Split-The-Pot Winner's Circle Thread

Just won today's Split-the-Pot. Don't know how I won because almost every time I swipe, I get the 100 point survey with the circling icon that never loads. I hope they fix it soon but, hey, I won so I'm posting here to collect my gold and thought everyone else would like to post their winnings all in one thread.

Rock on! Please post the total won and then email support@cellnuvo.com with a link and your account number and they will square you away

I won today's Split-the-Pot!!!

" Congratulations! You've won the CellNUVO Split-The-Pot contest!

On 2018-May-14 you had the the winning number: 3097

You have won 10463 Silver. "

Woo Hoo!!!

I won Split the Pot last week, think it was Thursday (??), tweeted my win & got my silver next day. I'd have to check email when I won but I'm being lazy & don't feel like looking it up. lol

Account credited with 9374 silver. Yay! It was very nice surprise when I got notified.

I won the Split-the-Pot today with the winning number of 1777. Arrr mateys, 8458 Silver added to me plunder. :woohoo:

Yay, I just won the pot ! ..A whopping 6991 Silver--while not as big as the ones in the beginning, it's still something to cheer up my day !
Keep swiping everyone :smiley:

That's quite a jackpot! Almost 7 gold, congrats!

"Congratulations! You've won the CellNUVO Split-The-Pot contest!

On 2018-May-29 you had the the winning number: 4713

You have won 7742 Silver"

This is real and I actually won.

I just won split-the-pot! Can't believe it. Seems unreal.

"Congratulations! You've won the CellNUVO Split-The-Pot contest!

On 2018-Jun-12 you had the the winning number: 1908

You have won 6830 Silver."

Congrats mmfacemm!
Might want to buy a Mega Millions lottery ticket and see if your luck keeps going.

Well I bet your troll friends will say it is because you email with Tom lol


How were you notified? Did it pop up when swiped or opened the app?

Cannot remember for sure, but I think it popped up on the screen when I swiped the 1st time on a new day cycle, which is 8pm central time.

I've never won, so .....
In theory, CN will email you.
I'm in the habit of tapping on the split-the-pot total display on the app each day when I first swipe for entry numbes. That will display your contest entry #s, and the winning number for the previous contest.

NOTE: I don't think this works until after you get your first entry number for the current contest, and at least on my phones it needs to be done before you get all 20 entries, since yesterday's contest info will be crowded off the bottom of the screen, and I can't seem to scroll that screen.

You get an email at 7pm central

It will say you won in the app at 7pm central after you swipe the first ad after that time. There is also a screen telling you how to claim your prize as well.

Is there also an email notification? Sometimes the app randomly crashes on an opening swipe of the day.

mmfacemm apparently says yes to the email notification.

My second line is registered on a seldom-used email address. It's easier for me to check it in the app, as detailed above by clicking on the split-the-pot field. On my phone, I can see the previous contest winning # and my entries until somewhere around 15 new entries on 'today's contest. (This may be an artifact of my 4" screen paired with a non-scaled page view.)

I've not yet had the good fortune to win the Split-The-Pot jackpot, but if I ever do it won't be from swiping on my old (OS 4.1.2) phone. I can't run the new CN app on it without "freezing" the ability to run the app on my newer, daily-use phone (unintended consequences?), so I gave up on the old one. Seems the info about the new app re: older OS's not being supported after later this year underestimated the speed with which the old phones would be less able to keep up with, or interfere with, newer phones.

I always try to remember that CN silver and gold is providing stuff for free, so I'm not complaining... just empathizing with anyone else who has an older phone.

I see now I missed that and that was in a static post. Can you see why I might be concerned if it was only a transient notification on the app?

Thanks. I totally missed the word "email" in the 7 PM notification. Opps.

No offense intended, Gethome ! I only thought it was funny that you quoted the answer while asking.
You're correct-- a transient notification would be a real pain! The app crashes regularly on 2 different phones for me, too. Fortunately, the clicking-on-Split-the-Pot field method continues to work when the app is restarted.

I know I've 'almost' missed the transient notification that I've won a Match-the-Pot game, when I just saw it out of the corner of my eye as I swiped again: which probably means I've definitely missed some transient notifications that I've won a match-the-pot game.