Phone Number Restored directly with Sprint

I was one of the lucky few to receive an email from CellNuvo last week stating they could not restore my original number. Upon getting that email, I worked with my local sprint store and I am happy to report my number has been restored. To be clear, I did port my number to Sprint, but my plan is to work with the local sprint store and see if I can somehow get on the 1 year free plan (they told me they could...YMMV) or port out to another company. You have 14 days to cancel your service with sprint to get your money back. Note, Sprint indicated PC Management is the back end company that CellNuvo was working with and they are the ones who ultimately had to release my number. Note, contact Sprint between 8 - 4 CST to increase you chances of Sprint being able to get ahold of someone at PC Management to release your number. I have a second number to try this approach out, but wanted to share my success with at least one line.


Doesn't seem to be active...

Thanks. Glad got your number

Well CN did say a company went out of business suddenly which caused these issues. So seems it is proven they were telling the truth about that. Someone thought for sure it was Mobile Matterz... is dead.

Glad you got your number back!! ajzwilli

According to ajzwilli's post, they seem to be in business. If they aren't, it'd be unlikely that they can be reached during business hours as described in the post. Maybe they're in limbo?

Hard to say but they look pretty dead to me. Maybe they still have some local business or something or unrelated work. Or just finishing up contracts. Could have just closed their sprint wholesale business and retained other work.

"Maybe they're in limbo?"

Working from home, maybe.

Mobile Matterz Corporate Headquarters 27499 Riverview Center Blvd., Suite 118, Bonita Springs, FL 34134

PC Management 27599 Riverview Center #201 Bonita Springs, FL 34134

Founded and run by the same people.

The company CN used still looks dead.

Not the most reliable source but an indication - shows "defunct"

Sure. So what happened to all their other customers?

With over 150 combined years in the wireless industry, the team at PC Management encompasses the most experienced leadership team in the industry. There is no other solutions provider with the depth of experience implementing end-to-end wireless solutions in the United States. Since 1990 PC Management has developed and continually evolved forward-thinking mobile solutions designed to provide an exceptional experience at every level. PC Management is well positioned to launch mobile voice, messaging and broadband and LTE solutions as it understands the complex aspects of mobile devices, spectrum and band plans as well as network planning, operations and support. It is also skilled in developing business plans, sales and distribution, device procurement and fulfillment and end to end customer life cycle support from order entry through payment processing.

So if that's the correct company & other assumptions in this thread are correct, CellNuvo has used a company that has been defunct for nearly 2.5 years.

It sounds like you are incorrectly interpreting and maybe ignoring other pertinent aspects of the data in that link.

Multiple data points should be collected before coming to conclusions. Google, twitter, linkedin, the names of the founders and ceos of these companies, should all be explored. It's very important to build up a timeline and take account of other numeric indicators.

Your experience appears to confirm that PC Management were CellNUVO's MVNE.

It also appears to confirm that PC Management are still in operation (in some shape or form).

Based on your account, there appears to be little reason why people can't get their original numbers back. CellNUVO just have to get them released by their ex MVNE.

I doubt it is so simple. Maybe the MVNE is being troublesome (after all they seemed to jump to action when sprint got involved). Cellnuvo obviously made attempts to get the numbers back else why would they send out emails to those few who lost numbers. And plenty have received their numbers back. Whilst cellnuvo have done plenty wrong I would not rule out PC Management being a big part of the problem.

The OP asked Sprint to get involved. CellNUVO could do the same.

Maybe they did. Sprint might have said nothing they can do.

Has anyone thought of or guessed why Tom has not told everyone who the defunct company was. Would take some of the heat off him no?

Why do you think he hasn't?