Just starting us off with a Tello thread for all the refugees who made it here. I imagine a lot of us!!
I have a monthly plan costing $7 and a payasyougo only line.

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Here's an interesting fact about Tello.

PAYGO: You pay tax on the FULL amount of your top up.

PLAN: You DON'T pay tax on the DATA & TEXT portion of your monthly plan.

So I read some post that said PAYGO tax is ~20% just like RingPlus Top-ups.

Good to know on the plan, so subscribe to text and data to avoid tax. Calling using PAYGO and pay tax. Good plan!

Yes to avoid unnecessary tax, don't use your PAYGO balance for text or data.

This is for me and I'm in California. I can't speak for everybody's specific jurisdiction. You can figure it out yourself by choosing the options and seeing the tax before checking out.

Btw, my tax is about 13%. Everybody's will differ.

Someone with the username TelloMobile (presumably a Tello employee) posted some apparently useful comments in the "Quick and painless port out to Tello US" thread on the RingPlus forum. But naturally, the "helpful" RingPlus moderators banned that user and deleted the comments before I could read them. All I can see now is someone else thanking them for the information. Did anyone else happen to catch that info before it was deleted?

I am SO GLAD that hungryghost isn't going to make this forum suffer that sort of censorship.

Wow, does that mean R+ stand to gain financially from Ting porting?

Or is it just the usual case of a misguided R+ mod?

The helpful RingPlus mods would have only banned the person if he or she were spamming non-Tello related threads with Tello info and ignored a written warning to stop doing that.

Since the mods talk about every ban and usually involve R+ staff-- and since we never talked about that person-- I doubt it was a mod who banned that user.

-Helpful Chelle

Thanks, @Chelle... I've always trusted the Mods at RP. It really is a thankless task to moderate forums. :slight_smile:

I wish I knew what Tello information was posted then deleted.

Who knows? Both/either, I guess. Anyway, I have three lines porting into Tello (started Friday and Saturday) that are still in "Porting in" status so I'm just looking for information anywhere I can find it.

You mean like the "written warning" I supposedly received when I was banned? The ONLY message I ever got from a moderator was a private message from KentE on October 27th about movinng one of my messages from one thread to another. I NEVER got ANY messages or emails from ANY moderator (or anyone else at RingPlus) when I was banned on January 30th, either before or after it happened.

I'm just telling you how the mods ban users.

If you were banned by a staff member then it's certainly possible that they put you in the express line.

It is definitely difficult to moderate forums when you also wish to be an active participant in them.

There's a reason why judges don't also play the role of a prosecuting or defending attorney.

Across all forums that I've participated, most issues with mods are when mods are more than just minor participants. Claiming that there are safeguards in place for banning people when the decision makers share the same biases, means there were actually no safeguards. No insult intended but the people who framed the system do not come from the same intellectual tradition as the founding fathers.

I don't think Karl understood this. There is no reason to suppose he should. Or he may have been entirely happy with it due to understandable bias.

That wish somewhat contradicts your first statement.

I don't think you should have been banned, but if it is true that if it was a R+ staff member who banned you, then I personally would be forgiving of that person's actions.

It's understandable for a R+ employee to lose patience, more so given the recent and current situation. I have admiration for their courteousness and sympathy for the position they were put in. I know you do too.

I also think that even the volunteer mods mostly had good intentions. But what went wrong there is another thread.

I'm pretty sure it was a moderator (jamielih). If you want to look for yourself at you'll see that I was in a discussion with jamielih at the time. At 8:40 pm (while I was writing a reply to one of his messages) he posted a message replying to someone else saying that further comments on the subject were off-topic and might have further consequences. At 8:41 pm he posted another message replying to yet another person saying the same thing. (Neither of those messages were addressed to me and in fact quoted the other people to whom he was replying.) At 8:43 pm (without having yet seen either of his messages) I pushed the button to post my message. Less than a minute later I refreshed my screen to see if anything else new had been posted and found that I had been banned (and saw his two new messages for the first time). So I'm convinced jamielih banned me on the spot, without having time to consult anyone else, and without waiting a reasonable time for people to see his warning, just because I annoyed him.

Hey Widsith, you're entitled to your opinion. :woohoo: :lol:

You'd better watch out, that statement is a violation of the TOS! Wait, never mind, I forgot where I was for a moment. :evil: :silly:

From what I gathered from members who did see the message from @TELLO, it was a message to reassure the members on the "Quick and Painless Porting to Tello" thread that Tello was working on their ports and it might take them longer than usual due to the high demand, pretty much what Tello had posted on there website. One member mentioned that she had called Tello to be sure that the port would be completed before Feb. 11th and they said yes it would. That's what I read.:dry:

Thanks for letting us know!

Hey... didn't mean to not respond to your comment. :slight_smile: I don't think it contradicts my first statement because I have pretty much trusted the volunteer mods on RP Social, and I've never had anyone really take issue with my posts. Maybe if a staffer felt Tello was going to infringe on the Ting deal... they may have deleted the post. Either way... I do have to move somewhere like everyone else so I'm interested in all the options.

Ting's offer may be the easiest as far as the porting; however, I think there is some contradicting information... first, we are told they cannot stack referrals, but I read where they say they can. When did that change? Secondly, I'm told that we will get use of our Top Ups until depleted... but according to their blog, it will end after 3 months which is impossible for me to do with $306.31 to use up in $5 increments. :unsure: