properly but, big picture, FreeUP seems to be pretty generous in how they distribute rewards. Once they get the kinks worked out they're going to be very, very attractive for a lot of people.

I sure hope they're making money because I'd like for them to be around for a really long time.

Has anyone received the $10 bonus a second time?

I just realized that my account has accrued another $10+ in earnings but I haven't seen a second bonus.

I'm wondering if it might be a one time thing?

Or if, maybe, the bonuses have to be at least 30 days apart?

I've accumulated over $40 in rewards so far (including the $10 bonus) so it looks like that is a "one time" only thing. Would be great to have that happen after each $10 though! So far its been a breeze to collect reward credit, surveys seem to credit INSTANTLY, coupons seem to credit after a few days, I was getting credit for watching video's but that stopped for some reason. Loving the service so far, will be upgrading shortly once FreeUp works all the "kinks" out!

Maybe I shouldn't have posted anything.

FreeUp just took back my mother's $10 bonus.

I couldn't understand why her balance dropped by $10, a little while ago, and her rewards no longer show any sign of the $10 bonus.

Oh well. Easy come, easy go.

Ha! And now it's back-- but with today's date, rather than the previous date.

They must be doing some housekeeping, on their end.

They better put it back, NOBODY messes with our Chelle (or her Mom)! I was about to rally the troops and start a go fund me page or PM you so I could gift $10 to Mom's account!

My mom and I truly appreciate that our peeps have our backs. Thanks! :slight_smile:

My mother's $10 bonus is gone AGAIN. For the second time!

Since I had already transferred $20 in rewards from her phone to mine, her reward balance is now -$7.00.

What the heck???

You are not alone... ummm...I meant that both in the philosophical, metaphysical, spiritual sense... and my account had the bonus removed after I "pushed" $20 something to a family member's account previously so my balance is negative. :frowning:

As @Dietrich_Duo pointed out, it's that confounded Ma & Pa Kettle math at work again, I tell ya.

I'm not sure that the bouncing bonus situation is directly or solely related to gifting. Our second line seems to have had the $10 bonus (acquired over 10 days ago) removed, and then re-credited. (The chronological order of it's appearance has moved in the Billaway rewards report, although I didn't actually look during the time period when it was probably temporarily gone.) I haven't shared any rewards from that line.

Although I suspect it's a glitch from an accounting change, it wouldn't surprise me if FreeUP ends up with a policy that bonus rewards aren't giftable-- only earned rewards.

I can confirm Kent's theory - I have 2 accounts the received the bonus about a couple weeks ago it had been taken away, it came back last week/early this week and noticed yesterday it was removed again and has not been re credited. There has been no gifting to or from these accounts and the are completely separate accounts.

I am taking a break from participating until the problem get fixed. Daily printing of 2 coupons and getting zero credit plus missing bonus with no support response is getting old really fast...

Well, my mother's $10 bonus had come back, again, but now it's gone, again.

We're up to four times, now.

It's actually getting to be funny.

Makes one wonder who's minding the store, if anyone. My rewards disappeared, and I emailed support asking where the hell they went, and they reappeared shortly thereafter. But did support do anything? Who knows? I also mentioned to support that the many errors occurring on their website was not good for business.

I noticed the $10 bonus on our second line was gone this evening, too.

If you have two lines as soon as you get the bonus then share it with the other account. They can't take it away then. You can always share it back later.

I actually did that, one time, but they took it away and my mother's account balance went to negative $7. I was afraid that they'd charge her credit card so I transferred the money back.

And today, my bouncing bonus is back after a couple of days missing in action.

My mother's is still missing in action.