Please post your honest reviews of cellnuvo at the play store

If one just glances at the download page, the most recent reviews for the new app are all 5 stars.

These fake reviews have increased the overall rating to 3.3 out of 5.

I think potential unsuspecting customers may look at that and not see the truth about what has happened and is likely to continue happening.

So please post your honest non fake reviews to help out your fellow consumers!

All suckers will figure it out very quickly... purely scam.

I might add that odd or not 46 total reviews since 2015 seems low. There are 3 reviews from 2015, zero reviews from 2016, and 43 from 2017. So what happened in 2016?

They charged $29 or so activation fee, and ring plus was there in 2016, so at that time Cellnuvo was not attractive at all. I guess there were at most hundreds of users before ring plus closed.

After ring plus closed, Cellnuvo offers code for free activation, that's the time user number started to increase.

I guessed.... It refused to make payments before, and customers were pissed off and quit swiping, so it was nearly dead, then because of ringplus dissolution, it was able to pick up enough suckers to swipe, including me. When I signed up, I actually read one review in google play complaining account being terminated with thousands of points, but I thought it might be an isolated case. Now it is just repeating the cycle. It will be dead for a while and when there is an opportunity it will surface to lure the suckers. For example, if tello or freedompop is out of business, some suckers will do the same as we have done.

min68 wrote: " Cellnuvo offers code for free activation, that's the time user number started to increase." So that was the chum that made chumps out of us.:ohmy:


R+ refugees fell right into the trap!

And the strange thing is that cellnuvo wasn't even looking for them! Mannix has several other business interests. He didn't spend much time on cellnuvo at all. He probably didn't even know R+ went bust.

But the R+ refugees who were crazy about getting "free" service presented themselves and Mannix soon realized they were so enthusiastic he could get them swiping like crazy if he promised free phones "soon".

He must not have believed his luck when he also got a few of them doing his business development for him for free (presumably), lured by free phones and referral bonuses.

It never looked right to me from the beginning. There was no outreach like from Tello, Ting, Twigby etc for R+ customers. cellnuvo did not appear to be serious. It smacked of a very part time business. Everything half done. Not like a proper startup at all even though some like to believe it is.

Yes, there is a theory that you should be thankful because you received so many credits... If it set a signup fee of one million dollars and waived it for you, you should kiss its ass because you gained an economic advantage of one million dollars. Don't forget to report it on your federal tax return 2017.

No wonder I don't feel like a million bucks, nor $29 bucks.

I want to give 6 stars

^^ I would keep that a secret. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I will tic me off with your trolling attacks on me.
Next 5. Star is me

I am vaguely recalling reading that cellnuvo was actually in trouble at the end of 2016 and it was the R+ refugees that saved it.

If so, then they really do seem to be doing this on purpose. Getting people to swipe, withdrawing and running out of money, making redemptions difficult, then waiting for people to leave and new suckers to join.

The current redemption problem and relaunch suggests they are trying to start the cycle again. But there are no R+ refugees this time.

This time might be the last time unless it can find a carrier to offer an infinite plan. Without an infinite plan, they have to surrender some money to the carrier each month, and people can't swipe fast enough to build up more than phone service requires.

Looks like another 1 star review has now gone up at the play store. That makes 3 since the fake 5 star reviews started going up.

Remember to upvote the 1 star reviews and downvote the 5 star reviews.

"Avoid like the plague! Last 4 months has been hell. They will not redeem your gold. They make big promises to make you swipe but have run away with the gold like a thief in the night. Their owner has also been putting up fake 5 star reviews, some removed, some still here including his own and his friends. "Link

Sounds an awful lot like you. Using that "thief in the night" reference lexusl21 teased you about the other night. Continuing to claim the owner put up all the fake reviews when you have no proof of that.

I hope you had nothing to do with it or any of the other ones that appeared tonight with blank names.

mmfacemm, take a lap.

SuccessOne's Play Store review advised all future reviewers to login to nth circle. You don't remember?

I wonder if your orchestration of reviews & voting violates Google Play policies.

Critical thinking please.
"1) Firstly, several have been removed. What more proof do you want me to provide on those? Do not forget that you and others have variously claimed they were not fake or that they were not a problem."

Proof please., removal of reviews in itself is not proof of 'fakeness"

I'd like to see all the case against, laid out, in one place, step by step, cogently and succinctly laid out for forum viewers to see, not just private messages on request.
please lay it all out and let the chips fall where they may

As far as critical thinking goes, most of it is to do with reviewing the reviews yourself and coming to the most logical and reasonable conclusion.

Private messages were to do with proving Tom Mannix who made the google review was the Tom Mannix.

But I will give you two pointers.

Firstly, you can read the thread on the subject:

Secondly, three of the reviews that have been removed. These were all put up right after the updated app and website was launched.