Question about Mango (network adapter/mini travel router)

Question about the Mango that Chelle wrote about ( in the Visible thread - can it be used with a wifi hotspot to give wired internet connection to a laptop?

By way of explanation – the laptop can’t seem to maintain its wifi connection for more than 15 minutes. It does have an ethernet port, so I’m wondering if it may be possible to use the Mango as a kind of go-between?

If the Mango can’t be used, are there any other “thingies” that can work as a solution to this wifi-dropping laptop?

Thanks much for your help, folks!

I don't have any experience with this device or OpenWRT, but I'm pretty sure what you describe is possible.

Configure the GL-MT300N as WISP repeater:

Connect your laptop to the LAN port.

I suggest to search/post on GL.iNET forum to confirm:

You could buy a $4/$5 wifi USB dongle to see if that makes a difference. But I wonder if it's the laptop or the signal?

The video linked below does a pretty good job, even with the accent, of showing how to connect your phone's hotspot mode to the device Chelle mentioned, when set to bridge mode, which, when set up, will allow you to connect your laptop via ethernet cable to your Mango device in bridge mode with wireless disabled on the laptop. At least I think this will work and is worth a go.

I hate that Mango thing. It keeps disconnecting for me. Maybe I just set it up wrong.

I don't have a GL.iNeet unit, but the entire line gets very good reviews, and it's cool that they provide so much information about the units & encourage custom use. I bought a similar unit by a different manufacturer, because I needed a different set of features. It also disconnects at times, or forgets the login of the device it's repeating.

peterquinn, if you suspect a weak WiFi signal as the reason for frequent disconnects, there are other GL.Inet units that support external antennae. (I don't think the Mango does.)

Yes, I've used it that way.

You bridge it to the WiFi hotspot and plug your laptop into the Ethernet connection and you'll be good to go.

Isamorph and KentE -- no, it's the laptop that's the problem, not the wifi signal. Other laptops don't drop wifi like this one does.

So I am thinking of following Isamorph's suggestion of buying a wifi dongle since that will be a cheap option. I need something that will work with Linux. Ideally something that will work without a fuss, without me having to look for and download any drivers, etc. Any suggestions much appreciated!

ETA - Saw this $3 suggestion (
Question for Extraterrestrial_Zoologist -- did it work with Linux? And did it work without a fuss? I read the reviews, and some of them said they had a problem getting it to work with Linux.

Apparently it doesn't work on some Linux systems such as the Rasberry Pi OS, but I think you mentioned in the past that you were using Linux Mint and one reviewer said it worked fine on Linux Mint, So, if true, you shouldn't have a problem on Linux Mint, which is more trouble free than some other Linux distros. I think E_Z only uses Linux OSs, so hopefully he'll weigh in with his experience soon.

*** If you wanted to spend a little more, this wifi dongle got quite decent reviews:

You don't need additional drivers to use the Mango as a WiFi adapter because it just plugs into your Ethernet port.

That's a big advantage-- my laptops are always absurdly picky about setting up WiFi with external adapters. (Of course, they're old......)