Mango router in airplane

The Mango router discussed much on nthcircle (e.g., Question about Mango (network adapter/mini travel router)) has been very useful for us in long car trips, hotels, when WiFi is down at home and using cell phone data to share with other devices, and even setting up a blink camera in our hotel room to monitor our free-roaming doggy.

But, has anyone ever tried using a mango router to share the purcha$ed in-flight WiFi with multiple devices?

I haven't used the Mango on a flight but I have shared the connection using PdaNet+.

BTW-- don't do too much exploring of the plane's network (Fing and other tools) or your device will be kicked off the network with no way to get back on.

Don't ask me how I know...

The Mango should work, however. You might have to connect with a phone and then USB tether to the Mango and then let the rest of your party connect to the Mango.

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Can most phones connect to Internet via WiFi AND share that Internet via USB tether?

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I've had good luck with it, especially with PdaNet+.

In my experience, Moto E phones can do that. Seem to remember that Samsung phones can't. My experience is only with low-end Moto and Samsung phones, mind you. And my experience is without using PDANet.