Tello is your go-to provider if you want to:⁠

Tello is your go-to provider if you want to:⁠

🧾️ lower your phone bill⁠

💰 save money ⁠

📶 have amazing 5G/4G LTE service ⁠

📞 have 24/7 awesome Customer Support ⁠

🤸 join the most flexible mobile provider


I couldn't agree more!


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I still have 2 lines with Tello and still recommend them to many people.


Thank you, Chelle!
We really appreciate your enthusiasm for our service! :heart_eyes:


Thank you, MobileGuru!

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Your pricing is very good but it's your customer service that makes me recommend you guys. Don't ever lose that great customer service!

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Hello Georgiana_Tello

Am I correct about the following :

Tello offers an unlimited talk/text/data plan at $29 p/month + taxes , with the first 25 GBs of data being at LTE speed, and after that speeds are reduced to 64 kbps.

If the above is correct , how does this compare to the competition?

Boost, on AT&T, has a 35GB/30 days plan for $25/30 days, paid $300/360/days. 512Kbps after the 35GB.

mobileX, on Vzw, has a $25/30 days 30GB/30 days plan with 512Kbps throttle thereafter.

Price for the above is + applicable taxes/fees, based on home location.

Metro by T-Mobile is $25/30 days for unlimited everything.

Visible, owned by Vzw, is $25/30 days for unlimited everything, and includes unlimited hotspot.

US Mobile, on Vzw or T-Mobile, has a $25/30 days 30GB/30 days plan with 1024Kbps throttle thereafter.

Price for above 3 is taxes/fees inclusive.

I'd say all of those listed above are arguably better than the Tello $29/30 days unlimited offering.

(Posting same thing again... forgot that Nth Circle doesn't completely delete! So here's a little deja vu for you... :grinning:)

My wife and I are both happy Tello clients. Ported my wife's number over last year from Boost (completed in less than a minute!), and I've been with them for over 5 years. They may not offer the most data for the least $$, but if you have good T-Mo coverage I still think they're the best because of three things that set Tello apart (IMHO) from most other carriers:

**FIRST, they have stellar 24/7/365 customer service. You can actually speak with a live and helpful service rep whenever you need one, and 99% of the time they are able to quickly and efficiently take care of whatever needs to be addressed. The only caveat is that their porting department technicians do not work on weekends, so it's best to initiate ports on a Monday or Tuesday in case you need assistance.
**SECOND, they don't roll out new features (eSIM, etc.) until they are absolutely certain they will work, unlike many other carriers. Great that they work the bugs out beforehand!
***And THIRD, if you're not on an unlimited plan, Tello lets you roll over your unused minutes and data if you renew early -- even the day of, if it's before the timing window shown on your account. I've been doing this for quite a while, and now my "500MB" plan has accumulated over 15GB. Nice!

Granted, many folks here on Nth are tech savvy high data users and great at DIYing, but Tello has been terrific for this thrifty "tech immigrant" who needs occasional assistance. Highly recommend!!!

P.S. Nice to see your posts here, @Chelle ! Glad you are still a Tello subscriber, too.


Boz: "Price for above 3 is taxes/fees inclusive."
"I'd say all of those listed above are arguably better than the Tello $29/30 days unlimited offering."

I agree, and would like to add a fourth to your list: Cricket's annual truly unlimited LTE plan which comes in at $30 with no taxes vs Tello's "unlimited" $29 plan (25 GB's LTE, and 64kbps there after) , which comes in over $30 after taxes.

And another question for Georgiana_Tello:
Have you ever tried using 64 kbps speed on the internet?

I'm tech savvy and would still go with Tello because they are all around the best option.

The only reason I'm not is that I am grandfathered on unlimited lines directly with T Mobile for about $17 per line after tax.

If not for that, I would go with Tello because Tello would enable me to change plans as needed depending on usage.

And they are probably #1 when it comes to customer service and their prices are fair and extreme value for money.

Don't know if you meant it like that, but this comes across as unnecessarily confrontational.

If you have an issue with the speed, maybe explain constructively what the speed lets you and does not let you do. I am sure Tello has good reason eg constraints from T Mobile for offering what they do but only constructive comments will help them understand and consider changes. Tello attempts to offer the best all around value for money and also need to be profitable themselves.

If they don't offer what you need, go somewhere else. I hope this forum does not devolve into the same unseemly nitpicking greed over a $ here and there that has been here before. There are plenty of greedy and deceptive companies out there. Tello is a gem and we should be welcoming their presence here.


Hi Sean,

Indeed, after the use of 25GB at full speed, the speed will throttle down to 2G.
The 2G speed can reach a maximum of 512KBs, depending on the area where the service is used.

We are so happy to hear this!
Thank you for choosing Tello!

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This is a serious question. Why do so many people and reports on various forums and service comparison sites report that Tello's throttled speed is "up to 64Kbs"?

To add another data point, Tello support previously said, "2G speeds are in the area of 128kbps", and replies to that information say the throttled speeds are actually only 64Kbps. See: Reddit - Dive into anything

Also, What you can actually do with 2G? - says, "If you are a Tello client your 4G LTE data speed will be throttled to 2G (64kbs speed)."

Is this "2G speed can reach a maximum of 512KBs, depending on the area where the service is used" that you stated listed on the Tello website? Thanks.

Thank you Boz for pointing out that this is indeed a serious question, which is why I asked Georgiana-Tello if she had ever tried using the internet @64Kbps. I have tried but to no avail.

And another serious question is one that you just asked of Georgiana-Tello: *Is this "2G speed can reach a maximum of 512KBs, depending on the area where the service is used" that you stated listed on the Tello website?

Here's what prepaidcompare says:

Georgiana_Tello, please let us know when you get a chance. Thank you.

Hello again team,
Sorry for this late reply. I was checking the exact details with our provider and our Technical Team.

Here we have the confirmation from them:

With Tello, the maximum 2G throttle speed you can reach is 64 KBs.

I am sorry for the information mentioned above, I found an older and general source.

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Georgiana_Tello, you might want to talk to your management about this. ALL of Tello's competitors that include throttled data offer at LEAST 128Kbps throttle, and as I posted above, a number of competitors have higher throttled speed. Tello is good in a lot of ways, but the 64Kbps throttle speed is not one of them.

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A little over a year ago , I got a 3 month Tello unlimited promotional plan, and was using it during a journey across 4 states. After running out of LTE data, I couldn't use the internet in any of the states. Sometimes I'd connect but only momentarily ( a few seconds). Luckily, I had another cell phone with me from another carrier and was able to complete my business.

But can you imagine if I had been a neophyte completely buying into Tello's "Unlimited Data" claim, and needed data to do important business after reaching the LTE data threshold?

So many MVNOs claim unlimited data but then throttle your data to a barely usable 128 kbps after reaching the LTE data limit. I believe this to be a shady practice, but to throttle data down to an unusable 64 kbps is .....

Please do report back to us if Tello management will be changing this unacceptable business practice.