Tello 50% off any plan for 3 months and a free sim - new customers/new lines

No code required just join. I haven't been able to get the free sim to work yet. I'm sure they will fix that soon. Fixed

Use a referral for an extra $10

Appears you must pay for 3 mo. (@ 50% off) to get SIM?

No just first month. if you want to carry on for 2 more months at 50% off the plan you can but no requirement to do so.

15offaff works for an extra 15% off the 1st month. New customers

Tello has extended their half-off first-3-months offer through March 15. New accounts are on GSM/T-Mobile, and I believe the SIM is still included free with this offer.
If you're a new customer, don't forget to grab a referral code from the referral thread. (Brings 10 Tello Dollars to pay for plan, for both you and the person who's code you use.)

Wonder if you can use a Galaxy Watch. :slight_smile: