Successful bill payments via the new app - stick to the topic please!

Okay to gather how successful (or not) this new app and bill pay system is this thread is for people who have submitted bill payments via the new app and have successfully had them processed and paid. You can add requests you have made if you want too if you update them if they go through.

  1. My $10 essential plan on tmobile redpocket was submitted early yesterday afternoon and was processed with some input from Tom a few hours later. My line is working and I have a month of the essential plan added. Gold was deducted and it shows in the app.

  2. Last night I submitted a 5gold/$5 top up on another line with the cellnuvo infinite plan Sprint. It processed early this afternoon and I received 250/2500/250 allocation and my expiry moved to the end of the year. Gold was deducted and perhaps some silver for tax. Shows in the app under purchase history.

  3. I submitted a request to pay $6 to sprint 30 Nov early afternoon but nothing yet. EDIT Just went through 4pm 1 Dec. $6 added to my sprint post paid account balance!

I've been successfully on the CDMA $5 PayGo plan since the change. My top-up/bill pay attempts since the app update:

  1. On 11/29, I tried the 5-Gold Top-Up, waiting 24+ hours, didn't work and nothing showed up in my Payment History in the App.

  2. On 11/30, I tried 10-Gold Pay RedPocket Bill option, took a screenshot, sent in a ticket to CN support asking them to switch me to the $10 Essentials Monthly Plan. I get a response from support today (12/1) saying that I should be able to change plans myself via the app without needing to use the app. I check the app and there is no option to do so, using RedPocket's website seems to require a credit card. BUT, then I notice 10-Gold was taken from my account and when I check the RP website carefully, I've been successfully changed to the $10 Essentials Plan with expiration 12/30/2017.

So I guess it worked for me...I'm on the CDMA side now but have a RP AT&T SIM in hand. Will let this go 1 cycle, then see if I can have RP switch me to their AT&T plan.

Good luck to the rest off you.

Thank you very much cellnuvo. I hope u guys get your top up working too.

I wonder if we have to manually top up the 10 gold every month or it is set to do it automatically

Just noticed that my phone started working sometime today, and it hadn't been working since it stopped working when the I attempted to use the new store a few days ago. Anyways, today $5 dollars or 5 gold were deducted from my account and the RP website says that I'm on the 30 Day Cell Nuvo Plan with an expiration date of 2017-12-30. The purchase history in the app says that on 2017-11-30 5- Gold Top Up Infinite Plan. And the app account details shows that 5 gold were deducted from my credit balance of 5.856 which is now 856 . I could not find anything about Min/texts/data allotment on the RP site. A bit odd in that I used the app two days ago to request that $5 be used to pay for my T Mobile paygo plan, which is not going to happen, I guess, with only 86 cents remaining in my account. It would be nice to know how many minutes , etc., I have on this 30 day plan.

From my tests it seems you can only have one bill payment request active at a time. So if you did the tmobile one first and then the redpocket one before the tmobile one finished it would have canceled the tmobile one.

To see your minutes you have to sign up for an account on redpocket Red Pocket Mobile Signin and then attach your line to the account once logged in.

Thanks, but I already do have a RP account that I can log into--so are you saying I must open another account on the link you provided?
EDIT: If I log into my account, there is absolutely no info about my account, except for my profile and personal info. The only way I can find any info on my account is when I click refill as a Guest and put in my phone# without being logged into my account , which is odd.

When you log in it should look like below. Also the log in will be your email address and not your number. Otherwise you are on the old system I think. So yes you will want to sign up again if you can.


Can you please post a screen shot of your "Payment History" from the Red Pocket site?


Nothing there. It just says no data available in table.

I created another account and all info was the same with the addition of: 300 min/2550Messages/250MB data. So since 5 gold was deducted from my CN account, I assume it's $5 a month???

The infinite plan ends at the end of the year. So you will have to switch to one of their monthly plans or go elsewhere.

OK can you check your "event history" and see if it says anything?

Order Date Event Type MDN Comment
2017-12-01 18:39:39 common xxxxxxxx is attached to your account
2017-12-01 18:37:59 common xxxxxxxx mdn:xxxxxxxxxx confirmation SMS sent
2017-12-01 18:35:25 common xxxxxx has been created

That's it.

Same as Isamorph for mine. Doesn't look like any of this gets logged at redpocket.

Anyone one with any luck in reactivating a closed line for top up?

Do you have to pay for the initial refill before cellnuvo refill it? If that is the case, well, no.

Here is what my Event History looks like on Red Pocket

So was that CC payment made by you or was it cellnuvo via the app? I guess it was your own CC?

Yes it was my own CC the next day I tried via the app and tried on a t-mobile prepaid then tried again last night on RP after I saw where you said you can only have one at a time and the last one erases the previous ones.

I am not positive you can only have one at a time but when I tried two at a time only the latest one seems to have gone through. So ymmv until we can get some confirmation about that.