substitute calling app

Is there a substitute calling app that is better than my native calling app on my Moto E4?

I just switched to Verizon on red pocket. And the additional calling settings in the phone app have disappeared. Been on the phone with them for a long time and Verizon and can't get it fixed

They suggested that I try another phone app that might get it to work?

I have no recommendation, but I'm curious.....
What settings have disappeared?
Is your Moto E4 a factory unlocked version, or an unlocked-carrier-branded version?
(I might guess a Verizon version, but never before on the Verizon network.)

Using factory unlocked Moto e4

But this feature worked on both phones on rp TMobile or att

Phone app
Advance calling settings (gone)
Caller ID (gone)

Trying to make my calls private anonymous unless I type *82 before the number.

Funny when I type *67 before each number it works on rp Verizon.

I want it to do it for every call without having to type *67 before number

Just as before with rp TMobile and att

I use the True Phone app & like it very well.

Is there a hide your number area as described above?

No idea - my thought was to simply add the needed code to each contact ??

I googled android dialer app that can automatically add prefix.

"Prefixer" came up in search results:

You could just save your contacts with the prefix.

What impact does this have on incoming calls (eg; seeing contact name)?

The GV dialer app has Anonymous caller ID="Hide your caller ID on outgoing calls" in its settings.

Hmmm....googleize my phone calls, makes me wonder...
How much info about me & my activities would this be sharing with the goog monster - and, does it 100% replace my dialer with phone AND GV (wifi-only) capabilities added ??

All. 500? Can I hire you? I can pay cellnuvo rates. Lol

When I did the manual *67. It shows private name, private number

I do not understand why it is gone in my phone app settings.

Redpocket. Called Verizon with no fix or manual fix on their end

Try the "Prefixer" app I posted about here:

Based on the app description, I think it may solve your problem.

GV is free, but you're really handing over data and possibly your secrets to the devil for it. That said, the new GV app can make calls using wifi, mobile data, or use your carrier minutes, so it can almost replace your native dialer.

From the GV app settings: "Making and receiving calls"

  1. Prefer Wi-Fi and mobile data
    Make and receive calls over Wi-Fi and mobile data when available. Carrier rates may apply if Wi-Fi is unavailable.

  2. Use carrier only
    Google Voice calls will use your phone's carrier minutes instead of Wi-Fi or mobile data. Carrier rates apply.

This would of been a solution to try. But when I click on link it is no longer on gp. I also searched on go. Not there anymore. Shame

I use Google voice for a sperate number. It is a backup. In case I only have wifi area
Don't want to try to mix the two numbers on one app

Thanks tried rp. Att and it sucks in my area. Half time 3g data. Dead area. ECT

TMobile Redpocket is better outside but signal at home bad -120db. Someone got a window booster so TMobile up to -100db. Also TMobile can not use YouMail. For whatever reason

I will test Verizon redpocket cdma outside tomorrow and this week. If signal is better and the fact I can use YouMail I might have to live without the caller I'd block thing

It is just showing phone number and wireless caller not name

2 very good sources if one knows how to side-load apps:
Just because gp deletes stuff - it isn't necessarily or actually gone.

Isamorph writes: "GV is free, but you're really handing over data and possibly your secrets to the devil for it."

I'm afraid google already has it's hooks pretty deeply into my data and my secrets. I don't particularly like it, but I also haven't been willing to go to extremes to prevent it. Is there a reason to suspect GV mines more than GMail, Google Search, Google Play, Google Contacts, Google Photo, Google Calendar, etc? (I don't use the last 2, but haven't avoided the others.....)

Ya ty,. Just tried it. Works but notification that it is working for each call is annoying.

I just wished my phone app still had the choice. It worked behind scenes.