Please define Visible?

I've been poking into this service just because the 'free' E6 deal caught my curiosity, and this is a bit mysterious to me, so I ask=>

1 - Is Visible CDMA-only via Verizon, or, since VZ is 'sposed to be ditching CDMA, is it somehow GSM ??
(Asking because the E6 appears to be both...)

2 - Since they require users to install their app - is it using VOIP vs. true cellular ??

3 - The recent deal as announced seems to be for an unlocked E6 - is it really, truly carrier unlocked such that it can be re-used with an MVNO like Redpocket if one needs a GSM phone ??

4 - Is the 'free' with swap E6 deal still on, or already expired ??

Thanks for any clarifications of these things !!

  1. It is Verizon over LTE only. Voice and text are over VoLTE or Voice over LTE. There is no 3g/CDMA fallback.

  2. You only need the app to activate. You can also chat with customer service via the app. It isn't voip.

  3. Yes. Even works on sprint.

  4. Still available but they are out of stock. They will probably restock eventually.

Wow - that IS cool info - HUGE THANKS Mmfacemm !!

Now that I sort of missed it, I'm thinking if it gets in stock again to get one to use in replacing my partner's Kyocera phone that she seems to always use up the battery too fast on.

Since the E6 does so much, it'll surely work on Twigby as well & I'm certain that she'd adore having a bigger, newer phone too.

Thanks again !!.

No problem. Should work on Twigby once you get the right sprint sim card for it.

Cool, thanks !!

I actually have a spare SIM that I got before seeing that her Kyocera doesn't use any, so that should be OK if/when they have any more to swap with.

I have been super happy with that E6 I got from Visible. The fact that it is carrier agnostic, is a huge plus and the reason why I went with it.

I will say that I have yet to miss 3G fallback. Just one area (probably due to the topography and the buildings) that I get low bandwidth (half a megabit to a megabit per second). Even still, stuff work just fine on that plot of land. Hard to beat solid coverage unlimited everything (including hotspot), and a $25 price tag.

So, give it a shot with that swap if they get it back Do keep in mind you may get spoiled - I know we have! Best of luck!

Be aware that there are different SIM for different phones when dealing with Sprint/Sprint MVNO.

For the E6 you want
BYOD SIM KIT 760492044714
3/4 in 1 SIM KIT 760492044707
Primary UICC CZ4114TLWQ
Primary UPC 854798005224
Primary part # SIMOLW516TQ
In the current kits it is the "D" card.

I'd guess Twigby might send you one as an exsisting customer who is upgrading phone & staying with them.

Other suggestions are stop in a Sprint store and ask for one, they may give you one, YMMV. Best Buy sells a 3 or 4 in one BYOD SIM kit for $3-4 that covers all phones.

Edit - Sprint online has byod SIM kit for $2.99+tax delivered.

Does anyone have experience with the ZTE Blade A7 that is still being offered for a free swap (+ $25 plan for first month)? I know it's not compatible with Sprint, but I do need T-Mobile and I'm especially curious as to whether the option to change APNs is really locked out. If it's not that big of a deal, I'll do another swap using another very old Android phone

I heard they are locked down tight. Someone reported it working with a freeup sim but everyone else says it is a no go.

It makes sense to lock it down to visible if you are practically giving them away. Which makes the moto E6 more tempting even if the specs are worse.

I'm starting to wonder if the E6 is going to reappear at all there...
That page still says 'out of stock', sadly.

Things do go in and out of stock but it takes a couple of weeks usually. They must have had a big rush of orders due to slickdeals.

It'd be great if it does come back with that swap offer !!
That the E6 is unlocked makes it a great deal indeed.

This has been discussed a bit in the comments on the Slickdeals thread but I wanted to point out that Visible does accept old Windows phones for trade-in, not just android. A popular trade-in model seems to be the Nokia Lumia 520/521 which I did own at one point. Anyway, I confirmed this via chat with Visible. So, I am going to trade in an old Windows phone with a qwerty keyboard (Blackberry imitation) for whatever is available in a few weeks - would prefer another E6 but would settle for the ZTE A7. I'm going to wait a few weeks so that when I activate, the plan won't overlap with my current one (which I will be cancelling).

Been hoping the E6 might reappear & thus far its a no-go, so...
Used Visible's chat to ask if there is any ETA or if I could be notified, and=>
All I got was that there are 'issues' with the E6 and no known ETA as those must be 'solved'.

Nice & vague, eh ??

My interpretation:
I bet they still have thousand(s) of those in stock, and=>
The unlocked & multifunctional E6 is too tempting to get, to use a short while, then ditch their services to re-use that device elsewhere, so they need to lock it up tightly before letting any more of them fly out their doors.

Aside of that it is a waiting game for sure.
I was hoping to grab the deal to replace my partner's CDMA phone used for Twigby, but it doesn't look promising at this point...pity.

Back in stock!
GO, GO :wink:

Top Cash Back has a $10 Visible cash back offer. If you are not already TCB member find a $30 referral offer* for $40 cash back on a $25 purchase.

*My offer is expired, not sure if there is a current referral offer where the referred gets $30 after accumulating $10 CB (there was a $35 one a while ago). Referrer gets $10.

Thank You for the heads-up Redrotors !!
I got an email notification from here and sprang rght over there.

Actually was able to place an order & she'll be delighted so long as its not locked down too tightly to be re-purposed.
Hopefully the 'issue' they created the delay for (according to their support chat) was not having to lock it solidly such that it cannot be re-used on another service provider.
We'll see how this goes, I guess.
Still seems like a very nice phone for the $20, that is - so long as it can be used for...something aside of Visible after the trial period !!
(Even at $25/month it is way more than we want to pay or need for our usages.)

thanks, redrotors!
I missed it the first time around, and had been trying to check in daily on Visible-- but your post let me get my order placed!

I ordered another one. Before that I chatted with a rep to ask how long I have to activate the service. They told me 60 days. This was good because I didn't want the service to start until the end of March.

It's $25 now, instead of $20 last week. Still a good deal, I think, if the device is unlocked.

use a referral code to make it $20