Super Silver Guide and FAQ

Hello Everyone! As per the many "Thank You"s I got from this comment, I have decided to create a section for those of us who want more than the usual "Quick Silver" options from CellNUVO. To organize all of this information better, instead of putting all of this information into one massive Original Post, I have decided to divide it into 3 separate sections.

  1. Super Silver Guide and FAQ
  2. Super Silver Offer Reference [Comments Disallowed]
  3. Super Silver Suggestions

Brief Description:

  1. This thread is for any and all questions relating to super silver as well as the initial guide.
  2. "Super Silver Offer Reference" has purpose behind comments being disallowed. That thread will serve as a master list of "super silver" offers verified by myself or other members of this forum as "worthwhile" to participate in. As it stands, this forum only allows the most recent comment of a thread to be edited. Therefore I wont be able to update that list if any user replies in that thread.
  3. "Super Silver Suggestions" will serve as the comments and additions/removals towards the "Super Silver Offer Reference" thread. Any user also at anytime may PM me for an addition/removal of an item in the master list.

Super Silver Guide:
So we are all aware of these offers, but many of us are unsure which ones are necessarily worth while. Since that is the main purpose of these threads, I will try to organize all of the different types of offers on this section:

  1. Easy Money [Nothing Special Required]
  2. Big Money [Requires Some Work]
  3. No-Brainer Money [Very Generous Offers]
  4. No Money [Offers to Avoid]

Easy Money: (Minimum 30 Silver)

These types of offers are ones that usually relate to quick silver except they usually have one more step to them. The main difference between the other offers and this one is that these offers do not require a cc or other very personal information. Usually these offers have phrases such as "Download and run this app". They are typically games but sometimes small apps such as flashlights. I would consider it worth it when these offers are higher than quick silver, so I will say at a minimum of 30 silver.

Big Money: (Minimum 1000 Silver/1 Gold)

These offers, unlike Easy Money, are ones that do require some time/effort. Because of the work that they usually require is my reasoning for the requirement of at least 1 Gold. There are many varieties of these, but they are usually free trials to try a service.*** The time and effort usually come from signing up an account with the offer and entering payment information. Obviously it would be insane to actually pay for these services, so I will provide below of what I do to reduce cost of these types of offers as much as possible.

  1. Set-Up a throwaway email [You can use any email service you like, as long as it is not your main email account]
  2. Have a throwaway payment method [Setting up virtual credit card numbers so that companies dont have the physical one]
    2a. They're ways of having payment methods to only hold a dollar or less resulting in the same outcome as a virtual payment method.
  3. Take the free trial length (usually 7-30 days), then minus 1-2 days or more from that and set a reminder to cancel the service.
  4. Profit from the offer

***What is important to note for these is some do not allow refunds of their service, so if you are ever unsure about an offer it is best to google search the company name and their refund policy before signing up on their free trial.

No-Brainer Money (Minimum 2 Gold and [no to little] Work Required):

These offers are very infrequent, but are worth it if you can catch one. Since the category is self-explanatory, I will give an example of one that would fall in this category. Boomerang offered to give 8 Gold if I tried their service for 7 days and selected the annual plan. Because this offers payment method went through google play (Apple is probably the same way), all I had to do was tell google play that I wanted to turn off auto-pay while on the free trial. Best part is I can still enjoy boomerang for the week.

No Money (AVOID these offers):

Unfortunately, not every super silver offer is worth while. Even worse, quite a bit of them don't add up to worthwhile like the other categories. Aside from the offers that expect a user to pay more money than the gold they receive, these other terrible offers typically have the verbiage below:

  1. "Complete a quick action"
  2. "Credit Score" and related
  3. "Reach a level in this game"
  4. "Make a purchase"
  5. Offers by SwagBucks , QuiBids, and related

Some are not as obvious at face value, however they show their true colors after doing a quick google search. An example of this is the Disney movie offer. While it may make sense to buy 3 movies for little ones you know and profit the gold from it, after doing a google search it is nearly impossible to cancel that service and get money back. However that is just one example.

The rest of this thread, I will open up to discussion and questions regarding "Super Silver" in general.


Any tips on getting them to credit? I just tried the boomerang one and it failed to credit. I followed the steps and left the app running for at least 2 mins.

I submitted screenshots to support but I don't want to do that every time.

I would imagine that offer is having alot of traffic at the moment. The first thing I would try is doing an easy money offer and see if that credits, since there is no risk on those particular offers. Then, if refreshing cellnuvo (closing and/or killing the app and reopening it) doesnt work, then you did take the best course of action and submitting a request to tapjoy. Usually tapjoy is pretty good at responding to errors like that, and I can speak from experience because I use to do data offers from freedompop and they are the same company that works with that.

Boomerang no work for me either. Worst part is when I canceled subscription through Google play. It said no refunds. Glad it was google opinions dollars

Ok, thank you both for posting your errors. Even though mine worked Ill remove it from the master list because I dont want to risk others having issues. Because im sure both of you followed the instructions perfectly I hope they credit you soon.

Thanks for the effort you put into this, sovashadow! Very nice- and it will embolden me to try some of these.

When you suggested "submitting a request to tapjoy" for a failed credit, do you mean requesting from tapjoy, or from CellNuvo? If tapjoy, how would one submit a request to them?

I was going to ask how to contact tapjoy?

What info do we provide?

Ty for doing this sova

You are most welcome. By the comment earlier, I ment from tapjoy, within cellnuvo. When you go into your super silver offers, there should be three lines to the top left. Tapping that will allow you to see your reward status list and there should be a section for not rewarded. When you see the one that didnt credit correctly, there should be a button for contacting support regarding that specific offer. That button wont populate until 24 hours after however in order to allow time for the offer to fix itself.

Youre welcome.You just need to provide proof you followed the offer correctly. So in this specific case what I would do is go into google play and screenshotting your subscriptions list showing you have selected the annual offer for boomerang.

Ok I see failed for gardens cape that I tried after but nothing for boomerang. What does that mean? Should it be there or do I need to wait 24 hours?

Boomerang should be in the rewarded or not rewarded section, are you saying its not in either?

Correct. Asking mmfacemm to verify the same

What is weird is that it took the $4.99 from my account that I have a credit with Google opinions. After a while I cancel the subscription in Google Play Store and I noticed that my amount is the same as it was Prior. What I don't get is why it had me okay the deduction in the first place? I did it because I wasn't sure if this was the process or not and it was free Google Opinion money anyway. I showed nothing in the rewarded section and only one in the not reward section period is a download that I tried after boomerang. The whole thing seems strange to me to begin with. I did follow the instructions

So unfortunately, I have no idea how google opinion money works. To answer your previous question, I will inform that the contact support button can only be started after the 24 hours has passed. Something tells me however, and I could be wrong, that this may just be a small glitch due to this being a big offer. I hope that all of you receive your rewards soon and before you need to contact support. To show that I am not fibbing with any of this information, I have provided what I show on my phone as proof of validity.

None of us thought you were lying at all

In fact we all thank you for your hard work

I wonder if mmfacemm also does not see this in reward or failed reward?

Since I did not take screenshots. The only proof is this email I got.
With order number

Your Boomerang subscription from Boomerang Plus, LLC on Google Play will be canceled on Apr 9, 2018. No refunds will be issued (Refund Policy

PS google opinions gives you play store cash for answering short survey of 3 to 5 questions

Mine shows failed. It also asks for monthly subscription for me. So make sure you do the right subscription method per the instructions.

Yes neither

Again, I apologize that these are not working and I wish I specifically knew more why... if absolutely no one is having success with these offers ill request hungryghost to delete these threads.

@lexusl21 If boomerang doesn't show up, I would make a ticket using the other offer you tried and explain within that ticket to support that you are missing the boomerang, and they should follow up with you asking for proof of completing the offer.

As it stands, I believe contacting exclusively tapjoy is the best route because I am unfamiliar with how influential cellNUVO can be in these specific situations.

No leave your threads up. A family member with another cellnuvo account tried the boomerang and it worked with in 6 minutes. So my account still no credit,but family members account worked. It also worked on the other downloads you recommend. So maybe it was a glitch yesterday.

Your threads are a helpful tool. Leave them up please

Thank you for your hard work

Yes thanks for the threads - do leave them up. It is a learning experience. No one is blaming you if they don't work. Keep the tips coming.

Please leave them up. Maybe they can be edited to reflect their current status. [strike]Boomerang[/strike], not working as of...