Specific questions, issues and suggestions for the CEO Tom Mannix/Cellnuvo

Thought it would be useful to direct specific questions, issues and suggestions to the CEO Tom Mannix/Cellnuvo in one thread.

Please keep the thread on topic!

A summary of suggestions to date (4th March 2017): Those done or answered already in Red

  1. Upgrade the online settings page to allow
    - Phone swaps
    - Change credit cards
    - Remove requirement for a credit card
    - Toggle tethering and roaming on/off
    - Toggle data, sms on/off
    - change phone numbers

  2. Take down references to iphones being supported on the website until the ios app is ready

  3. Take down reference to thank you rewards

  4. Allow an option in the app to turn off vibrate when an app is found

  5. Make it easier to just swipe and get an ad rather than having to swipe multiple times. Preferably with a more uniform availability of ads rather than good and bad spells.

  6. Allow us to earn credits using other devices not with cellnuvo service eg through a browser, tablet, other phone etc.

  7. Other uses for credits
    - to buy phones and accessories
    - to gift credits to other members
    - gift cards
    Do post any further ideas here!!

  8. Tiered cost for talk/text/data if you maintain a certain amount earned a month eg
    1-1000 credits earned - 10 credits talk/ 1 credit text / 10 credits data
    1001-5000 credits earned - 9 credits talk / 1 credit text / 9 credits data etc.

  9. Cheaper data. 10 credits a mb is expensive. 3 credits perhaps?

  10. Get rid of Tapjoy

  11. Advertising bandwidth get zero-rated.

  12. On the very first sign up page it asked for a phone number - could you change that to 'contact phone number' to avoid confusion.

  13. I am personally rooting for gsm support soon!

Unanswered questions from the main thread (up to 4th March 2017:

[strike]1. When are referral credits posted - the users billing renewal or will they be posted when the referral's billing period ends?[/strike] referral's billing period

[strike]2. So where is that baseball hat? Hungry_Hog[/strike] Sent

Issues to resolve (up to 4th March 2017?)

  1. Porting needs speeding up.

[strike]2. When ads are clicked and you return to the app the ad freezes and you have to close it and lose the credits for the ad.[/strike]

[strike]3. Some people experience ads not crediting even if you watch them. (might be due to multiple swipes - not sure)[/strike]

  1. Some people do not have the 'generate activation code' in their online accounts.

New question on roaming. Can we have some details please!

  1. Is it talk, text and data?
  2. Verizon roaming?
  3. Someone worked it out to be 20 credits for 1 minute. Can you provide the cost for texts and data please?

Answered - see below


Ability to change/update your payment method is now available in the portal, I just noticed it last week.

Fron Ente (thank you) in the other thread:
Roaming rates:

SMS: 1 credit
Minute: 20 credits
MB: 60 credits

Cellnuvo roams on Verizon and any other CDMA regional carriers that Sprint has roaming agreements with. SignalCheck app indicates the carrier. My phone usually roams on C Spire.

Would like to see ads get zero-rated data so that you don't burn data to earn credits.

Would like to see umlimited 2g available for purchase with points.

Problem with unlimited 2g is how it would work? You would have to just have 2g and no LTE high speed since it is essentially paygo already. If you just want unlimited 2g then that is an workable option.

How about a monthly credit plan for say 250mb lte and unlimited 2g (preferably 128k) after that for 2500 credits a month. Or something like that. A range of monthly plans/buckets would be interesting. Or just an add on that last a month.

Can you internationally unlock phones? What about domestic unlocks?

hi tom.... where are the baseball hats? my neighbor wants one too.

How do I get support from them? Their chat always says there's no one around and their phone support connects me to their voice mail. I did write and left them messages..still waiting.

support@cellnuvo.com or direct to the CEO is tom@cellnuvo.com - obviously use the latter for serious issues. These seem to be the best ways to get in touch with them. Tom sometimes comes on this forum but has been busy this past week or so with various tasks like working on serious support issues and the new app update. Hopefully he will be on here soon and he said he intends to be when he gets a chance.

They are very busy with the massive influx of new customers from ringplus. Hopefully things will calm down eventually and they can get back to replying more promptly.

could you please allow two or more devices to earn points for a single number?

I think that this would invite abuse.

Ex RingPlus people would have 20 devices going, at once, to accumulate obscene amounts of credit and then burn through lots of free data.

I'm fine with only using one device at a time but would like to be able to use devices with larger screens, like my tablet or laptop.


i dont see why this id abuse. the more ads are run, the better revenue for cellnuvo, right? if working hard for cellnuvo is abuse, cellnuvo would like to be abused.

on the other hand, more people seeing a certain amount of ads is better than a single person seeing the same amount of ads, right?

I would think they could face some backlash from their advertisers.

As a business owner, myself, I would be unhappy to learn that I was paying for 20 ads to play at the same time in front of one set of eyes.

"As a business owner, myself, I would be unhappy to learn that I was paying for 20 ads to play at the same time in front of one set of eyes."

I do not see how the model can work unless there is some type of limit on the number of credits that can be earned. Beyond some "reasonable" number users are certainly now viewing ads with any intent to purchase the items. Obviously, it is ultimately sales generated through purchases of the advertised items that pays for the service.

i understand your concern but your analysis is counterintuitive. if people are willing to do that they could sign up 20 accounts with 20 devices anyway. they have swipe 20 devices anyway.

if you allow two or more devices to work for one account, you actually give two or more people the chance to watch the same ad. so this is consistent with your desire.