Refugees Are Welcome Here

Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses. Your discontinued mobile service users, yearning to breathe free!

RingPlus should release the smart dialer so we can use the smart dialer via Freedompop free data. Win-win. haha

Depends on how the smart dialer was supposed to work. If pure VoIP, then yeah, but if the dialer relies on traditional cellular voice calls, then maybe not. I hadn't heard any specifics about the prospective RP dialer though, so who knows?

I made it!! Thanks for creating RP+ Ellis Island!

My pleasure! I'm not liking this forum software that much though. If people begin to use this forum though, I may eventually switch over to the Discourse platform. It took me awhile to get used to it, but I actually become quite the fan of Discourse. The only reason I didn't build that out here is because it requires quite a bit more server muscle than what I'm currently using. But it may be worth for all the cool features it brings.

Thanks for welcoming RP refugees!:stuck_out_tongue:

discourse would indeed be nice. +1

Hi all former ringplusers :slight_smile:

waves to fellow members Thanks, @hungryghost. :slight_smile:

Greetings to all.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I am on board here with my fellow Ringplus refugees.

Thanks for the welcome here Hungry ghost !!:

Why not try phpBB ??


I wasn't too impressed with the visual design of phpBB, the last I looked. I really do like Discourse's out-of-the-box styling though. For this forum (Kunena), I thought its default look was decent, but I've ended up having to do a lot of customizations and fighting with the default implementation to get it to integrate properly with my overall website. Anyway, I plan to keep the forum as-is for now. If more people really start using it though, then I'll look into "upgrading" to Discourse in the future, maybe as part of an overall site redesign.[/u]

The speed here is better than Social.

I don't remember the speed of Discourse but if it's similar to Social, I'd say stick to Kunena.

The speed here is good, but the volume/traffic here is also magnitudes smaller. Also, my tech stack is fairly well-optimized. I noticed a long time ago that the Social forum seemed to be pretty inefficient and was wasting a lot of cycles and bandwidth. I don't fault the RP techies though. They've always been short-handed and understaffed and never had enough resources to focus on optimizing their platform.

Discourse is fast, but also requires a beefier server and more RAM than what I'm currently using. If I tried deploying it using my current server, it would choke and be even slower than Social.

Got it.
I always liked phpBB for how easy it is to set up, customize & maintain for someone like myself who is a 100% non-coder - so I figure that for someone more skilled it may be even easier somehow ??

I'm liking the website so far. Nice and fast. Thanks for your work.

Here's a recurring strange one. I see emails from this site that say someone responded, I click to the site, and, it's not there. I have to wait a while after I get the email to actually see the post.

Same for me. I like the way this one works and I'd vote for staying here.

Sounds like a caching issue. My guess is that email notifications are getting to you faster than the server cache is refreshing (you're hitting stale forum content). I'll tinker around with my caching configuration and see if I can make it better.

Hey sfatula, I updated the cache settings. Let me know if you still run into refresh issues. Thanks!