How does one advance though the ranking? Newbie, Junior, etc Is it based on the number of posts? Or how cool of an avatar pic you selected? :lol:

I've adjusted the levels a few times already, but the current ranking levels are set like this:

Forum Ranks
[li]Newbie – 0[/li]
[li]Junior – 20[/li]
[li]Regular – 50[/li]
[li]Senior – 200[/li]
[li]Elder – 500[/li]
[li]Elite – 1000[/li]

Edit: I just adjusted it again (to make the early levels easier to attain). Updated the above to reflect the latest.

Congratulations to JTSR71 who is now the forum's first and only SENIOR!!!!!!!

And almost magically, I am no longer REGULAR!

It is kind of you to share that since your fellow members certainly would be worried about that issue in your case. It is a known concern for Seniors.
High fiber diets are apparently helpful. Of course, it may not be entirely necessary to provide continuous updates on that dimension of your new found glory.

We will now be looking to hear Great Words of Wisdom from you on all topics.

My only experience with "Senior" was years ago when I dropped my car off and took the bus to work. Not knowing the fare I asked the driver who looked at me carefully and said: "Do you have your senior citizen card with you?"

Needless to say, I was not too happy--in fact, at that time I am not even sure my parents were senior citizens.

Let's hope they never create the final level: "Deceased"

It would be inaccurate since the status is attained only by means other than number of postings (based on the current understanding of causes of death).

Perhaps the correct approach might be, on the occasion of the member attaining that status, that the avatar be retired that the label be changed to reflect the highest attainable status for a poster (if not already attained) with the designation "Honoris Causa."

"Honoris Causa"-----This would be appropriate because a member could not have passed a physical, or any other, examination if they were dead. Hope that makes sense.:S

"a member could not have passed a physical, or any other, examination if they were dead. "

Other than a few Dead Souls my good friend Nick Gogol introduced me to, I have not interacted with many in that group. From what I understand they do indeed need to pass a formal examination by a licensed examiner and be awarded a certificate to properly attain that status.

Individuals who represent they have attained that status in order to avoid outstanding obligations and responsibilities can apparently be arrested.

"be awarded a certificate to properly attain that status."

Yes. I think it's called a "Toe Tag".

I knew you didn't mean to imply anything about my first 200 posts but just clearing it up for others. :lol:

O Wise One,

You are already doing exactly what we look to a Senior member to do for us.

You are saying what we really mean to say but are unable to.

Indeed I predict your elevation to Elder by the Ides of March at the latest as you review all the previous posts we have made and rephrase them to indicate what we actually intended to say. I think our gracious host needs to look to extending the ladder because at that pace Elite will easily be in the rear view mirror by end March.(98.5% probability +- 1.2%)

Previously I had trembled at the thought be being labeled Senior--a title I would hope to earn in the normal manner several decades from now.

Your Even Greater Words of WISDOM have made me understand that I am also not yet advanced enough to move to a HIGHER LEVEL..

"Admiral Chelle"

Looks like there has been a different title bestowed recently as the Profile indicates "Telegraph"

Whether that attests to an ability to communicate from the "Beyond" or not, remains to be seen.


Not fond of the new system - sorry!! From Cans + String

What's that you say----the string broke?:pinch:

Actually, the system is both beautiful and brilliant.

By complaining about a "label" one can actually get a different label if one objects with sufficient frequency.

Then if one gets enough different labels one has the street cred to propose the labels one would like to see and have a good chance of getting the desired outcome.

Even Dr. Pavlov would have been challenged to come up with a better system.:lol:

Sorry the labels are what I am complaining about! Is twice sufficient for some action?? At least I have some incentive to reach 200 posts and move up a level!!

You should be proud! This was a major innovation in communications.

FYI: I just upgraded all Telegraph users to Rotary Dial. Cheers!

Does this mean I'll never reach "Hand Cranked"? :stuck_out_tongue: