Tello 6-month promo, 2GB/mo, $42- $49

Tello has a promo offer on Stack Social

$49 buys 6 months of unlimited talk/text + 2GB. (normal Tello cost $14/mo).
Use code BFSAVE15 to drop the price to $41.65. ($6.94/mo.)

Fine print:
Offer available until 11/21.
New users only. (In the past, Tello has allowed similar offers for 'new lines', even if you have an account, but no guarantees that will still work.)
30 days to redeem and activate.
Credit balance applied to your account with the special rate for this plan. You can't change plans without losing the balance.

I did a Tello/Stack Social promo some time ago. The redemption process took several steps, but worked fine following the directions provided in the confirmation email.

If you decide to do this, stop in at the Referrals thread and find a referral code to get $10 Tello Dollars in your account.
(Honestly, I don't know if this will work or not with this plan, but it can't hurt to try.)

Let's do hope "new user" and "new line/account" will still hold as equal for this good offer. I wonder if one can use one's referral code from one existing account for one's new account or line? Probably shouldn't even think about going there.

The Tello promo has been extended for 6 days. I think that makes it until 11/27.

The Tello 6 month deal is now only $29.40 with the promo code, but I just tried to purchase the plan and the promo code was rejected. Others on the SD thread experienced the same, but I think the deal has a few more hours before it ends and hopefully the promo code bug will be fixed before then.

Just saw now the deal has expired---oh well.

I was able to purchase this Tello 6 month deal today using code BFSAVE20 and I got another $5 off by paying with Paypal---so $34.20 total. I will try to get the $10 using a referral code as well.

UPDATE: When I activated the plan, all went well apart from my not being able to use the referral code from a member of this forum. After I inputted the referral or redemption code given to me from StackSocial, there was no way or option to input the member's referral code as far as I could see. So stacking discount codes or using more than one is not permitted for this promo plan, but it's still a great deal. I was afraid to input the member's referral code first and then possibly be left helpless with my Stack social code unable to be used.

Edit: Forgot to mention I was charged an additional $1.50 tax by Tello, which is not bad for 6 months, if that was the total for the entire 6 months. Oh, and I only used a new email address to create a new account while using the same name, billing address, and payment method as listed on my other Tello accounts. Here are the instructions from StackSocial:

Unlimited talk&text, plus 2GB/month of data for 6 months
By: Tello
License Code:

Your codes must be redeemed within 30 days.

Please follow the steps below to redeem your purchase:

Click the Redemption Link above
Make sure the unlimited talk&text+2GB/month bundle is selected and hit “I want this plan”
Create your account with by clicking Create a new account.
Enter your name, email address, and password
Click to agree the terms and conditions
Click Join Tello
Copy and Paste the above Serial Code into the Coupon Code Field
then you scroll down and click on "Get started" in the "Keep your old phone" section
You will then need a phone ESN to bring to Tello
After you click "check ESN", scroll down, click on "No, I want a new number from Tello"
Click "Continue"
Finish checkout details (address and coverage data)
click apply coupon code, the total due will be $0 and will validate that this plan is for free for the first 6 months.
click finalize order You’re all set! You’re now subscribed to Unlimited talk&text, plus 2GB/month of data for 6 months.
Questions, concerns? Our support team is happy to help!

Tello's 6-month promo deal is still being offered on Stacksocial with 20% off using promo code SOFTWARESAVE

Deal is on again for $49 with 20% off from Stack social ( Code: 20SAVE20 ). Also, it looks as if SS will give another 10% off via Facebook messenger to those with a Facebook account. Not sure though.

Tello brought back the unlimited data plan. 39.00 per month unlimited min text data

After 25gb it is their usual 2g speeds.

...and you get to use mobile hotspot too!!!

Tello 6-month $49 plan is running for 4 more days on Stack Social but is not discounted as heavily as in the past. It appears those with Facebook Messanger accounts can get 10% off and others "might" be able to get 15% off with code FB15OFF.

This plan is back for 5 days with 15% off with code "PRESIDENT15" plus 10% off for Facebook Messenger accounts.

Edit: Deleted some erroneous information.

New tello users only. Has anyone successfully added to an existing tello account any tello promo specifically requiring new tello users only?

I got this plan some months ago but just set up another account with a different email account. I did use the same billing address and Paypal account as on my other accounts. But since Tello now allows consolidating different existing plans into one account, one would think a "new" promo plan would be allowed into an existing account. Probably best to contact CS to find out for sure since one has to call them anyway to place existing accounts into one family account. When I set up this 6-month account on the Tello website, I got the discounts from Stack social but was not given the option to use a Tello referral on top of that, FWIW.

How do you add the FB Messenger 10%? After successfully adding the 15% off President15 it doesn't allow any additional place to enter another discount. (Neither the Facebook nor the SS cash back.)

I can't speak to the Facebook messenger 10% since I don't have a Facebook account. The $ 10 cashback you receive from SS for a first time purchase and it's not a discount received from Tello. I suspect the 10% discount from FB would somehow be received from within SS. So when setting up the plan on Tello, only 15%( 20% when I did it) will be deducted. I might add, that I received a $5 coupon from PayPal when I used it to pay Tello, but that might not be the case now. Also, as I mentioned above, Tello offered no option to use a Tello referral code when setting up and paying for this plan.

Edit: I didn't pay Tello as stated above, but rather got $5 PayPal coupon when I paid SS for the plan. OOps.

Where does the idea that their might be a 10% FB Messenger discount come from?

There is a blue bubble on the bottom of the above linked page, which says “get 10% off” and when clicked informs about FB Messenger discount.

For some reason I'm not seeing the blue bubble.

Also, I see there's a 10% discount for a first-time purchase; I don't see any $10 discount. (Percent, not dollars.) And even the 10% I don't seem to be able to stack on top of the President15 15% discount.

Sorry, You're correct, it's 10% off for first purchase, although when I got the plan I believe I got a $10 bonus offer for opening an SS account, which is evidently not offered now. I edited my post above that contained incorrect info.
Please see the 4th post on the beginning page of this thread.

"stacking discount codes or using more than one is not permitted for this promo plan, but it's still a great deal. I was afraid to input the member's referral code first and then possibly be left helpless with my Stack social code unable to be used."