Rewards Missing

Has anyone else noticed their accounts having their rewards wiped clean? Both of ours now show nothing and there was more than $75.00 on one for sure.

Oh wait, the billaway site is down which my explain why the accounts show nothing and the app now is not responding. Hopefully a glitch, cause I have a payment posting in 3 days.

Yes mine are missing

Okay, there is something going on. Just made a call from my line and I got a message saying "Congratulations, your account has been activated and to hold while connected". Thinking I dialed the wrong number, I called out again and the call went through as normal. Both calls were made to the same number.

Both accounts have been active for some time now.

My rewards are missing too. I also cannot get on the earn rewards site. My account site shows that the plans offered have changed. The $10 plan is gone and my $15 unlimited t&t +1GB to the US and Canada is no longer offered. The FreeUp home page has been altered and now touts a $45 unlimited "on our premium network" plan. I don't know if I like what's going on.

Yeah, I've noticed oddities, too.
Earlier today, I couldn't access at all. Then it came back, still apparently showing the old plans (but maybe cached?). Logging in at that site now, I watched the page refresh and balance change to $0. I also now see the changes to the listed plans Isamorph mentioned.

When trying earlier, I noticed that not only freeup.billaway was down, but also all the sister sites listed in st3fx's post here:

Voice and text are working fine for me at this point. I didn't check earlier today.

Interesting observations. I can validate the same on the plans and that. Looks like there will be in fact some very "exiting" news and changes going on... I wonder if they will honor my original plan change to move to the $15.00 US, CAN, MEX + 1GB plan on my paid line. At least, that still shows.

Anyway, as the saying goes, "When the river sounds, is because it carries water"... and this one looks like might be headed to flood stage as too many things are coincidentally happening at the same time.

Uh oh -- my WorryMeter is moving up to the "Time to Worry / Make Alternative Plans" range. Looks like less economical choices are on the way; that's not good for us frugal types. Thanks to all who posted on this thread, giving the rest of us the heads up on the changes, even though we would prefer good news, thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Then again, I guess it could be worse: "CellNUVO and FreeUP Mobile announce that they will combine rewards programs and redemption opportunities. Details coming soon!" JUST KIDDING -- I hope!

I don't think all the dust has settled yet, but.....
I'm looking at backup plans, too-- but I always have at least one option ready for a quick switch..
It would be kind of a triple-whammy if FreeUp loses it's easiest way to earn rewards, its' rewards balances, and it's most economical upgrade plans all within a few days.

Just an additional note: if I look at upgrade plans available to my line, it's worse than the plans list on the plans page-- the $15 upgrade plan only offers 250mb instead of the 500mb on the Plans page. One of the 2 is possibly an error.

I sent them a message, we will see if I can get a response prior to the bill due date.

I'm happy with the 1000/1000/0 free plan I have - hope that doesn't go away ...

I have one on the 1000 minutes texts, also hoping that one remains untouched. Time will tell. Was unaware of a 500mb one that was free. Must have been one of those grandfathered plans.

Oops, I got confused between my LycaMobile(RIP), FreedomPop(RIP), Ting(where the FP CDMA accounts went), and Redpocket(where the FP AT&T accounts went). I have the FreeUp 1000/1000/0 free plan. For $5 I could add 200MB - dunno if that is dead :-/

What a disappointing company. Sure, their prices for the paid plans sans any rewards aren't bad, but their almost total disregard in communicating and keeping customers up to speed is mind-boggling. Correct me if I've missed something, but I don't think they have ever sent out an email en masse informing its customer of changes to the plans, changes to the rewards structure, explanations of errors, or infomation about anything that would be pertinent to their customers. I have received a few generic emails about linking my credit card to this or that, so I know they can send out emails of that nature. They have not to date, as far as I know, emailed all customers to inform them that the coupon rewards are no longer. So even if the latest fiasco turns out to be not so bad, can this company be counted on in the future. Seems they've been practicing the business model, exemplified by someone like MoviePass, where the goal is to acquire as many customers as fast as possible, no matter how much money one loses in the process until one reaches the promised land of what I'm not sure. Perhaps FU's plan is to only offer paid plans from here on out, which is not a bad idea since the rewards programs they offer are next to useless.

Well this is a huge bummer, I don't need or want Global minutes, just USA minutes. I was happy with $10 monthly and they don't offer a plan for that anymore. Guess I'll be in the market for another option to use ATT network that isn't ATT.

My freeup account doesn't show a rewards balance but it does show an account balance equal to the remainder of what rewards I did have, except it shows positive instead of negative. So confusing!

One thing going for freeup is that they are good about grandfathering old plans. So the lack of notice to changes doesn't usually change anything in the short term for current users. One could argue notice is not really required though would be nice especially when the system goes haywire during the update. Then again we don't know for sure if old plans are grandfathered.

Things like coupon printing being axed but you could still acess them and print is a different story. How many days printing would some do not knowing they would not get paid.

I had to go look-- no account balance showing for mine. Perhaps the difference is that you were on a paid plan, while I was still on the free plan?

There's a reasonable chance your existing plan will be grandfathered. That possibility makes me wish I'd moved to a paid plan already.

Call 888-316-0686 hit option 4 to speak with customer service, they will re-enter in your rewards balance on your account since the update wiped that balance out. We kept track of our balance so we knew what to tell them. They replaced the balance while we were on the phone.

Thanks for that. So each individual customer must call in to get their rewards balances restored if they can remember the amounts? Did CS happen to mention if they will be able to restore the balance to all accounts sometime soon? But good to know the phone route for those accounts that must be paid today, tomorrow, or very soon.

Thanks for that. So each individual customer must call in to get their rewards balances restored if they can remember the amounts? Did CS happen to mention if they will be able to restore the balance to all accounts sometime soon? But good to know the phone route for those accounts that must be paid today, tomorrow, or very soon.
The CS agent we spoke with confirmed they knew the update wiped the balances clean but wouldn't advise us on when the rewards balance might be restored. We advised her we knew what the balances were and after a brief hold, probably to speak with a supervisor, asked us what the balances were and updated our accounts. She did mention checking the accounts again tomorrow to make sure the balances remained after her manual update. I've alerted everyone in our group to call CS today or tomorrow, some of us had substantial rewards balances from coupon printing that had our paid plans covered for 6 months or more.