Reminder - couple of hot deals still available

1. Mint mobile 3 month free promo. Cashback sites are as high as $20 (topcashback, rebatesme) so you can get 6 months of service quite cheaply. eg 6 months of unlimited talk/text/ 3gb for $25.
Grab a referral here if you want to:

2. Buy any unlocked phone from amazon over $100 (shipped and sold by amazon) + a tracfone/simple/total wireless sim kit ($1) in the same transaction, and activate any plan (min $9.95) and get $100 back in Venmo/amazon/prepaid card.

See the wiki for how to get the $9.95 plan.

eg Moto E is $120. After rebate is about $31+ tax.
Umidigi X $150 = $61 + tax
Moto G Fast $150 = $61+ tax

If anyone finds any other good ones let us know! Amazon warehouse phones are also part of the deal.

#1 can end any time. #2 ends at the end of the year.

I did the Tracfone $100 gift card offer on an unlocked phone. Like the last few Tracfone gift card promos, this one works pretty smoothly, and pretty fast.
A note: They insist on a jpeg for proof of purchase, and it has to include order # and purchase date. A bit of a hassle to correct if you screw up this step. Mine got rejected & I had to contact the company handling the rebate to clear my IMEI from the system before I could resubmit, but it went quickly after that

Amazon gift cards seem to be the quickest. It comes as a code that can be applied to any Amazon account, so you don't need to worry about your Tracfone email not matching your Amazon account email. I had the gift card within 24 hours from form submission.

As it happened, I needed another Tracfone line for a year, so I did this:
Buy the unlocked phone + SIM card from Amazon.
Activate a line using the SIM card from Amazon & a short-term plan from any source. You do not have to activate the phone you bought to qualify for the deal-- any BYOP phone will work.
Submit for gift card.
SIgn up for Tracfone rewards, if you're planning on keeping the line, using a referral from the referral thread on this forum, or using your own Tracfone account if you already have one.. (After 60 days, this should be worth several GB of extra data.)
Then I transferred my activated line to an HSN phone bundle with a year of service, for $34 after a new-user coupon..

At the end, I got a cheap factory-unlocked phone, (about $30 including the Tracfone month plan, as the Moto E was on sale at the time) plus a year of service on a Tracfone-branded Moto E5 that will be eligible for unlocking before the year is up. I anticipate the Moto E5 will be worth most of that $34 after it's used for a year and unlocked.

Got my $100 from the tracfone deal today. Very painless process. Hopefully most of you jumped on this deal!!