Remaining Credits in Sprint

If you prepaid with CN then close your account, what happens to the left of $$$? Does Sprint mail you a check?

Found this mysterious message says to take the request offline...

If the money was a service credit, Sprint won't refund it. If it's an overpayment (you actually paid them more cash than you owed), Sprint will usually send you a check 6-8 weeks after you close your account.

You get sent a check

I will second what mmfacemm said. I built up a credit with Sprint using my CN gold and they did send me a check when I closed my account.

On another note, Sprint made my phone (Moto G4 plus) unuseable on their postpaid network when I ported out. They will not or can not fix the problem. I recommend to anyone porting out of Sprint to use another phone when going to your new carrier.

That's really good news, I wanted to port to Mint ASAP for my family members since I have poor Sprint signal at home.

If you are wanting to use the phone you have with Sprint ever again or sell it to someone to use on Sprint I recommend using another phone when you move to Mint.

Interesting, and a good warning. I think this would cause me to file an FCC complaint, and have them explain to both me and the FCC why. (I believe they can fix the problem, but are not sufficiently motivated to do so.)

Alternately, you could sign up with Ting for a month, and ask them to fix it for you. Ting always seems sufficiently motivated to help a customer. (uhh, just realized this may be a little different than the usual prepaid/postpaid database issue. Have you checked to see if the phone clears the MEID test for Sprint-network use on Ting, Tello, Unreal, etc.)

Like KentE said, you mentioned 'postpaid', so it passes the 'prepaid' checks?

Anyway, not too concerned with phones not working on Sprint because it is unlocked so I just avoid Sprint then. hehe

Try talking to the folks at Contact Sprint | Sprint Support
and try different people.

I had to ask two people for them to DSU an iPhone 6S Plus. First person payed dumb, second person helped.

It passes both Ting and Tello checkers. After porting out and trying to sell it the phone mysteriously showed up as a prepaid phone when the buyer tried to activate it, I was told it needed to be re SKU'd. Sprint has reSKU'd the phone at least 6 times, they claim the reSKU goes thru but it still shows not compatible with their system. I have been told so many different stories from CS reps I no longer believe any of them.

What is a DSU?
They have also done 2 or 3 click-it-tickets that was suppose to fix it. I think someone got mad at me for leaving after using the free for a year plan and banned my phone. I think I will try KentE's suggestion to report to the FCC that Sprint made a factory unlocked phone that is compatible with all 4 major carriers unuseable with their system.

This is just so weird as if they were doing this, there'd be tons of complaints on SlickDeals. Might be an isolated incident?

One option is just to activate it on prepaid then switch to Sprint post-paid.

DSU: domestic SIM unlock.

All I know is I ported out to Boom mobile (Verizon) and then got another phone and swapped devices, then I tried to sell it. Sprint at first said that Boom mobile flagged it as a prepaid phone, I called Boom and they said they never flag or SKU phones.

When you say activate it on prepaid are you saying Sprint prepaid or Ting/Tello?

What message do you see when checking the IMEI/MEID here?

(For phone#, enter any non-Sprint#)

st3fx writes: "What message do you see when checking the IMEI/MEID here?
(For phone#, enter any non-Sprint#) "

Good suggestion-- if you haven't, you should check the IMEI there. From the other info, we would expect it to fail (because it's flagged as a prepaid phone in the Sprint database.)

The timeline, as I understand it:
Device was on Sprint postpaid.
Device transferred directly from Sprint postpaid to Boom Mobile (Verizon).
Device is now not eligible for Sprint postpaid, but is eligible for Sprint MVNOs.

I don't believe a Verizon MVNO could be responsible for a database change in Sprint's system. So if the phone hasn't been on a Sprint MVNO since leaving Sprint Postpaid, the error in the flagging seems to have occurred at Sprint Postpaid. If that timeline is correct, and you do file a FCC complaint, I would include info about the specific path of providers, since it seems to rule out any possibility that a Sprint MVNO provider is responsible for the error. (Frankly, I think Sprint 'should' be ultimately responsible for fixing it even if it was caused by a Sprint MVNO, since it's all Sprint's database.......)
In theory, signing up for any Sprint MVNO temporarily, and releasing the phone, should return it to a Sprint Postpaid flag, I think. But of all the Sprint MVNOs, Ting is the one that has the most reliable record of not screwing it up, and the best record of understanding the issue and being willing to make it right if there's a problem. My other 'best bets' would be Twigby and Tello, in that order.

Forum member (and Ting employee) LiterallyUnlimited has a great explanation of the Sprint flagging system here:

It says: Sorry, but our records show you still owe Sprint for this device. Sign in to find this device on your account.

This phone was not purchased from Sprint and nothing was owed to Sprint when I ported out, they owed me and did send me a check weeks later.